? Horse Crazy ?

by Gabriela

So you want to know why I'm completely kookoo with horses? Well it all started when I was little. About 7 years old to be exact. I fell in love with the movie Spirit.

The movie about a Mustang that did anything to protect his home -- the place he belonged. It was a beautiful movie. I kept watching it and watching it until right this day! And ever since, I fell in love with horses... I think horses have something magical in them. I don't know what it is.

Horses are just so different from all the other animals. And believe me, I'm a true animal lover! I know everything there is to know about these majestic 4-legged creatures. I know I've never owned a horse and won't anytime soon. But that doesn't mean I don't love to learn about them! Ever since my love for horses was born, I felt a weird feeling -- a feeling that pushed me to know more. And so I did my research and over time, I just began to learn everything there is to know.

I still remember those days when I begged my dad to take me to the video game store to buy more horse games. I own more than 20! Now I'm trying to convince them to pay for lessons. I know we can't afford it...so I always dream of buying my own ranch when I get older to own a bunch of horses.

The first time I rode a horse, I was cantering the horse! They said I was great for a beginner! So that's my story. That's why I fell in love with horses and that's why I still am. Although I don't own a horse doesn't mean I can't be horse crazy!

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Dec 15, 2011
by: Rebekah

Maybe you could pay for your own lessons. Some places might let you do them as you get the money. I pay for mine, but I'm lucky enough to have found a place that only charges $25 per lesson.

Jul 27, 2011
Dont't worry you'll get to ride more
by: Anonymous

I'm convincing my parents to pay for lessons too. My mom said she might be able to take me to Queen Creek ever other week for lessons at this ranch. Keep asking and don't worry you'll get to ride more eventually.

Jul 22, 2011
I hope your dream comes true...
by: Anonymous

I hope you can get lessons. they are a blast.
I have a horse but I'm leasing her and I will own her in a month!!! I have been horse crazy for 4 years and I started with a trail ride because my mom did it for her birthday because she used to have a horse named Sonny! and then I started lessons when I was ten and now I'm 13!
my mare is a paint horse and I know the feeling of they have some sort of magic about them.

Oh, and when you (hopefully) get a nice ranch and horses, I would say to get a horse that has been sold and sold, because its fun to watch then go from no personality to full of it, cause they know they have a person hew loves them instead of sell sell sell!

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