The Best and Saddest Day for Alexis

by Brenda
(oklahoma city)

It was 3 weeks before my cousin Alexis' b-day. She called me on day and she was very sad and she said that her horse had died from a colic in the middle of the night so alexis told me if i could come over to make her company. Her horse Dreamer was a 15hh appalossa stallion.

Alexis thought it was one of her most saddest b-days she told me she didn't wanted anything else in her life but a horse. I told my cousin Abby that we had to look for a less expensive horse for Alexis. Abby told me that her friend had a horse of 14hh and was also an Appalossa that looked like dreamer that he didn't want him anymore.

We went with Abby's friend Carlos. We told him the story of what had happen to alexis he told us that he has good conformation and he would sell him for 50 dollars caues he already wanted to get rid of him right away he also gave us his papers.

It was now 1 week and 2 days before Alexis' birthday. I kept the horse at my ranch in on of my stables. Abby and I looked at his papers he was a stallion and his name was Stormy.

Abby and I went to a trail. I went with stormy and abby went with her horse Jazzman. We wanted to know if the horse was safe on the streets too. Stormy was 100% safe.

It was now 3 day befor alexis birthday. Alexis was going to make a party at her ranch outside she send invitations by mail. It was made by hand it said "your invited to my party" it had a pretty horse inside it. We groomed Stormy really good and her also had a good wash. We were all ready for the party

When she opened her presents we said "Wait that's not all the presents than I brought stormy to her she could'nt talk. Then she said "Is that dreamer?" "No this is Stormy. Happy birthday here are his papers. He's 100% safe for you." She hugged so hard me and abby.

Alexis had the best day of her party days.

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Mar 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

look when you click on appaloosa there are breyers cool!!!!!!!!!(:right (:

Aug 08, 2012
thank you
by: brenda

thank you horse crazy friends for the good comments you write. it really made me happy that you liked it. :)

Jun 09, 2012
thats awsome but sad
by: Alexis

that's so awesome but sad cuz my names Alexis too and my mare had a colt but, she didn't clean the afterbirth from it and it smothered. we where at school when it happened yet the thing is it was an appaloosa too!

Apr 28, 2012
i wish
by: alex

i wish i had a cousin who would do this for me! i've never had a horse but i've asked for one every year for christmas and my birthday!

Jul 18, 2011
Soo Sweet!
by: Anna M.

I'm sorry for your loss. That was the perfect gift for her! Congratulations!

Jul 17, 2011
Diva and Storm7
by: Sydney

Your cousin is lucky to have you...and Stormy! It's a sweet story.

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