by Anna
(Portland, OR)

I absolutely love horses ever since I was little! I even have my own horse picked out for when I can get one! I can't buy her though cause we live in the city:P

I have always wanted to have a horse of my own but we don't have enough money to care for any horses. I've always begged my parents to send me to a summer camp but the answer has always been no...

I am really a lover of all animals because my family has always owned some kind of animal. From hamsters and rabbits to Dogs and Cats. We own 3 tanks of fish, 2 cats, and 6 dogs. 5 of our dogs are pit bulls and the 6th dog is a chihuahua who thinks he's a pittie. I also volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society.

Anyways, ever since my family and I have started going to the St. Paul Rodeo on the fourth of july, I've been getting sucked in more and more towards barrel racing but really, just racing in general is my real passion. I have always had a dream that when I move out I'll buy a house in the country and start a Thoroughbred Racing Farm and I have always had the dream of owning the first filly to ever win all three races of the Triple Crown. I know it seems pretty far fetched but whats the harm in dreaming, right? o.O my mom's getting home...I better go...(I'm grounded for a month)


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