A Fun Show!!!!

by MJ

I have to tell you my story!! I must!

I was in summer camp so it was sorta a show.
My parents came to camp and we had practiced EVERY spare second on this. I was nervous because there were two groups that had a totally different routine. In the middle of the week I had to switch groups so they told us to go but I didn't know what to do.

Finally we did something for parents and we cantered around the ring then did the routine. We all did great including me! After that we had judges at camp. For them, we did stuff like barrel racing (we did three things. Guess what I won third place in everything. Barrel racing, I almost had second!

Please comment I want to know what you think.

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by: Horse Lover123

I love Barrel Racing! It is so fun, so I think that is so great!!!! :)

fun show
by: mckenna s

congrats on placing 3rd i hope i could do that. glad u had fun at the summer camp.

Ok . . . erm . . . what kind of things did you have to do?

What kind of things did you have to do? Although we must say it's pretty cool coming third in everything!

your show
by: Sydney

looks like you really had a great time! and congratulations for placing third!

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