365 days of Peppy

by heartbeat for horses

These poems are dedicated to Peppy, the sweet black and white paint horse who came into my life 365 days ago as of April 2016.

Peppy is not my horse, he is a lesson horse who I fell in love with. I don't always get to ride him. I actually haven't in 5 months but I will always love him no matter what...

The Year I Had Known Peppy

One year with you
365 days of love
you were my someone who was sent down by a angel from above
your swifter than a dove

365 days ago was the best day of my life
365 days of love,hardships,and you
all of my hard times you helped me make it through
i will always be true to you

You are my love and my sanity
you are my dreams and my humanity
you are everything to me
you are forever free

I can't believe its flown by so fast
so short a time ago was the past
I remember the time i saw you last
riding together just as fast

Thank you for always being there
we've tended to each other with care
our bond is beyond rare
we are best friends forever to share


When I need a shoulder to lean on
you are always there for me
a love beyond what most can see
you mean the world to me

When I need a little nuzzle
you are there with your velvety muzzle
you are always there to pick me up
when I fall to the ground

When my world turns upside down
you are there by my side
to love me no matter what happens

When I'm facing my darkest days
I'm always comforted by your loving gaze
you are always there for me

You and me forever
we will always be together
we are best friends
you are my world you are my life.


Hey horse crazy girls!

I have made a lot of posts about peppy before but I have never actually told y'all much about him.

Peppy is the first horse I ever rode and has been the light of my life and my best friend sense we met. Peppy is slightly stubborn, high-spirited and very curious. His favorite treats are peppermint, apples and carrots. He has a bold heart, loving, wild personality... and I mean what's not to love? Lol.

Peppy is a black and white American paint gelding, with a hogged mane, deep brown eyes, a half blaze, a star, four white markings, and the best marking is the lightning shaped marking on his neck. He has the softest coat I have ever felt softer than velvet.

Peppy actually has HYPP which stands for hyperkalimic periodic paralysis. HYPP is a series of muscle tremors which Peppy has in his right shoulder. Peppy used to have it pretty bad and was aggressive when the vet came to give him shots as it was very painful for him.

Peppy only has the attacks 1-2 times a year but has calmed down over the years. (It was before I knew peppy when he was aggressive and stuff.)

Peppy is a prize-winning eventing horse especially in dressage. His show name is Ima Classy Star. He competes with his real owner in level training level events. I hope to compete on him soon.

Peppy is the best horse I could ever hope for and I spend hours a day sitting by the window hoping praying and daydreaming he will be mine. I love him more than anything. (I actually keep a jar of peppermints and carrots for him.)

I'll Miss You (November 2016)

I'm going to miss
My sweet classy star
This year we've come so far
But all good things must come to an end
I'll miss you my lovely best friend

I know it's only a few months of time
and I know it may seem like I'll be too busy
To think of you my friend
But you're always on my mind night and day

The next long winter months will be the hardest of my entire life
But you will stay in pictures and my heart
Until spring starts

Goodbye for a little while
I'll see you as soon as I can
I'll miss you with every beat of my heart
Until we see each other again...

Every winter from December to March I stop riding for horse bowl, if you guys remember what that is from one of my previous posts. I'm really busy and I really don't have time to. I do see Peppy occasionally during that time since horse bowl is held where I ride but I don't get much time with him. I'm really going to miss him until March. This was just a little poem for him.


A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you:) I love you sweet thing.

Apples?? (December 2016)

It was the day of my annual gymkhana for my horse club and of course I was riding Peppy.

I had just mounted up and I started to walk him around the arena to get him warmed up before trotting and cantering for the events. I had him walking slowly along the rail so he could sniff some of the blankets and towels on the arena fence for some of the gymkhana games so he wouldn't spook once we started.

Along the side of the rail, Peppy stopped and tried to push his head over the fence so I turned him in a circle and walked him by it again figuring it was an object he was frightened by.

So I took him by it and once again he yanked the reins and tried to stick his head over the fence. I just walked him by it and decided to come back to it since he obviously wasn't scared.

A couple minutes later, Peppy was acting a bit crazy which was surprising considering it was only 9 in the morning and he isn't much of a hyper in the early morning.

