A year, then the BIG day

by Andie
(Aitkin Mn )

I've wanted a horse/pony/donkey (anything equine!!) for a year, I've ALWAYS wanted one, I just wanted one even more, my parents decided to wait a while, to see if I REALLY wanted one. Well, I did, and the deal was, I had to work on our farm, (we have a turkey farm :) kinda odd, but yet, so is our family!!) help with my sister Rachel, (she has a disability kinda like autism, called Rett syndrome, it's only in girls, she can't talk, and we're lucky she can walk) and help build the fence, well I didn't want to do that, but then i thought, if I really want something, gonna have to work for it. So I did.

We finished the fence last weekend, and I've had my charlie for a week to the day, we don't know what breed be is, we think he is most likely part welsh, part something. He's a bay with a black mane and tail, and is 17 years old. Rachel enjoys him very much, my (very VERY strange) cat "Louie" doesn't seem to like him, but sleeps on his saddle pad :)

Ive been riding bareback, and had my spills ready, but, like Ronnie Dunn says, "Cowgirls don't cry!" :) and that's my horse-crazy story :) thanks for reading!

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Jul 18, 2011
by: J.C

Your lucky, I've wanted a horse my whole life (I'm twelve now) my parents said once I get lessons I could maybe get one and that is a big maybe. I am so jealous of you :o)

Jun 29, 2011
by: Bec

You are lucky I'm not allowed a horse or pony =(

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