uh oh

by hannah
(nebraska , bellevue)

It was the high jump and jolleyrancher had just got a pep talk from me. Our names were called.! i knew he was stressed he dosen't like the high jump! so i gave him his fave jolleyrancher (blueberry) yumm.!

he was ready to go we had to go right then we went over the first two jumps and the third jump he bucked me off like a bucking bronco i went flying in to the audience face planting in to horse crap!!!! crap !!! i screamed it totally was embarrassing

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by: abby albrecht

Thats happened to me on my pony jumper teddy. He kicked out over the jump and I went flying off hard. I actually broke my arm too.

by: Sophie

That reminds of when I was at a horse show and i made a doggie pile on top of my friends and they threatend to throw me in horse manure! GROSS!

by: Claire

Ouch! THat must have hurt! And it was probably gross too!

by: Christina

That happened to me before too! I felt sooo stupid! lol.

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