As we got closer to the fence where he kept stopping, he pricked up his ears and started pulling on the reins. We walked up to it and all of a sudden he yanks the reins from my grasp and sticks his face into a plastic bag sitting on a barrel. It tipped over spilling out and yep, just what you guessed, over a dozen juicy red apples.

I have never seen that horse so happy in my entire life.

Anyway, thought you horse girls would enjoy this little story. :)

Happy riding!

Heartbeat for Horses... Peppy and I forever! :)

My Second Horse Show

Just recently, I had my barn horse show which was my second ever. I was excited to get there and learn that I was riding Peppy.

I got him groomed and tacked up. I braided his short hogged mane and made his coat shine like gold. I rode in 11 classes and I headed down to the arena with the other riders.

I wasn't riding in the first two classes which were walk only for beginners. After those, I mounted and we started our first class which was walk trot on the rail. I placed second.

The next class was walk trot equitation, I placed 3rd out of 8 riders.

Next, I rode my dressage test and placed 5th out of 10 which there were riders who placed above me who had been riding for years longer than I have. The people who placed behind me were a couple advanced beginners and 3 people who had been riding a couple years longer than me.

Next were walk trot canters which I placed first in both.

Then the last 5 game classes, I got 2nd, 4th, 1st 3rd, and another 1st. I also placed second in hunter hack with 12 riders.

Peppy did amazing and I'm so proud of him. I could never have asked for a better day and a better horse to spend it with!

Riding Lessons

I get to the stables early Wednesday morning and hurry into the main barn to see who I am riding in my lesson. I look on the clipboard on the tack room door, I smile broadly to see my name beside Peppy's and hurry out to the pasture with a carrot and his halter slung over my shoulder.

"G'morning Peppy!" I call cheerfully to my favorite horse ever, a black and white Tobiano Paint horse standing out in the field. He picks his ears and and starts towards me with a loving whinny.

I clip on his halter and lead him up to the barn to get groomed and tacked up. I clip him on the cross ties and get to work on cleaning him.

"Why do you always have to roll in red mud?" I ask him lovingly as I curry the large red spot on his shoulder.

After I groomed him and picked out his hooves, I quickly tack him up and lead him towards the arena. I walk inside, fix my stirrups, check my girth and mount up. I love the feeling of sitting on Peppy. I can feel our bond rippling through us.

I start out walking to warm him up while I wait on my riding instructor. Once I'm warmed up and my trainer comes in, I start the rising trot and take a few laps around the arena doing different exercises such as three loupe serpentines, broken lines, and 20 meter circles.

After that, my trainer tells me to go ahead and ask for the canter. I squeeze my legs shorten my reins and make a kissing sound. Peppy breaks into a canter.

I'm still learning to canter so we only do a few circles then its back to the trot. I work on some cross rails at the trot, do some more cantering and exercises then I cool him out and untack him.

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Nov 23, 2017
by: HeartbeatForHorses

Thanks for the comments on my poems! I love writing poems especially when they're about my boy!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who live in the US!

Nov 21, 2017
Love this page
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls

I had a horse like Peppy when I first started seriously riding and jumping. Mine was Poncho and he was a brown and white paint. I didn't want to ride anyone else. Your writing reminds me of those days!

Nov 20, 2017
by: Hoofbeats

So sweet, you have inspired me to write more about Warlock. So thanks for submitting this poem!

Nov 16, 2017
by: TeddyLover06

How did seeing peppy go?

Nov 15, 2017
I miss you
by: Heartbeat for Horses

I wrote this simple little poem up real quick earlier and thought I would share it. I haven't seen Peppy in 2 weeks and I'm really missing my boy. I see him tomorrow! I can't wait!

Each day passes by
Your photo catching my eye
I wish I could hold you close in my arms
And graze you under bright blue skies

I miss seeing your deep brown eyes
And your soft, velvety coat
I miss jumping you cross country
And playing follow the leader till the sun goes down

I miss watching you graze amongst your friends
I miss watching you race around the pasture
I miss every little thing you do
I'll miss you until, again I see you

Jan 01, 2017
Your amazing 2016
by: Anonymous

Good for you! :)

Jan 01, 2017
Goodbye 2016
by: Heartbeat for horses

This year has been literally the greatest year of my entire life.

