Adventures in horse riding pt 1 TRUE STORIES!

by Rienne

The air was icy and cold. I hugged my jacket closer to me. My riding instructor and her mom got out of a van to come greet me. (We are close friends, too.) My mom gave me her jacket, as I gazed at the pasture.

"First off, we need to get you a horse to ride." My instructor nodded at the seemingly calm herd of horses. We walked through the gate, up to Apache, and My instructor began to halter him. He snorted, and trotted further away to the rest of the group. I rolled my eyes as I tried to think about how to catch him.

Before I could say anything, the whole herd was galloping in circles around us. It was so beautiful! Their manes flying, legs whirring, and tails seemed as flags in the wind. It took quite a few tries before Apache gave up the battle.

Then, it was off to the grooming/tacking station. I learned how to use cross-ties, and I clipped Apache in place. I began to groom his soft, furry mane. He sighed, and looked at me. I began to pick up his hooves. Apache snorted and his eyes twinkled.
"Apache!" My instructor said. She grinned. "Watch, and learn." She huffed. She bent over, and pulled his leg, unsuccessfully. She got up. I tried again, harder, and won another battle.

After saddling him, We walked him to the small arena. I mounted, and began walking him in new patterns than I was used to. I was careful of how I rode, and I had fun. After a while, my instructor looked up at me. "Try Cantering Apache." I grinned, wanting to laugh.

Me? Canter? That was something new.

The last time I cantered the people had not checked the girth, and I almost fell off, as well as making a fool of myself. But I listened to her advice, and I was off! My very first GOOD lesson, and I got such a high honor!

Everything was going perfect, when my helmet fell off, gagging me until I stopped. "Great job! You handled that really well. Most people would have panicked." My instructor smiled at me, waiting for me to put on the helmet again. After that, I cooled down Apache, and kissed him goodbye. I hope I can ride him again, one day.

What I learned: How NOT to wear a helmet while cantering.

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Sep 14, 2009
by: Sydney


I love the way you write. I feel like I am there with you. Great job!!! Keep them coming. :-)

PS: If you copy and paste the URL (the address bar in your browser) from the other parts of your story when you write another one, then I can link all of them together for you.

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