A calm horse? I DON'T THINK SO!

by Rayna
(mesa arizona usa)

This is me riding Melody! (Does she look like a quarter horse?)

This is me riding Melody! (Does she look like a quarter horse?)


So i Had just bought this beautiful quarter horse named Melody from a neighbor of mine who was moving to California. She said that Melody was a very calm horse. And of course I believed her.So being an experienced rider, I tacked her up tightened the saddle and mounted. she was doing great. I invited 3 of my friends over to watch! after about 10 or so minutes of riding Melody I changed gates from a simple walk to a fast trot. Then I changed from a trot to a canter and suddenly Melody bucked! I squeezed her sides with my knees to avoid being flown. I slowed her down and after about 10 more minutes I tried to canter again. Then she bucked again. The last buck seemed to have loosened the saddle because when she bucked the second time the saddle flew up and I went with it. I landed hard back down on her back and she reared. "Calm? I don't think so." I thought. I tried to get her to a walk or at least a slow canter but she galloped in circles! My friends screamed and yelled my name in fear. Suddenly Melody tried to jump a post we had in the pasture for my horse Yankee to practice jumping on, but her having no experience in jumping Melody "crashed". She jumped too early and bonked her head on the post sending the saddle up and me flying head over heels in front of her. I hit the ground in front of the post and Saw Melody trying to free her head from the space between the double bars. My friends all rushed to my aid and tried to help me free Melody. I felt really bad. My friend Cammy was even more experienced with horses than I was and she tightened the saddle and mounted. I warned her and she still clicked her tongue and demanded Melody to lope. Suddenly Melody reared then rolled on top of Cammy,and when Melody got up she galloped leaving Cammy's shoelace stuck to the stirrup! All of my friends screamed and ran to help! Suddenly Melody charged straight for the fence and sadly hit it right in her chest. Then she stopped we helped Cammy up and she immediately ran to my house to throw up. Poor Melody was shut up in the barn and we had a vet come examine her. She seemed to be fine except she had a bit of a temper. She has learned to canter now and she is a happy loving horse!

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Jun 02, 2010
by: sally

That is amazing. i am glad she has got the hang of cantering now. Well done!

May 24, 2010
by: Sydney

Wow! Melody definitely doesn't sound like a calm horse. But I am glad you've been able to keep her and work with her!

Jun 04, 2010
it's litte cool.
by: abigail

I wish we could be friends that was so good.It sounded great.I liked the lots about it. soon I will tell my friends about it.do you want to be friends? most of my friends do not like horses. Thank you for telling the story.

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