Ya Snooze, Ya lose

by Emmalee

This is (unfortunately) a true story!

I own a purebred Arabian mare (Her name is Stylish Celebrity, which is SO like her personality!) and we show at a regional level, so not 4-h.

OK, so here's the story: I was at a show--qualifying for nationals! I had done in-hand the day before, and had to wait until 12:30 to get the results (UGH!) and then, after 5 hours of sleep, me and my mom had to go back to the show!
My instructor/trainer let me sleep in a cot for a couple hours. . .but when someone woke me up there wasn't even an hour until my class!!!! And Stylish wasn't braided or warmed up.

So I quickly got dressed (I was wearing pajamas) and lunged her--for 30 minutes!!!! At this point I was freaking out and Stylish still had energy, but I didn't--couldn't--care. I raced back to the barn where all of my barn's horses were, and quickly brushed and braided her while my mom braided her tail.

We only had five minutes until my class--at least on the schedule. But LUCKILY a horse threw a shoe before a class and then they had to postpone it. I used that time to trot Stylish to the warm-up ring, and had not even ten minutes to warm her up.

Our warm up went perfectly, her gait smooth and agile, her head tucked very neatly; she wasn't fighting the bit at all.

But of course, with my luck, the second my trotted into the ring, she decided her leg was quite itchy. So she stopped COMPLETELY and scratched for a few agonizing seconds until I yanked her head up.

The rest of the class went horribly, with Stylish going either too slow or too fast, and fighting the bit the ENTIRE time.

We didn't place, BUT we made it to nationals for in-hand!


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by: Julianna

Omigosh. That story is hilarious (hope that doesn't offend you) ! But congrats on nationals!
And the part where you say "quite itchy" really makes me laugh hard. I don't know why. But I love your story :)

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