A Mustang in a World of First Borns

by Jordan

When I was about 3 or 4, I thought a horse was some type of vegetable. But, when I hit the age of 5 or 6, my cousin and I were HORSE CRAZY!

Since I was 1 years old my family has been going up to Madison, Wisconsin (longest drive ever!) and my cousin and I would always talk about horses, play with our horses, watch movies with horses... etc. Anyway we just loved horses to death.

I always go horseback riding when I have the chance. I don't actually have a horse, but I have made friends with a lot of horses. My favorite thing to do is canter, it is sooo.... fun! The first time I ever did it I was just cracking up. I have never galloped before, but I hope to sometime.

When my grandma was a little girl her father bought her two ponies, tipsy, and I can't remember the other ones name. Whenever she rode tipsy, he would walk about three feet, then he would just roll over and tip you off! ha ha ha!

My grandma always takes me horseback riding, I've taken tons of lessons. I have also done a lot of trail riding in Wisconsin.

My favorite type of horse is a mustang. I love them because there free spirited, and crazy. I can relate to mustangs because, I'm a second born drowning in a world of first borns. My brother, mom, and dad, are all first borns. Oh and my cousin is too. I'm the only one in my family that likes to have fun, but I love my family anyway.

I would always dream of living out in Wyoming and have a huge ranch with tons of horses. Now that I'm older I realize that I was kinda fantasizing a little too much there. So, now my practical dream is to live out somewhere in the country of Illinois or Indiana and own a few horses.

Sometimes it can be hard for me because I'm older now and I am opened to a world of different things. A lot of times I forget about horses, but I always jump right back on the saddle again, because inside me I will always, forever be in love with horses.

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Jan 02, 2012
by: Sophie

Really? I love Mustangs too!

Dec 22, 2010
I'm the oppisite :)
by: Alyssia

I am totally horse crazy too!
But I am a first born stuck in a world of well, not first borns :)

Dec 15, 2010
That's a nice horse!
by: Alicia

That paint in the picture is beautiful! Well, you're
lucky that you have friends. I'm home schooled, live in the middle of nowhere and have no friends .Thats okay with me cause i have a dog, 2 cats, 60 meat rabbits and 4 siblings. My neighbors have horses that i can mess with when they come to the fence, but that just ain't enough for me. I WILL have a horse!!

Dec 05, 2010
I understand
by: Bettie

I can truly relate to the part with being pulled away. One day I have $105 saved up, the next I own an iPod :P its hard to stay on track but with Christmas coming up I'm opening a back account and putting like 100% of all my money in it just for my future horse.

Dec 05, 2010
by: maddie

I love horses but my favorite would be the mustang because I have one. He's nice sometimes, haha! Well I will never hate horses and I would like to help stop slaughter because I hate it. Btw, my mustang was going to go to slaughter till i saved him.

Dec 01, 2010
by: Sydney

no one and nothing can take away your love for horses.. :)

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