A special stallion (fiction) - Part 1

by Winter

One spring morning, a young little colt was born on the Oklahoma plains grass. The little col'ts dam nudged her little colt up, "there, my little one, this is your family. Someday you will have your own herd, get up." The little colt stood up, he then fell.

"You poor little thing," the dam said, "come on, get up." He lifted his little legs up. "Yes, little one."

Years later, as he grew older, he became stronger. As he was growing, his sire had kicked him out to start his own herd. He had found a young 5-year old filly out on the plains by herself. He was very curious so he went up to her.

"Hello, who are you?" She wisped her little hoofs in the air,. She has met many stallions on the plains and she wasn't about to let them try to get to her. "Leave me alone," she said. But somehow their bond had became stronger. He kept following her so she just got used to it.

"Where did you come from and what's that thing on your back?" She then answered, "it's my old owners' bags. I hated being sat on. I always wanted to be wild so I ran away."


"Because it's awful." He kept up with her. And as months went by, she became one of his mares...

-to be continued-

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