! i am a horse crazy cowgirl and im not afraid to show it !

by Emily S

I am 11 years old and Ive been riding since i was 6 months old I was born on a horse my mom had me when she was riding a horse and Ive been riding ever since. I ride 6 horses everyday 24/7 365 days a year and Ive always loved horses.I have this gigantic loft full of horse stuff. and my loft isn't the only thing full of horses my bathroom is full of them also. I also have a sad little story but who ever reads this might not think its that sad but whenever I read this our think of this i cry a little,Last January 10th of 2009 my father lost his job we lost everything we had and I didn't think I would ever be able to ride again but it seemed like a miracle happened after 2 months and applying for at least 20 jobs he got one of them he got a job at a horse farm so now i can ride again. but that's not the only thing that happened that made me dread my twin sister died last week (June 15th,2009) I was probably the saddest cause now my sister is gone and i will never see her again she was a good rider. i am a very horse crazy girl. and i think i am a great role model because i teach people how to ride and i show/teach people that you should be kind to your sister your parents and your horse and that you should be kind to your parents even if you are mad at them or if your just plain mad about something. cause your parents support you they give you food and shelter and clothing and last but not least they love you and so does your horse. horses never lie. they love you so.

horse acrostic poem:

Horses rock

Oral creatures

Respect them


Every horse is special

an old sane from a book:

A horse can take you anywhere but a saddle can take you farther.

Horse poem:

My horse came out of my barn.My horse lives on the farm. My horse is the best because I ride it towards the west. That's why my horse is the best.

I know i kind of got off of topic but that's the kind of stuff i like to do when we have to lave town or run errands or something like that. its very fun. I Love Horses and (i am a horse crazy cowgirl and I'm not afraid to show it!).

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