A fight for what we want PART 1

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

****Before I start!!!!! This story is MADE UP! Although it has some true parts in it and everywhere I go is true. same with the ponies! So it is basically true just this didn't happen to me!!!****

"Mom?" I asked mother one day after finishing my breakfast. "Yes sweetie?" Mother answered. "Can I go to the pasture? And give the horses some apples?" I asked opening the refrigerator searching in the fruit drawers for a few apples. "Sure but be careful. And come right home afterwards. Don't be coming home with a stray cat this time!" Mother teased. "I know I know!" I exclaimed grabbing 4 big red apples out of the refrigerator and putting them on the counter. "Can you close the garage please mom?" I asked grabbing up the apples and opening the garage door. "Sure!" Mom said picking up the telephone. I dropped the apples into my big black bike basket and I kicked back the kickstand.
Mom stood with the door open as I carefully scooted my bike out of the garage. "Me and Lilli are going to meet up there!" I said. Mom smiled and put her finger on the garage door opener. I sat on my bike seat and rode down the driveway.
Our Neighbors Canda and Tom had their two ponies Dreamer and Magic out in their front yard. I could skip them just this once. Canda smiled and waved at me. "Hi!" I exclaimed taking one hand off my handlebar to wave at her. I turned left onto "Kachina" street and then right onto "Inca" street. Then I turned left into a park. After crossing the park I turned right onto the main rode.
I could see the pasture in sight. I was so excited. I could not actually own a horse,and I probably never would be able to, so the pasture was as close to horses as I could get.
I turned right into the old abandoned part of the pasture and I parked my bike next to the hay. Something didn't seem right though. Lilli's pink motor scooter sat leaned up against the pellet food.
I Picked up the apples and ran out of the pasture and towards the horses. There was Lilli dressed in her red and white polka dot shirt and her jean shorts holding out a celery stick to Clover.
"I brought apples!" I exclaimed handing Lilli two of them. "Shh!" Lilli whispered. "What?" I asked aloud. She pointed her thumb behind her and I looked. There stood an old man with a blue shirt and a crooked face glaring straight at me. I silently squeezed an apple through the fence and fed it to old Ike the 20+ year old horse. He ate it merrily drooling out green saliva the whole time.
I quickly looked back noticing them an was gone. "He's gone." I whispered to Lilli. "What are ya doin' kid!!" Exclaimed a crooked raspy deep voice from beside me. I jumped in fear and turned around. Lilli jumped too suddenly revealing the purple pellet food scoop from the abandoned side of the pasture. She slowly lowered it down to her side.
"I SAID WHAT ARE YA DOIN' KID!" The man exclaimed again this time pointing at me. "I...Uh..we" Lilli began. "We were just feeding the horses some apples and celery." I said looking at my feet.
"What are ya doin' with my scoop!" He asked angrily ripping it from Lilli's shaking hands. "Ya'll goin' in ther'?" He asked pointing at the abandoned side of the pasture. "Ya..Bu just to talk and get pellets and park out bikes." I mumbled. "What was dat kid?" He asked. "I said only to park out bikes!" I mumbled again getting a bit annoyed with this guy. "Ya'll know who I am?" He asked lowering the bucket. "I'm Mr. Hauss! The owner of this pasture! Now go park yer bike else ware!" He exclaimed taking the bucket and heading back across the street. "Wow." I mumbled. "He sure has some attitude! 'What yer doin' here kids!""Lilli mimicked.
I began walking over to my bike when Lilli said "Wait. Rayna. Parking our bikes there is doing nothing wrong. so why do we have to take them out?" "You're right. But I don't think we should leave them here." I said.
After taking our bikes, feeding the horses,and saying goodbye, I started riding home thinking about what Mr. Hauss said.
When I got home I opened the garage, parked my bike, and went inside to find mom on the phone in the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote "We only go to your pasture because we love horses!" Thinking that was dumb, I threw it away. I grabbed another piece of paper and wrote. "Mr. Hauss. We do not own any horses, but we love them lots. So we go to your pasture because that's as close as we could get." Once again I crinkled up the paper, then I went up to my room to call Lilli.

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Jun 28, 2010
oh no!
by: rayna (the author)

That wasn't suppose to post......

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