2017: The year my horsey dreams come true?

by NessandtheDreamhorse

This is basically fiction. Only, it's based on my life (I guess)...

Part One

"It's 2017 now," I thought as the clock struck 12:00. "Maybe THIS will be the year I start riding, the year I meet an amazing horse and make a friend who loves horses as much as me!"

I had high expectations, some would say too high, but why would I listen to them?

Last year, I had ridden 3 times, and the year before that, I rode twice. My love for horse rarely wavered, and I vowed to myself that I would NEVER forget about horses (like I did with all my other phases).

This was NOT a phase. I refused to give into teenage-hood and start being boy crazy, because horses mattered more, much more!

January was cold and wet so I decided I would start talking about riding lessons to my Mum when the weather got better. In the meantime, I would overindulge myself in horse books, horse movies, horse websites... you get the idea!

I tried to talk to my sister about horses but she wasn't really interested. And whenever I tried to talk to my best friends, Renee and Belle just got annoyed at me!

As we were waiting for the school gates to open, a long line of mounted policemen trotted along the road. I gasped. Most of them were chestnuts but there were one or two beautiful dark bays with a blaze running down their delicate faces.

"The dark bays are so gorgeous!" I exclaimed.

Renee sighed. "You ALWAYS talk about horses, it's SOOO annoying!" She said.

"Yeah." Belle agreed, "No offense but it's true!"

I gave them both a shocked look, "When was the last time I talked about horses to YOU TWO? I DON'T ANYMORE, COS YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT IT! One day, I'll meet someone who actually understands horses, so don't worry, I can talk to them all the time!"

I really needed a horsey friend. Soon enough, the weather got better and I finally decided to ask my Mum about riding lessons!

Can you guess what she said?

She finally said YES! Maybe my horsey dreams will come true this year...

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Oct 11, 2017
by: Horselover06

My friends are always like that. I love horses, they don't.

Jan 31, 2017
by: Sisco'sGal

I love your story! I've got friends like Renee and Belle too, so I totally understand!

Jan 28, 2017
i am so surprised!
by: NessandtheDreamhorse

I can't believe that what I wrote is on here! I kind of forgot about it if I am honest, but when I checked this website this morning I was pleasantly surprised!

Jan 27, 2017
by: MKrider

I really liked your story! I can't wait to read the rest!

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