Horse Pajamas

Can’t seem to get enough of horses? Wearing horse pajamas is the best way for horse lovers to end a day after having so much fun riding...and of course they make great gifts for horse lovers!

Look for horse pajamas made from safe and comfy material like cotton and polyester. Pajamas with horse prints are available for infants, pre-teens, teens and adults in different colors and styles. There is a wide selection of equine-themed sleep wear to choose from and are sure to make pony lovers sleep soundly and happily.

Horse Slippers

Did you know?

  • Horses can sleep standing or lying down.
  • Being able to catch a few ZZZ’s while standing up is important for their safety as it allows them to run quickly from danger.
  • They usually get short periods of rest? They don’t sleep in long stretches like humans.
  • They may only sleep about 2.5 - 3 hours in a 24-hour period.
  • A horse must lie down to get deep sleep (REM sleep). They only have to do this for an hour or so every few days, but if they don’t they may become sleep deprived.
  • They sleep best when they are in a herd or group with other horses. That way one can keep watch while others get their rest.
  • Solitary equines may not get as much sleep as they need.
  • Foals need a lot of shut eye! They may sleep for hours.