The Scary Halloween Show

by Alex B.
(Bradenton, FL, USA)

Alex riding Daisy in horse show

Alex riding Daisy in horse show

I was riding a pony named Daisy. This was October 26 2007. I was in the Halloween show.

At the end of the day there is a Halloween contest where people dress up their ponies.You can ride them or walk them on lead ropes. I rode Daisy in the contest. People and their ponies were in scary costumes. It was her first time in it, and mine too.

There was a scary costume that spooked Daisy. She started galloping and bucking. She through me off and into the fence. My trainer made me get back on her but my friend Scarlett walked us in the contest on a lead rope. After one trip around she started rearing. I got off and my trainer told me to give Daisy to her.

Well, that's my story about my horse show. IT IS A TRUE STORY.


P.S. This is a picture from the horse show. I don't have one in costumes because my Mom's computer is having problems, but if we can get it I will add it.

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by: Alex

i don't have a picture, but we were dressed up as army people.

by: Claire

Uh.... what happened? You went home? That is SOOOOOOOO sad. Are you ok??!!!!!!!! POOR YOU!

by: Anonymous

i love your other pic of daisy and you! i already told u but that looks just like the horse i ride! type back!

by: Megan

Yeah! Tell us what costume! Send a pic like Sydney said! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase?

by: Sydney

That's a great story. How were you and Daisy dressed up? Send a pic!

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