A Champion Forever - Part 2

by Jazzy

You can imagine how I felt as I was led into a trailer and driven away from Emily`s house. There was another horse in the trailer, a Shetland called Toffee. He said he had just been taken to a show before I was bought, so I was picked up on the way back.

I was unloaded by a teenage girl and because of my past experience with Emily I am sorry to say I was rather vicious toward her, for I missed the old Emily that had taken me for long rides and loved me. Toffee asked me why I was so mean and I told him about the little girl who I had loved dearly, and who broke my heart. He said t here was no need to worry about her in particular.I wasn't sure what he meant until the next day.

I awoke to hear someone shouting "Karen! Karen! Get the horses up now! Karen! I said get the horses ready!!" I saw a young girl, red in the face with her mousy brown hair in a wild tangle come running up to my stall with various items of tack. "Come on then sweetie, let's get you ready." She said as she undid the bolt of my stall door. She tacked me up and as she led me outside I dreaded what was to come, for two girls, both ginger haired, one about five and the other about twelve, were standing impatiently tapping crops against the wall.

The oldest girl (which I later learned was called Molly) walked over to me. She was rather too small for me but no one seemed to be around to notice. "You're called Smokey now." She said and she walloped me with the crop she was holding. It stung so badly, I began to trot. And so I had my first ride with Molly and I hated it .One day,she struck me with the whip, and I made an awful mistake..

To be continued in part three...

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