About me and my horses :)

by Tori

Well, first off my name is Tori and my family owns a ranch. We have 23 horses and 12 ponies. I have 5 of the horses that are on the ranch. Oh, and the name of our ranch is Sunny Side Ranch, and we mostly have Quarter horses and mixed breeds here. My horses names are:

1. Barn Name: December
Gender: Mare
Show Name: Snowflakes of December

2. Barn Name: Dexter.
Gender: Gelding
Show Name: Dexter's Lucky Star

3. Barn Name: Jazz
Gender: Mare
Show Name: All Jazzed Up

4. Barn Name: Fury
Gender: Stallion
Show Name: Fury of the Fire

5. Barn Name: Cowboy
Gender: Stallion
Show Name: Triple Step Cowboy

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