A Stolen Heart (New Version)

by Jazzy

Hi guys, this is a new version as I changed the plot slightly, so please read and enjoy!!

I licked the muddy ground in search of grass. I sighed. I felt starved and I suddenly realized that it was snowing. `bittersweet` I thought ,for it felt cool on my burning sides, but I was dangerously cold. I tried to make the best of it, but somehow I remembered a better life. I had been here since I was a yearling and I didn't remember my filly hood as I called it.

A girl came up to me. I liked this girl, she sometimes gave me extra food or smuggled a blanket from her house for me. I rarely saw her though, and was often handled by Mollie, a cold-hearted, cruel, mean girl who cared for little. Mollie hated me, and I hated her, and much to my dismay, she was my owner. She put on a head collar and lead rope (much more comfortable than the ones I was used to) and led me to the stable.

She offered me two parsnips which I gladly accepted and conjured a blanket out of her bag. I looked around loftily after she left and for the first time saw a mare in the stall next to me. She had a bay coat and had the build of a racehorse, like me. I was built like a racehorse, and was incredibly fast, though my parents were seemingly unknown. She looked at me for a few before backing away alarmingly.

`what??` I asked, for I was slightly offended.

"It's you..."

to be continued...

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