White Oak Stables

White Oak Stables Online Horse Game is a free SIM game where horse crazy girls can learn the responsibility that comes along with taking care of horses, and have fun at the same time. There are three different games that let you breed, show, race, train, and care for your own horses. The community offers games, parties, contests, chat rooms, message boards, story archives, give out lots of free prizes every month, and more.

Give it a try, then be sure to come back and share your tips and reviews. You can also scroll further down the page to read reviews of this game from other horse crazy girls.

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White Oak Stables is the best game! I have been playing it since 2009 and i LOVE LOVE LoVe IT! For those that don`t like it that's because you most …

Wonderful Game! 
I've been a dedicated WOS (English) player since it opened in September of 2001. I love it, and have been addicted since! Those of you who dislike it probably …

i really need a invitation 
i need one to enter the Western section!!!!!!!

white oak stables ! 
I think it's a great game. All horsey people should play it. I've got loads of horses and ponies and it's just like having your one pony. At first i didn't …

uhh hi 
i don't know i just now started....lol...idk... don't make much since at all

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring i couldn't even find the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Horse Game out There :) 
I've been playing White Oak Stables for about a year now and as someone who is around horses a lot in real life I can tell you that it is the best realistic …

im a member 
i will tell you what, im a member and it is confuzing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy. look at me i've been a member for …

Don't Get It 
I just don't get it u can't buy a horse as long as u are a stable owner u can't ride as long u are a jockey u can't trainer as long as u are a trainer …

I'm confused... Can you help? 
I just joined and I like it so far but can you ride them or is there other games that you can actually ride horses?

I think it closed 
I was trying to view it and your link didn't work, so I searched it on google, and that link didn't work either, so maybe it changed or shut down.

A little boring but ok 
I play on the English register and I think it is a great game. It can get boring sometimes because everyday u gotta sign in feed, groom and train, etc …

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HELP! White Oak Stables  
I hate how you have to have a invitation key!!!! Can someone tell me one so i can join please!??

White Oak Stables-Please read even if you don't like White Oak Stables 
White Oak Stables is the best horse game i have found yet. Other horse games that i have found are hard and confusing. All you have to do on WOS (White …

Help!!!!! I REALLY want to play this game!! 
I just can't figure out how to activate my account!!

I dislike White Oak Stables because if your horse is dying and you cant enter it in shows you have no way to earn money if you are broke!!!!!!!!!!!

good horse game

I don't like it one bit!!! In the chat room all the girls are mean and stuck up! are online games meant to be fun???

not very good 
i should look somewhere else 4 good games ! i didn't get it at all i like games where u can like ride ur horse not just say ur horse has just been riding …

WhiteOakStables? Great game! 
Honestly, it is the only game that has been able to hold my attention for more than a few days. Six years, in fact. The people are friendly, and the …

I would not recommend white oak stables to anyone. From the distance it looks like it would be a great game with a great community however it cease's to …

Heather Not rated yet
Spirit, I have 17 horses of my own that I ride all the time and you're right it is fun!

Magic Happens Stables LOVES JADE :)))) Not rated yet
Hey, I am Magic Happens Farms. I am on the racing register. For all of you wondering about western, or WHOA HORSIE. It is not open yet. Jade (WOS owner) …

White Oak Stables Not rated yet
Hi, White Oak Stables is an OK game if you have money. It's hard, rude and very expensive. I would much rather recommend BellaSara or Club Pony Pals.

Spend Your $$$ and Time Elsewhere! Not rated yet
I'd suggest to anyone even considering White Oak Stables to go elsewhere. It used to be decent but I've been watching it slip downhill for some time now. …

AWWWEESSOOMMEE!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I've been playing White Oak Stables for about 2 years in the racing register and it is awesome. I have amazing race horses and each of them make at least …

WhiteOakStables - A Good Game Not rated yet
I love it and it's addicting but I can't figure out how to groom my horse and I want to so badly but I do happen to own 5 horses on the game. Their names …

LOVE WhiteOakStables! Not rated yet
Alright.. For people that don't get it, it's a really easy game and it's alot of fun. I must say it's the safest chatroom EVER! I have made tons of new …

White Oak Stables!  Not rated yet
I think it's an awesome game! It feels like your taking care of real horses because you can train, groom, show, feed, bring your horse to the vet/farrier, …

White Oak Stables, help! Not rated yet
Can you walk around on this game like a world? Sort of like horse isle?

White Okie Not rated yet
White Oak Stables is a fantastic game. Unlike other 3/4 benefits are premium members (pay), this site offers a lot of basic member (free) options and only …

Fun, Exciting, and Realistic! Not rated yet
White Oak Stables is a fascinating game. I've played the English version of the game for close to six years now, and I recommend it to anyone, young …

White Oak Stables Not rated yet
I think the game looks really good. I really want to play it!

White Oak Stables is Fun! Not rated yet
I think White oak stables is a very fun game! I love playing it!

I have noooo idea Not rated yet
Okay well...... I really want a game that you don't have to have an e-mail and all that stuff..... but I just don't know! …

Oak Stables is OK Not rated yet
I started playing seven years ago, when I was seven, but got bored, so I sold off my horses, and quit the game. I came back when I was ten, but then again, …

Taylors review Not rated yet
I think white oak stables is really fun and what do you think?

help????????????? Not rated yet
I have not tried it,but it sounds cool. I do western riding. Any tips?

park side stables Not rated yet
i think it is really good

yo Not rated yet
this game stinks i signed in succesfully and now my cativation code wont come to my email address.

