Aces all stars academy - Part 1

by Ella

"Yaaa." I yawned reaching my hands up as high as I could. I didn't want to get out of bed for pony club but I new I had to. "1, 2 and arr no" I said to myself trying to count myself put of bed.

"Okay, I'm up." I said getting out of bed and putting on my cream jodhpurs, my lime cream short sleeve pony club top, with a water proof lime green pony club jacket which said "Rocky Hill Tip Top Pony Club" on the back. I put on my lime green socks, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed my pony club hair net put it over my bun, put some bobby pins in my fringe so it would be out if my face and made my way down to breakfast.

It was 7:00am and pony club started at 8:00. "MUM" I yelled. "Darling everyone was still asleep until your big giant steps came down the stair case and you yelling my name didn't help" mum giggled. "sorry I thought you left for work." I said grabbing my egg off the Pan and putting it on a plate. "Hey Sweetie before you leave you have to feed all the horses today because Crystal has to go to school and do an exam, she's already left to get a good seat and start doing a bit of extra studying" Mum said sweetly.

"Oh why didn't she say that yesterday to me I have to leave for pony club it is already 7:10 and it takes me 10 mins to ride there" I said frustratedly. "Oh you'll be fine but you'll have to do it fast" mum said walking back to her bedroom. "I'm going now I love you mum love you dad"

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