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HorseCrazyGirls Horse Club, Issue #001 -- Summer Reading Contest Starts!
June 14, 2008
Hi! Sydney here with the latest news...

Summer Reading C o n t e s t Starts!

For many of us, school's out for the summer! (For our Aussie friends, we're soooo sorry you're not on summer break...but we'll be envious of you come the end of the year.)

It's time for lots of riding -- and for reading some great horse books! We've just announced out first ever summer reading program with some great p r i z e s. You can read the details here:

Summer best horse book reading competition

Horse Pic of the Month

Emily sent in a pic of her wicked cool appaloosa Pocky! Is she awesome or what? Share your comments on Emily's page.

Let Emily Know If You Like Pocky!

A Great Horse Story

We love the horse stories you have shared with us. One of our faves is this one from Dominica, who told us about how one horse turned into a stablefull...You gotta read this one, you'll love it! (Be sure to share your comments with us.)

Dominica's Cool Horse Story

Moondance Alexander: A Great Horse Movie to Watch

If you haven't seen Moondance Alexander yet, you'll want to get it on DVD. It's the story of Moondance, a girl who can't fit in at school. She finds a horse and convinces the owner to let her ride it. And then she decides to enter a riding competition...

Did you see Moondance Alexander? Review it here

Featured horse artist: Barbara Rush

We love the fun, playful paintings of Barbara Rush, a horsecrazy girl (she takes dressage lessons) who has created a very unique style for painting horses. We think her equine art is unique and stunning.

What do you think? Check out her paintings and share your comments!

Barbara Rush's Stunning Equine Art

I hope you are loving your summer. Get riding reading and make sure you share all your favorite horse things with us this summer!!

Your horsecrazy girlfriend,


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