A Long Trip To Arizona

by Rayna
(Surprise, AZ)

Wearing her winter fluff

Wearing her winter fluff

It's finally happening! Sophie is finally coming to Arizona! If you don't know Sophie's story, see the bottom of this!! :D ANYWAYS, We finally found an affordable horse trailer that we can rent, as well as a wonderful ranch to board her at. So, next week (as today is January 14) my dad and I are hopefully going to be driving 6 hours to New Mexico, loading Sophie up, and driving 6 hours back. I'm in for a long drive; missing school for it too. :) I'm super stoked. And for my birthday (January 8) I got an amazing saddle/breastcollar/cinch for Sophie!


In 2010 Sophie was rescued from starvation as a 3 year old. On December 26, 2011, she was given to me. Now, Sophie has stayed on my aunt's 56 aces of property since she was rescued, and that is in New Mexico (6 hours from my home) Every few months I would see my beautiful girl. As we bonded, being away from her has started hurting. Now, it is unbearable. Which is why I am freaking in about her coming here to live with us!

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