<3 Libby

by Shanice

I started horse riding when I was 7 on a riding school pony named Murphy. He was a small pony probably about 12hh which is small for me. I outgrew him fast so I moved onto a horse named Danny. He stood around 14.2hh so he was perfect.

I was 9 when I learned how to jump. Danny took care of me and saved me a couple of times. Also at the stables was a 13.2hh chestnut mare named Sandy.

On the 17th October early in the morning she fell in the field and fractured her leg. The vet came and said there was nothing that she could do so Sandy had to get put down. I loved her to pieces and I was going to loan her.

5 years later I am proud to own my very own horse. Her name is Libby and she is a connamera x Arab mare. Standing at 17.hh she is prettyyyy bigggg! I do love her though. She has built my confidence up and made me think that I can do anything if I put my mind up too it. I am really lucky that I have a horse. It took me years to convince my parents that it was a good idea.

To all those people still in need of a horsey buddy, please don't give up. You will get your horse just keep believing! My future plans for next year are to back a young horse who has just turned 3. And to win a couple of rosettes with my Libby. Dreams really do come true..<3

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