Tiger, My Favorite Quarter Horse

by Reina
(Kansas, USA)

Tiger and I've known each other since fall of 2010. He lives at my mom's friends house, which is half a mile away from here. I go see him when my mom allows me. But some of my trips there have been cancelled do to bad weather.

Tiger is a 27 year old Quarter Horse stallion. He was raised in Idaho. He is a light bay with a white blaze going down his forehead.

I take care of him sometimes and he likes it when I brush him. One day during last winter I went and was going to walk him on his lead rope and he hit me so hard in the cheek (one on face). That he made me cry but then I forgave him and we are still good friends. :)

Update: I made some halters for him out of cotton rope. His owner was happy. Last time I saw him was 2 weeks ago when I went to go see him and the wheat harvesters were down there too.

If I get a horse my mom said I have to take him/her down to Tiger's pen cause his owners or the person that owns the land won't charge us.

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