A Horse Called Creek - Part 3 - "Keeping Creek"

by Josey

The next day, Ashley put a halter on Creek and threw a leadrope around his neck and made it a bridle. She hopped up on him bareback and nudged his side. He threw his head and trotted off. Ashley bounced around on him.

"This-is-a-bit-un-com-for-tab-le." She slowed him to a walk. "Better." She patted him on the neck. Creek saw a large log in front of him. He pricked his ears and cantered towards it, with Ashley hanging on for dear life.

Creek soared over it, sending Ashley toppling off of him. She landed safely on the soft grass. Her eyes were wide. "You have a talent for jumping!" She shouted, looking at him. He snorted and held his head high.

"Wow." Ashley got to her feet and grabbed his halter. She swung herself up on him. "That was a wild ride. Let's go home." She rode him towards her home.

She slipped the halter off of him and put him in the barn behind their house. She gave him some hay she borrowed from Alexis and slipped out the door of the barn.

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Oct 07, 2012
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