A Spotted Friend - Part 1 (including chapter two)

by Emily

Linzy Dale watched a paint gelding eat from a big bale of hay as snow fell softly on his back.
Linzy shifted from one side to the other there was a tree blocking out some of the gelding because he was standing behind it.

Her long shirt sleeves hung over her frozen hands. After all it was just turning April and there was still snow on the ground. Then she stopped and listened she could hear something but didn't know what it was. She closed her eyes and listened hard. *BOOM!!*

Linzy jumped, thunder wile its snowing? She thought. Well there's always a first time for everything. Then she leaped off the fence and snatched the lead she had sat right next to her. the gelding looked up a little from his feast when he saw that Linzy had moved. Then with a sigh he went back to eating.

Linzy made her way to the feasting horse that didn't have a name yet. Though that would soon change because the owner let her pick out a name for him. She still after a week hadn't known what would fit him best. She thought something like spot because he was after all spotted but that sounded like a dog name more then a horse's.

As Linzy walked she noted that the paint gelding was still eating, wow I think horses eat none stop. She thought. Because she had been at the barn for an hour and in that time her nameless pale had eaten a scoop of grain, three apples, five carrots and two flakes of hay! Plus the bale he was chewing on. Linzy giggled, "Termite might fit you!" she said to the chewing gelding that was now looking at her. Then she was nearly there.

"Hmmm, I don't hear thunder anymore." Linzy stopped to listen. "Nope." she said. Maybe I was just hearing things, she thought. Then she started off again to the sound of snow crunching as her clunky winter boots pounded on it.

As Linzy walked she watched the bits of compacted snow fly off her boots and snow pants. Then the horse that she intended to catch flung his head up and looked ready to bolt. Linzy jumped, she hadn't expected that. The big paint gelding held his ground but didn't look as if ready to fight for it ether. At first Linzy thought she had caused him to react like that but he didn't even notice her coming step by step closer to him. *Snap!*

The lead's clasp snapped around the small loop at the bottom of his halter. He jump a little and took two steps away as if to say, how'd you get there? It was clear on the horse's face that he had heard something. But what did he hear that she didn't? Linzy let out the breath she had been holding in and the gelding followed with a sigh.

"Did you hear a storm or what?" she asked the now relaxed, but still plenty tensed for a run, gelding. He sighed again. "Okay, but next time warn me when you're going to freak out like that." Linzy gave a pull to the lead rope and the paint followed her back to the barn.

~~~~~~~~~~~chapter II~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Linzy sipped a steaming cup of hot coco wile she told her sister Ashly that owned a big chestnut mare named Nuttmegg, how weird it was out there when the big paint gelding was so spooky. "Well he was really spooky, I think he heard a storm way off." Linzy said.

"Hmmm, that's odd, what did he do." Ashly asked. "Well, he taused his head up really high and looked as if ready to bolt!"

"Huh, I don't know Lin." Ashly always called her Lin instead of Linzy. "Well, have you thought up a name for the big guy yet." Ashly continued.

"Nope, but with how much he eats he could go as termite." Linzy giggled.

"Yeah but so could meggy she eats allot too." Ashly said giggling along.

Linzy looked out the window. She lived right next to the barn so she could see the horses. She saw one big chestnut quarter horse, Nuttmegg.

And then there was the horse that she dreamed about owning, the paint gelding that she would hopefully name and then there was a small black pony that was mean spirited and tried to bite people. She tried to stay away from that one. And of couse there was the old bay mare, Rosetta. And some of the other bourders horses.

Ashly pushed Linzy's arm, "Hey, want to go ride." Ashly asked. "I'll go grab my stuff." Linzy said as she turned around and smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~An hour later~~~~~~~~~~~
Ashly put her foot her foot in the iron and lifted herself up and over the tall mare Nuttmegg. Linzy waited behind her to use the mounting block. She looked back at the big paint gelding she had yet to name, he nudged her arm as if to say, are we ready yet? Are we, are we?!?

Nuttmegg stood quietly wile Ashly put her helmet on. Click! She fastened the buckle and clucked to Nuttmegg to walk on as she gathered her reins.

"Ok, lin!" Ashly said to Linzy as she turned around to see her.

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Nov 09, 2011
by: lucinda

when is the next part coming out? or is it out?

Sep 19, 2011
by: Bec

I love it, are you going to keep going?

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