#1 Horse Fan

by Nicole
( Denton T,X,)

my name is Nicole.I loooooove horses!!!!!!!I don't exactly know why I like horses,I guess It's because I grew up around them.I've never really owned a horse before but my parents think it is a good idea.We just don't know if a little more than one acre is enough fore one full grown horse.Can you tell me if it is?

Oh yeah I have a friend who has run in the one d before and took nineth and she is only eleven. I have run in a barrel race before for my first time and I loved it.The horse took off with me the first time in practice but then I got him under control and did it a second time and did good.

I never really raced but I did the practice that counts right? You know something weird...it is almost as if I can tell what horses are saying,and I can make the most amazing horse sound you have ever heard. It sounds just like a horse!!

p.s.I'm ten and a half and I live in Texas.

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