A Stolen Heart

by Jazzy



I stared up at the white sky and felt the cool snowflakes on my whip-cuts. I closed my eyes and thought back to the last race. I could feel the muddy turf below my pounding hooves, the strong wind in my mane, a slight tap with the whip from my jockey, and we sped over the track leaving the other horses behind.

I looked around, soaking in the praise from the crowd as I stood in the winners circle. "Get up you stupid horse!!" someone yelled, bringing me back to reality. I had only been here two days and I already wanted to die. I stood up quickly, retreating and laying back my ears. She tied a rough rope around my head and yanked it hard. I whinnied in pain but followed her.

By the time we reached the stable my head was desperately sore from all the yanking. She hastily put me in a stable before giving me a feed bowl with a measly amount of food in it. I looked around and noticed that there was another horse in the stable. I reached over the stable door and touched noses with her. She was a black thoroughbred around the same height as me and well-built.

Later that night, a young boy came in holding a newspaper. He put it down in my stable and obviously forgot about it, for he left it there. He hastily came back in and took it away, but I had already seen the headline. I knew why I was here...

I had been stolen.

to be continued...

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Jan 12, 2011
the story!!
by: jazzy

well I put up the other version but it doesn't seem to be anywhere, so I will just carry on this one instead, lol.

Note from Sydney: Hi Jazzy, I am so sure I posted your new version. It's been up on the site for a while now. Here's the URL:


Dec 28, 2010
Good story!
by: Anonymous

Wow!!! It is a VERY exciting story!!

Dec 21, 2010
new version
by: the writer of this story/jazzy

hi guys, i wrote a new version as i changed the plot slightly. its called `A Stolen Heart (New Version)`. please read, as that is the one i will be carrying on.

thanks for the comment!!! they mean a lot to me!!

from your bestest buddy, jazzy :)

Dec 20, 2010
chica, nica, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: kary

this is what i call a classic. i'm writing a story myself. its called "IN THE WILD". THIS IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS MY OWN!!! everyone should read it! ;)

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