Tell me if this is bad...

by Jacinta

Well, we have 4 horses and none of them are mine. Rocky a light bay Thoroughbred who is silly, a dark bay standardbred who I also can not ride, rooster my sister's horse, Montana a blacky, brown standardbred and my mum's horse indianna who I ride who is a medium bay clydie cross.

I understand a whole lot of horsecrazy girls would love having 4 but even though I'm a beginner, intermediate, whenever, I ride indianna. I slump (I believe it's because she is so lazy) though it just feels so wrong riding her, me as a cross country lover adore just going out there. But sadly, she just doesn't feel right. When I got to ride Montana who has a lot of energy and she just wanted to go. My position was correct, I get a strong grip when she cantered off, I'd pull her up when she just went off.

When I took indi to pony club for the first time and for the first time she was, hyped up she did a bronco in front of a jump and I stayed on pulling her up. She shied in dressage, tried bolting, I stayed on pulling her up every time even though I'm a beginner who still can't completely jump, I seem to enjoy riding eager horses.

.............................. I have tried explaining it to my parents that I need to have a different horse. I love indianna I truly do but can anyone give me advice? :0

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May 22, 2016
Horse Breeds For You
by: Anonymous

If you love cross country, you should probably get an Arabian or Thoroughbred, perhaps an Anglo-Arab (a cross between an Arabian and a Thoroughbred).

To convince your parent[s] or guardian[s] that you are ready for your OWN horse, explain how you feel riding your Mum's horse. Try helping out with some jobs around the house and the stables to show you are responsible enough.

Sep 05, 2015
by: Jacinta

Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a go, I can say we've got an Arabian (possibly cross) but he's not mine and he's a foal. Due to school my riding has decreased but once I get over an operation I'll have lots of time to ride Indi and Sadley since Montana is now unrideable. I can't ride her so wish me luck.

Dec 18, 2013
Helping out
by: Morgan

This confused me a little. I don't completely get what you mean by "she doesn't feel right" but I'm gonna try helping you out anyway. I think you slump on Indie because she is more normal to you. You should ride all of the horses, get used to all kind of riding ways. You may just feel bored of one riding type and might want to start a new.

Oct 26, 2013
Problem solved
by: bay27mustang

Listen up. Your problem needs sorting. Tell your parents that they need to think about the problem. You need a horse that you can ride instead of just helping out. I have 3 horses, splash my dads, murphy my mums, falcon, mine and 2 ponies wallace and grommit. I persuaded my parents to get falcon at a open day 4 years ago.

May 09, 2013
Sounds like you need a horse! :D
by: Lauren

I would say that you need a horse. If you can handle all of what you said you did than you are definitely ready! For a breed I would suggest an Arabian! :3 They tend to get pretty spunky and energetic! You just need to be extra nice around the house! :D
If you can't get your own horse then I'm not sure what to do... Don't you hate it when your in a pickle!? UGH I know how you feel!

Jan 29, 2013
i'll try
by: writer

Thanks katie, I'll give it a go! thanks:-)

Jan 24, 2013
by: Katie

have you tried just trotting for a long time to wear the hyper ones? you need to trot, really relaxed around jumps and things. Make sure your ENTIRE back is relaxed, and even try sitting trot. it does not matter if you slouch. Just RELAX and move with your horse. you may be sitting with your stomach tight. When you do sitting trot, move your stomach with your horse, and that may help :)

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