A new horse ~~~~~part 1~~~~~

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

(Made up)

When I woke up the first thing I thought was "Is today the day?" Mom and dad had been saying for about two months now, "We'll get you a horse sometime soon." And every morning I would ask and they would say. "We'll take you later to pick out a horse." but then they never would. So this morning I got all dressed up in my jeans and my blue Hollister shirt and I slipped on my socks and tennis shoes. Then I combed out my hair and put it into a pony tail and I brushed my teeth. Then I silently climbed down the stairs and smiled at mom. "I'll go call dad." She said smiling at me and giving me a hug. "I was up all night last night looking for cheap horses for sale and I found this really nice horse breeding place and dad finished the fence last night." Mom exclaimed. "Oh thank you thank you!" I said embracing her in a bear hug.
Later that day me and my mom drove to the "5 Fillies Stables" and asked me what type of horse I wanted. I thought for a moment and then said "an appaloosa! I'll name her Sedona!" Mom took my hand and led me to the front gate. "Hi we would like to buy a horse." mom said to the lady at the window. "Right this way!" The lady said. She led us over to a huge corral of 30 or so horses. I smiled big admiring all the beautiful horses. "This is the Mares. All of the stallions are over there. And the colts and fillies are over there." I raced up to the gate and stared at all the horses. "Remember, after this you have to groom her and feed her and ride her everyday!" mom smiled. "I know!" I saw Arabians, and Quarter Horses, and an Andalusian. I saw American Paints, and only two Appaloosas. I looked at the all white one with black and brown spots, then at the beautiful chestnut appaloosa. "That one!" I smiled pointing at the chestnut one. "I'll go tell the lady." Mom said. I whistled and suddenly she ran towards me. "I'll name you Sedona!"

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