A few horse drawings!

by Horseluver4evernever

Arabian welsh cross

Arabian welsh cross

Arabian welsh cross
Foal head
Midnight silhouette

Hey horsecrazy girls!!! This is the first time I posted horse drawings!!!! I drew these today. I'm 11 turning 12 soon! The first one is a sketch of a welsh pony Arabian cross. It's not my best but I'm kinda proud of it.

The second is the first foal I have ever really drawn. I did look at a pic, but I didn't copy! It's not the best drawing so no hate! This last drawing is a silhouette of a horse head. I drew it really quick so it's kinda a fail.... But YOLO!!!!! Lol.

So anyways.... Comment, and plz tell me if you want more!!!! See ya!!!!

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