A surprise for both me and my pony!

by anon.

Well this is how it all happened. This guy came over to work at our yard, he was here for a while when he decided he liked it here and he wanted to bring his horse over here. He did, and a while later he quit his job, but didn't have the money to transport ginie home with him, so he gave her to the stables. I HATED this horse, i was so SCARED of her, i would shake if i told 2 ride her, or say i didnt feel well or do anything to not ride this horse, until i had no choice, it was training for a competition, all the horse were being used apart from her, and i was asked to take some kids for a ride, i had to ride this beast, i did and shook with every step she took, but i had to keep the other riders busy so i slowly settled to her, and i gradually started to like, her, over the next few days i rode her more and more, worked on her trot, her canter, getting her into an outline, and i slowly started to compete her and we were winning in dressage! when i thought she was ready i started teaching her to jump! it wasn't all smooth from there but she tried! i was entering her in a jumping competition on my birthday, i was so excited, i got to my stables early in the morning to clean her, and she was in her DECORATED stall, wit ribbons on her, balloons everywhere, she was mine! i rode her in the comp. it went well, she was going amazing! i loved her more than ever, this pony became spoilt, she was my little princess! soon it came, her 7th birthday, so she had a pamper day! It all got better and better, her jumping improved, my riding improved, i got her jumping 1m25! she was flawless! and i out grew her ); this pony was to be sold, i was devastated and i took her out for our last hack, oh, it couldn't have been worse, she went crazy, so i got told to canter her, i cantered her, and boom, she was lame, i cried for my little princess, she was lame for 7 months, but we bonded, and we got stronger and stronger! this pony neighed at me in passing, it was a surprise for none of us, that out relationship could go so wrong, yet so right, i love my pony!

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Jul 23, 2010
great story!
by: Anonymous

you have a great story of persistence and found a wonderful friendship! nice story!

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