A Horse of her Own pt 1

by horse lubber

Random Google that i thought was cute

Random Google that i thought was cute

Alexandra smiled. Just last month had she asked her parents for a horse, and now she was finaly getting one! It was midnight, but she was wide awake. Finaly, after an hour, sleep came.

"Alex!" Mom called. Alexandra was homeschooled, and today she would get her "surprise" horse! She hoped it was a bay! Bay was the most beautiful color to Alex, and she kept seeing galloping, muscular horses in her pancakes. "If you don't eat, it'll be noon when you see your new horse!" Mom said, trying to keep the secret in. Alex couldn't remember the last time she had ever been excited enough to eat one pancake in 30 seconds flat. She shoved so hard against the table that it moved instead of her chair. Trying to allow her dream come true moment to last, she took a minute to clear her place. Then, she went to find her boots.

The grass was blowing in the breeze. Why did it always take her parents forever to ready a surprise? If the horse needed grooming, let her do it! Then, dad came out. Holding her breath, Alex watched a hoof appear. It was very small. Then, an adorable little head peaked around the corner. The rest of the horse came into view, but Alex's smile faded as fast as mom's chair had. "Alex? Something wrong?" Dad said, frowning. "He's cute, but.....a miniature horse?" Alex said, holding back tears. All she had wanted to do was ride--not watch as her older brother did! Alex cried out without thinking: "I'll never love it!" The Mini nickered as Alex ran off, but Alex couldn't bear it. It wasn't fair! Charlie's horse was too "wild" for Alex, and he lived too far away. Alex burried her head in her pillow, and sobbed.

To be continued............

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Mar 02, 2009
Nice story

That's a lovely story! I'll be looking out for the next part.

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