Great Not rated yet
I <3 the game, the english game is so boring so i play racing, its more fun, and the western server isnt even open, Duh

aaahhhh Not rated yet
i love horse but every game i find i have to put email and my mum wont let me hheellpp

Help Not rated yet
when i tryed to join it ignored the button that says i create the account

i havent been ther yet/? Not rated yet
i was reading piper funols book and this was one of the web sits because she i horse mad and i am horse mad so that is how i now.

PLEASE HELP! White Oak Stables Not rated yet
I really want to play but it every time i try to make an account on White Oak Stables it won't load anything. Please tell me if there is a default in the …

Wow...White Oaks Stable Not rated yet
I wish I could give you a proper review of the game but I was trying to join and it wouldn't let me. I clicked the create my account button but it didn't …

Spirit Not rated yet
I love horses and i have always dreamed of owning one. I have a stepsister who does own a horse and i love taking lessons.. Riding horses is my favorite …

BORING Not rated yet
Most boring horse game I ever played

Anyone have a spare Invite for me? Not rated yet
I like REALLY want to play the western but I need an invite. Can someone please send me one? (Fallen - sorry but we can't publish email addresses for …

White Oak stables! Not rated yet
I think its pretty cool because you breed your horses and you can choose your horse and make them have foals (COOL!)

My favorite horse  Not rated yet
My favorite horse has to be Charlie she is such a lovely horse I love riding her she is quite tall though i don't know how many hands she is. …

I LUV THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
ive been playing for 3 years and I LOVE it!! I think the reason you guys can't find it is cause its whiteoakstables.net

Weird... Not rated yet
but fun!

no good! Not rated yet
I don't like it because you can't have the same e-mail address as your mom or dad.

Five Stars! Not rated yet
It is my favorite game on the internet. I have an acount in the racing part. Im a stable owner and think it is worth all five stars. You should really …

Great Not rated yet
It is the best horse game ever you can get as many horses as you like you earn money to buy and sell horses.

I don't like it Not rated yet
Well I am only 11 years old and it won't let me play the game. Also it asked me what the activation code was when it didn't even have a code there so …

I Love White Oak Stables Racing! Not rated yet
Much More Updated than White Oak Stables English Register! I am Fox Trail Farms on WOSR. It is soo easy. I like WOSR better then WOS. It is really …

Help? Not rated yet
Hi! I would like to play this game, but I do not have the key you need to play. would someone give me one. thanks, …

Umm Not rated yet
could someone give me an invitation code I want to play this game

pine hollow stables Not rated yet
i thnk it sooooooo cool lol

Tricks For Great Foals and easy money for WOS Racing Not rated yet
WOSR is a Great game , i have beenn playing white oak stables for a long time, and I have found out that its not that hard after you get the hang of it. …

love it! Not rated yet
english is awesome, racing i don't like at all

boo Not rated yet
this game is so not fun if you want fun with horses go see a real horse i have one and it is so much funner than this dull game

its good Not rated yet
its a pretty good game even though i never figured out how to get a horse,its still a good game!

I Love It! Not rated yet
It sounds really fun!

Link Doesn't work Not rated yet
The link doesn't work for the game. That or it is not loading faster.

WHAT?????????? Not rated yet

Love it!!! Not rated yet
Have been playing for 5 years and it is a great game once you get the hang of it! ...Give it a chance!

ok... but could use Lots of work Not rated yet
This game is boring to me and I only play it because I get bored on the computer. English is the only one I like because Racing u got to find people to …

great! Not rated yet
I think it is sooooooooo fun but i am waiting till the western one is open because i ride western besides it sounds funner than the other ones.

Hmmmm Not rated yet
i dont like it kinda confusing

Ok this game stinks I mean whats the point of playing a "horse game" when you can't even ride your own horse. My horses Always turn out horribly bad temmpered. …

Ummmwell...Its Hard Not rated yet
Arent we all looking for something easy? well this is not i cant even activate my account

I didn't like it! Not rated yet
It was... boring, horrible, hard to figure out... im sorry... but it was

not that good Not rated yet
i dont get it

Best game ever! Not rated yet
Its boss the horses are so cute but could be more realistic x

i luv it Not rated yet
its great for girls that luvv horses.

White Oak Stables Not rated yet
my beast played account- Apple Grove Equestrian on the English Account Hi. My name is Jillian, and I think White Oak Stables is a very fun game. You …

Hard to figure out Not rated yet
I couldn't figure it out and i can figure out in about every horse game

Boring Not rated yet
It's boring.

cooooooooool Not rated yet
its a cool game

pine hollow Not rated yet
it is brill

confusing!!!! Not rated yet

white oak stables Not rated yet

Seriously... Not rated yet
The link that is given is the main page... See those little links that say "English Register" and "Racing Register"? Those take you to the individual registers …

Cool Not rated yet
It is awesome!

boooorrrrrrrrrring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Not rated yet
don't know

horses Not rated yet
It's about horses. Because I love horses.

horse land Not rated yet
its cool

AARR Not rated yet
I have tried loades of game and ALL of them you have to log in to i would give it */5 milly

OK Not rated yet
It's ok, but a bit confusing.

horse1144 Not rated yet

horse Not rated yet
greatest stables ever love it!

hores club Not rated yet
it,s going to be fun

Well, not so good Not rated yet
Well it was really boring. U can't do much... =(

It was okay Not rated yet
It was kinda confusing. But I might go back and play again. I thought my horse was ugly.

Boring Not rated yet

I love White Oak Stables! Not rated yet
A five star game!!!!!!!!!

blagh! Not rated yet
This game was sooo bbllaagghh!!

my review of online horse game White Oak Stables Not rated yet
It is an amazing game it's like having a real horse

EWWWWWW Not rated yet
Who could like it anyway! i mean, iwwwwwwwwwwwww …

yuk Not rated yet
I don't like it

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