A passion for horses :)

by Cammy



Why I love horses? There are many answers to this question but mainly I just seem to have this magnetic pull towards them. There large appearance, soft touch and power to make us change for the better makes horses special. Most people would say riding is the best part but I love every second of it! From the time I bring them from the field to mounting and finally letting them lope off with their friends again four (or more) hours later. Now, this is not to say I don't love riding of course!I just love to ride and walk in to walls as I day dream about the swift movement of the canter. But, why do we ride? Is it the adrenaline you get when your sailing over a jump or that breath taking moment of the gallop when all four feet leave the ground or the pride you feel when you finally get the leg yield right? In my opinion it that one feeling you get when you and your horse just connect and you can feel it. It when that light bulb goes off in there head as if to say "oh! I get it!" I can't explain feeling of just pure happiness when you and your horse. . . just get it! Its like many unexplainable things in riding. Things even the best instructors can't teach you. You just have to experience it! Take a bond for example.Your friends, parents, and siblings will look at your like your crazy when you fantasize about one horse. They are annoyed when that's all you can talk about and when the ask you "so whats the big deal about this horse?" Millions of feelings will rush through you but you are left with no words. You can look up definition after definition of a bond but nothing can quite describe it. "Its just plain love" is my best answer. When little things happen like a step towards your in the paddock or a soft nicker send butterflies swirling in your stomach. You love them and they really do love you to! Its the best thing and I repeat that sentence to my self time after time. Horse can open whole new world and show you a new perspective of life.

I lease a horse named Randy, Horse back riding was just another sport of mine and I didn't like my schooling stable so we started to lease. I started to get more and more interested in the sport. Suddenly Randys owner just left him and he was standing right in the middle of no mans land. I started to care for him and buy him feed. Over the summer we grew very close but my mom was no where near buying me a horse. The owner of the stable was getting agitated and was near selling him. Thats when my instructor stepped in and saved him, well, us. In the end the owner of the stable bought him and it seemed as if all had been resolved. But it is far from that. His little grand daughter started to ride him. She is some one you could call cruel in my book. One day a new leaser was looking into randy she sat on the gate and pouted because she wanted to ride. Once the leaser was done she tacked him ride back up and started to canter him around and around the arena. Now I am 100% positive she was on the wrong lead. This is just one of the many horrible things she does to my baby Randy! I can't rest a night! I ask is there any thing more I can do to help but it just doesn't seem like enough! If you have and advice I would gladly take it! But, the main question is, why am I horse crazy? Here's the answer, Randy.

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May 22, 2010
by: Horseluver99

That was beautiful! I copied and pasted onto a Microsoft word document I loved it so much. Oh...and you could always talk to your instructor about what she is doing. Did you know if you are cantering on the wrong lead in the corners you could cripple the horse? Well, if Randy can do that without falling down I am sure he will be fine. Just double check on him and give him lots of love.

(note from Sydney: sorry I had to delete your email address for safety. but feel free to share more tips here!)

May 20, 2010
by: Ellen

What a beautiful essay. You could easily get an A o this for school!

I hope things change with Randy. Hopefully that girl will get bored and you can continue working with him.

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