Two-timer who is very VERY nervous

by Cowgirl in a dressage cap

Okay, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I get show nerves really badly. At my most recent show, I almost took a wrong turn in my dressage test. I still placed third, but there were only six people in that class, so I'd like anybody who has hints on how to get rid of or at least calm my nerves to please share them.
-Cowgirl in a dressage cap

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Trust your horse
by: Melaina-Joy

I have two rescue ponies and because they were abandoned or abused when they were younger they need someone to love and trust (me) ...

Your horse might not be a rescue but still loves and trusts you, if you put your full trust in him and have faith he will look after you and help you along, you wont need to be nervous when you and your horse are in the same "zone" at shows (this can also improve the bond between you two) :D x

by: wolfie

Talk to your horse.Let it out.

Me too!!
by: Allie

Me too...I can't eat I get so nervous.

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