A Stolen Heart - Part 2

by Jazzy

It all came flooding back,that night,the night that changed my life forever.

I had now earned quite a reputation,so I was used to visitors coming to see me, so I thought nothing when I heard someone coming towards my stable. They opened my stable and I noticed that they had a case, which then took something out of.

Someone else came in and turned me round so I couldn't see the first person. I was used to being checked over by the vets at the race courses, so I didn't panic at this or even when I felt the prick of a needle. It was after this when the stable began to whirl, that I began to panic, thrashing out wildly at these people. They were no longer friends or even visitors. They were danger and I would take no care in not harming them.

It began to be more and more of an effort to move and suddenly my legs buckled and the world went black.

The injection they gave me must have made me forget it, their cruelty... I could have been a star ,but now I trusted no-one and from lack of exercise I had lost my speed and fitness. I was little more than a companion pony. When I heard the stable door opening I raised me head and laid back my ears to show this visitor that they were not welcome. They had over there arm, a saddle and bridle, the sort of racing tack I was used to. My coat was sore and dirty and the visitor was rough in tacking me up so I attempted to bite them numerous times.

They lead me out of the stable and mounted by the short stirrup (they used a mounting block). I only let them mount because I had a plan ,one that would hopefully land me somewhere better than were I was. After they mounted, they began to trot me, but I had not been exercised so began to get faster and faster. They were obviously a very bad rider and had begun to panic.

I threw my head up and reared, before leaping into a wild gallop, throwing in a couple of bucks as I went. My rider had fallen off long before I reached the end of the field, which made my task easier. I leaped a gate and found myself in a wood but I was familiar with it and soon found my way out. I had not however, known what was on the other side... A busy motorway.

A lorry went past, beeping like an elephant, making me bolt in pure terror to the west. After running for a couple of minutes, I stopped. I suddenly realized I was in the worst place possible... Lost.

to be continued...

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