A Spirit Forever - Chapter One

by Lara

Well, this is my story I MADE UP. Please tell me what you think, I'm a schoolgirl in middle school and hope to be an author. Well, enjoy! :D

As the early morning sun started to creep in, the pony's eyes flickered around the misty moor. She knew something was wrong.

Icy flakes of snow swayed and settled on the girl's eyelashes, as the bright blue eyes beneath them scanned the foggy horizon frantically.

"It's no use!" Ellie whispered, her frozen voice getting tetchier by the second.

"He's not there! Oh, Nebula, help...."

Then, breaking the stiff silence, an electrifying yowl shook the valley. Ellie knew that howl.

"BUDDY!!!!" she screamed, and the horse beneath her sensed the awful truth and galloped like she never had before.

As the sight of a little jack russel- stuck horrifically in a fence- emerged from the deep mist, Nebula pushed on even more, knowing she had to help, she was risking her life but she had to.....

The next few seconds went by in a flash, but at the speed of a snail when Ellie remembered it. The lurching sensation in the pit of her stomach as the long black leg slipped out all askew, the beating of her and the horse's heart, the terrified yapping as the dog realised, everything seemed too real.....

And then it was over.

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Dec 30, 2011
by: Audra

I like it but what does techier mean?

Nov 26, 2011
I love it!
by: Rosie

I always wished i could be a author too. But i know i could never in my life do or be that good!!!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2011
by: Tiger

Beautiful writing, you defiantly have great skills! Please continue in this piece! And remember-- for horse people like us, accuracy is greatly appreciated ( like swollen hocks instead of big feet) So... Happy Writing :D


Nov 09, 2011
by: lcuinda

cool! oh, I spelled my name wrong, it is actually lucinda. LOL!

Jul 05, 2012
Pretty good
by: Penelope

I like it! It's nice, but what does techier mean?

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