A Case of Horse Fever

by Alicia

I'm not sure. My grandpa was in the calvary and had a wild horse once. Maybe I got it from him. I've wanted a horse since I was 5. I just love everything about them! I don't have my own yet.

The other day I was out feeding my 60 meat rabbits, when I heard the horses near the fence. I grabbed my grooming bag and ran over there. All four of them where there! My favorite, a sorrel QH gelding was standing in a hollow right next to the fence. I climbed up the fence and got on bareback. I really was just going to sit there for a minute,when the boss mare started galloping away to the neighbor's house. Dakota started galloping to follow her with me still on his back. I'd never ridden bareback EVER and now he was running uphill and leaping over logs. I held on and when he ran by a small tree, I grabbed it and swung off. It was AWESOME!!!

(don't tell my mom!)

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