A story from a horse's heart - Part 2

by Doree

I lead the two legged and their paints around a bend. I started to worry. I came around the bend at a full gallop, my body moving towards safety. I stop, turning around I run at them, making them jump to the sides. I have more time now. I start to sprint towards Sparkling Meadows as all us mares call it. It has a wide waterfall and sparkles and dances in the sunlight. There is a cave under that waterfall. I run underneath it. I hear them; the two legged on their horses. The horses snort and prance in the spot.

"I think the little mare got away Clint." Another voice spook up. "Davis, I think she just hidin' somewhere. She ain't got away yet."

They clucked at their horses and started away at a gallop. I quiver with relief. As silent as a horse could be, I got out from that waterfall and start towards the herd. I start galloping, then out of shire excitement I let out a loud, victorious neigh.

"There she is! Let's get her!" Yelled Davis excitedly, just then I felt something go around my neck, yanking me back, back from freedom and my herd. The two legged looked down on me from their horses. I scream and fight the snake like things. There was no way out. I could feel that now. I start to scream again, struggling to get up. But another snake-like thing had curled around my legs.

"Let's get 'er back to camp." Said Clint, his partner nodded. They began to pull me back to camp, they had put some more snake like things around my neck and I kick the stuff away from my legs. I drop my head low as they pulled me towards the setting sun. Everything in this moment, seemed like a nightmare. One, I was in, probably forever.

Sorry for such a short part people!!!!

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Apr 29, 2011
by: Jess

I don't care if it's short...........As long as you write more!

Apr 17, 2011
keep writing!
by: Anonymous

looking forward to the next part!!!!

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