The day that i won the juinior girl rider on my horse

by Hanna

My horse is a show horse so I do a horse show like nearly every weekend. I have a really good horse called lana. Her show name is Sanlirra Just Heaven and she is a aby riding pony mare. I love her to bits but anyway back to the story last weekend Lana and I went to allora show. Alorra is near warick qld. I got there at about 4.30am in the morning and suprisingly it was reasonbly warm when we arrived in the morning. At the show I got a first in all my classes exept for one whitch was the part bred arab because when I was cantering around and aroung and then I got asked to do an lengthend stride and a picece of mud went flying out of her hoof and hit her in the stomach. I had a fantactic day

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