A 1st and a 3rd!

by Horsecrazykenzie

I have only been in one horse show so far. It was when I used to take english lessons at a great place called Morgan Valley, in Tecumseh Michigan. The show was on the Michigan State University Campus. THe first horse i rode at the show was a horse names Peat. I dont really remember that class because it was a years ago, and I was little, but I do know I got a 3rd place ribbbon! I was very happy! Then I rode a horse named Sassy and got a 1st place ribbon.There were only two horses from Morgan Valley there, Sassy and Peat (neither were mine, I didnt have a horse yet then), and Sassy didn't want to be alone, so she misbehaved, and did a snowman shape, instead of a circle! I was very upset, but i still got 1st! What i dont tell most people is that i was the only one in the class!;)


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