Absolutely Horse Obsessed!!!

I am absolutely horse mad !!!!!

I ride horses and I absolutely love it. I started riding when I was about 3 or 4 and I have absolutely loved it ever since. Horses have been in my life since I was a baby and even though I did'nt ride them I have had them in my heart and soul all my life.

Horse abuse is like somebody shooting me. It hurts me sooooooooooooooooooooooo much wen I see horse abuse, I mean, horses are gentle, stunning, absolutely beautiful creatures and they have do nothing to harm us. But people still feel the need to go out there and hurt them and it kills me even thinking about it. I would do absolutely anything to stop horse abuse because horses mean the world to me and I would literally die if they weren't in my life.

I hope other people are like me and appreciate the nature of beautiful creatures like horses and I hope that we can together stop horse abuse !!!!!

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May 23, 2019
My magical Sister
by: Awhispersister carol and shellie

She was extremly tall for her age. It bothered her and she tried to hide it. She had long blonde hair, wild as her horse's mane and tail before his bath. She was beautiful and had no clue!

She lived, breathed and ate with horse on her brain. I adored her and was in awe of her from the time we realized that each existed. I love horses also but with Shell it truly was and is a magical thing. She talks to them and never utters a word! They bow they lean down for her to mount.

She was hurt very bad in an accident on Champ the Palomino. They were changing farm pastures and had 2 miles to go to turn horses out on summer pasture. Champ had just had his rubber shoes removed a few weeks before. A car coming way too fast... no where to go, Champ jumped over toward side of road, his back hoofs slid. He tried to stay up for once. She was in saddle, not bareback, she could have jumped off. They went down, her leg trapped beneath a 900+ horse!

God loves that big guy, he pulled up enough to let her roll off, he tried and finally stood. Johnny was on Cezar and they were not hurt, he said Champ stood over her and put his body where you could not reach Shell. Our neighbor, a mile up the road, said the car stopped and said horse fell on a girl. Her leg was saved but she will always have problem. Champ who was good as gold would not let a soul near him by the time they got him home. No sutures could be used. The vet was really nice, he said he had not seen one hurt that bad! He gave him a shot for pain and left meds to give him. He gave antibiotics and wound care. He would not have any thing to do with anybody!

Michelle went with our help and he whinned and cried out and trotted to her standing on one leg cut and torn all too pieces, they both looked like car hit them! But that summer they healed together & together they went off the fields. He did not have one scar after being ripped open in chest, and all hide off back legs. She taught him trick riding, she could do anything, he loved her so he never moved a muscle!

Sometimes in summer when the sun's golden, I still see them. Him all golden and gleaming, long white mane and tail, with tall blonde golden girl riding him with the ease of a rocking chair. They had no idea how beautiful blended and magical they were...

Shellie's sister who loves her so

May 05, 2013
by: blueberrydragon

I completely agree with horse abuse. I can't stand the thought of really any helpless creature being abused... well with the exceptions of flies, mosquito's, the spiders who like to invade my rooms.... Anyways lol I've owned a few horses. My first was a pony... a pinto I think? She was a mean fatty who loved to run my cousin and I under trees, tree mbs and straight into the barn but she was a great teacher when it came to beginners like I was at that time. I think I was about 10 or 11 when I got her? I also had Big Bill. He was a half quarter, half belgian that I loved to run with. He was stubborn but great fun, and last but not the least an american saddle bred. His registered name was Hellcat's Determination but his nickname was boomer. He was a beautiful sorrel red who had a wonderful gait. I cried a lot after I sold them, knowing I'd never see them again and sometimes wake up think up thinking I need to go feed them. Honestly, my life will never be complete until I own another horse. I'm hoping to rescue one one day but we don't have the land or a barn.

Mar 11, 2013
<3 Horses
by: Anonymous

I have absolutely loved horses all my life but i don't have one because i live in the city horse, abuse is cruel and horrid i wish there was a way to stop it.

Oct 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey I have my own ponie, Popcorn. I do dressage and hunt. I love horses, Uniponies, but mostly horses.

Apr 04, 2012
by: Calypso

Hey I have 5 horses well some are pony's and
I really hate horse abuse, once some men were trying to put a really nice horse in and it didn't on to and well I can't say enemy more about it.

Mar 04, 2012
HORSES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey i ride horses too. i have a horse named dusty. he's sooooooo awesome, do u have a horse? answer 8!!!!!!!

Jul 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

what type of horse is it? and what is its name? lol 8-)

Jul 08, 2011
lets stop it
by: Anonymous

I am so with you. It kills me too to see people kill,and abuse horses. I hope we can all stop it.
It always starts with one person. I love horses and would love to see the killing stop.

Jul 07, 2011
horse abuse
by: Anonymous

i love horses to and i looked up pics of horses and it showed horses being abused and i cried my eyes out so i know how u feel too

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