-Abby- <3

by Sarah

Abby (Silver Fox)

Abby (Silver Fox)

Abby (Silver Fox)
Korey (old horse)

This is me riding my Connemara mare, Abby aka Silver Fox. She rocks, I got her a couple weeks back from an old friend that couldn't keep her. Luckily enough, my parents said I could keep Abby on some terms now she's mine!

I plan on showing her in a couple of months once I get her used to the idea (she is 5 and has never shown) She is very lovely in dressage! She is my pretty little angel <3. I had a horse before, Korey, I had to sell him because I could never ride him. He was to 'green' for me to ride him. He bucked, kicked, took off, spooked. Now he just is a grazing horse.

A couple of days ago Abby did the craziest thing! She went swimming! Oh how I wish I had a picture of it!

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