From our first ride together of 2016, we have created an unbreakable bond and I've become a better rider because of him.

My first lesson of the year was in February but Peppy and I didn't have much of a bond if any at all. He didn't dislike me but I had only ridden him eight times.

I rode him in every lesson and worked hard in my lessons along with spending extra time at the barn to bond with him.

June 11th 2016, I started to feel something I'd never felt before. Him not listening to me, ignoring me and laying his ears back at time, it was quickly disappearing.

It was the day of my dressage pony club clinic and I went out to the pasture to get him groomed and tacked up. When I called his name from about 20 feet away he lifted his head and the most magical thing happened to me. He whinnied with joy and walked towards me leaving his hay and the rest of the horses.

I remember him following me back to the barn without a halter or lead rope on him. I had never had a strong bond with a horse before so I didn't know what it felt like. All I knew was it felt amazing!

Over the following months we began getting closer and closer then was the quadrille. We worked so well together and everyone began noticing how good of a team we were. We won so many classes at our fun show and we did amazing at the jumping clinic.

I have been riding him from learning the posting trot to our first canter and now jumping 14 inches. I know its not high but soon we will get there.

I can't wait to start an amazing 2017 on the love of my life. We together are going to make 2017 the greatest, most exciting year of my entire life.

Dec 22, 2016
Sometimes a broken heart is a good thing
by: Heartbeat for horses

Driftin in my own world
Thinkin' about how it would have been
Your standing there just waiting
For my heart to welcome you in

I'll never forget the look on your face
The first time we met
A pure look of spirit and stubbornness within

You stole my heart away
You made me who I am today
You gave me the strength to carry on
Until the worst times come to an end

Sometimes a broken heart is a good thing
Because a broken led me to you
A broken heart showed me to love again
A broken heart gave me you

Your love for me always is true
You comfort me when when everyone is else is through
You remind me that I have to move on
And you make it easier to bare

Everything has a reason in this life
You give me one special thing
You give me courage
And you give me life

Sometimes a broken heart is a good thing
Because a broken led me to you
A broken heart showed me to love again
A broken heart gave me you...

This is a little song I made up for Peppy.

Before I met him, I was in love with a bay mare about 16 years old, named Willow. I had seen her about 20 times and even done like 10 trail rides on her (being led some). I had truly fallen in love until she was sold. I was heart broken.

A few months later, I signed up for a pony club. I started there and I met Peppy, the reason I started that pony club was because I was so sick of being heartbroken I wanted to love again.

So sometimes broke hearts are a good thing because a broken heart gave me Peppy. :)

Nov 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

That poem you wrote is sooo sweet. Hopefully you can see him a lot! I know you love him more than anything... I can tell by the poems and stuff you write. :)

Jul 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Peppy sounds just perfect! I love reading about him along with your adventures with him! I can't wait for more stuff! He sounds so sweet.

Jun 12, 2016
by: heart-horse

I love it! You are so talented! It's just mesmerizing :)

Jun 11, 2016
by: heartbeat for horses

Ii just can't get over this horse. All i can do is think about him, write about him and look at his pics when I'm not with him. It breaks my heart to only see him once a week but I guess God has a plan for me.

I know Peppy is the right horse for me. I just KNOW it. I love listening to the song 'God gave me you' it always reminds me of me and Peppy :)

Jun 09, 2016
by: Haddie

Such a cool story!

Jun 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

That is beautiful. Peppy sounds perfect!

Jun 01, 2016
heartbeat for horses
by: Anonymous

i would post a pic of the real Peppy with it but considering he isn't technically my horse, I didn't want to post it on the internet. Thanks so much for posting my poems and stuff :)

Jun 01, 2016
by: heartbeat for horses

Man, Sydney! That pic of that horse is almost exactly like Peppy!

Reply from Sydney at HorseCrazyGirls.com:

Really? I was hoping it would do... :)

May 31, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I love how you dedicated it to the horse! That's so cool! Love it! ;)

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