Star Stable

by Sydney

I was excited to learn about Star Stable and I immediately went to their website to play it. I had a little trouble downloading it to my PC, but once I did I was glad I gave it a try.

When you first begin your adventure in this awesome new interactive horse game you get to design your very own character, and select your character’s name. You then get to name and select the horse you will get to ride. There is a good selection of colors available.

You’ll be riding English and you get to jump. While you do take care of your horse, I am not sure if you tack it up. You have to go by real days so I haven’t done everything on it.

In this fun game you get to travel to an island for the summer where the barn you are training at is facing the prospect of being destroyed. You have to help the owner keep it up and running. To do that you will complete challenges and when you do, you get money and experience points.

You can go to or Facebook to download it and begin the adventure.

You can play a limited version for free but there are upgraded versions which are available for a monthly charge and you can use real money to buy additional items. This game's graphics are not the best but they are pretty good.

Have you played StarStable yet? Please be sure to share your reviews and tips in the comments below.

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Jul 28, 2015
Best game in history of games
by: Lily

Started yesterday... BEST GAME EVER!!!

Jul 25, 2015
About The Bucket
by: Kara

You see the bucket in your inventory. You click and drag to the well then you drop it when the outline of it turns green.

Jul 24, 2015
Awesome Game!
by: Anonymous

I think this game is one of the best. The graphics are really good and the story line is awesome.

Jul 21, 2015
If only the whole game was free
by: Kajsa

My mum has no idea i am playing it. So how do I get the full version? It's really fun and my mum can't afford the game Star Stable :(

Jul 17, 2015
by: Mia

Best game ever! I play this game every day and I am the highest level! I would recommend this game to any horse lover, as it also made me decide to start riding IRL!

Jul 06, 2015
star rider
by: holly puppytree

I hate this star rider thing! My mum promised that she will buy me star rider and now I am just sad and I do all the races and I don't play the game that day anymore :(

Jul 04, 2015
I love it
by: Anonymous

I think star stable is the best game i have ever played. I am a star rider right now and it's amazing. You should totally play it.

Jun 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I don't like how you can only have 50 people in club. I think it should be 100 people and not 50 people just for friends it should be 100 people that can be friends and the group only has 5. I don't like that it should be 15 people in group that is what I think but any way I love the game it is fun.

Jun 27, 2015
Star Stable is the best horse game I have ever played
by: Anonymous

Star Stable is a amazing 3d horse game with lots of quests. At first it seems like every day situations and normal horse racing (but it's still fun) but you will soon find out something fishy is going on.
What I like about Star Stable is that you do stuffs. In most horse games you just click on buttons, but in Star Stable you actually ride your horse, you have an adventure. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes horses, but you need to be a star rider to progress past level 5. I have found no major glitches, and on day seven and eight things get very interesting.

* * * * * - Five stars

Jun 24, 2015
by: Bella

I have a problem with logging in and it says that there was a problem with the sever, I checked my internet, no bugs, no loss of connection. I don't get it. Someone help me!

Jun 20, 2015
I wish
by: Sarah

Why is everyone a star rider but I'm not a star rider? I wish I can just be a star rider forever and buy horses 3:< this will never happen. My mom doesn't want to buy me. Q_Q

Jun 20, 2015
Star Stable is Amazing!
by: Horsey

I love Star Stable! It's definitely worth the money. It updates every week. I play it all the time. There are loads of different horses and places. I definitely recommend it to horse lovers!

Jun 14, 2015
Best Horse Game on the Internet
by: Sara

*****-5 Stars
Star Stable is a highly addictive and fun to play game. You get to explore the big 3D world of Jorvik on the back of your very own horse and complete quests in the never-ending, yet intriguing story line. You also get to race in races and try to beat other players' times, as well as jump. I do not have my own horse in real life and this wonderful game gives me the thrill of owning one.
The only downsides are that you have to download the game onto your computer and that you must purchase a Star Rider membership to continue to play after level 5. However, the Star Rider membership is reasonably priced compared to other games.
Overall,this is by far the best horse game I've ever played, with stunning graphics, too. I highly recommend this for all horse lovers of all ages.

Jun 01, 2015
by: SSO Codes!

This Game is Great! I really want to become a star rider! I am saving up! Oh and by the way there are several codes you can enter: The two that I know that works are:

SUMMER200--- You get 200 star coins! :D


STARGIFT (I think this one is for star riders only) but you get a shirt or something. :)

May 29, 2015
Star Stable the best!
by: Anonymous

I found this game very accurate as I ride an actual horse! It is very realistic and it never gets old.

May 27, 2015
Best Game
by: Amanda Shadowweb

Star stable is one of the most realistic and amazing horse games ever, its is suitable for almost any age and provides fun quests and the opportunity to indulge in fun conversations with new people!

I think if you're looking for a good horse game and haven't tried star stable yet, you're mad!

I am a level 15 lifetime star rider and although it was $ 59.99 it was worth it. But I would recommend only buying month membership if you're only just into the game in case you loose passwords or forget accounts.

I rate it: ***** ~ 5 Stars. It really Is a must play.

Although I'm American, I am on server Cupcake Valley (EN2) So please, if you're new and are on this server, add me! I would love to help you get into the game and make new friends!

~ Amanda Shadowweb (Member since Star Stable's Opening in 2012)

May 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

If you want to be friends with me add me I'm Scarlett Puppyrock.

May 18, 2015
My Review of Star Stable
by: Anonymous

If you're looking for a really realistic horse sim, go elsewhere. SSO has lots of fantasy elements, such as magic powers, animals speaking etc.

I've been playing on the Australian server on and off since it's released, there are times when I get bored, but I always come back after a break addicted all over again.

When you start you get to create your character and horse, you start with basic gear but you can buy better clothes and tack as you advance or even get them through quests.

You can house up to 10 horses in your stable, but you can have an unlimited amount, though if you want more then 10 you must send some to 'Horse Island' but you may bring your horse back anytime as long as you have space in your stables.

The game has a very in depth storyline as well as many side-quests. It's your choice to do the quests or just to enjoy the beautiful 3D world of Jorvik.

Updates are every week with new things being added each time, such as quests, clothes for your rider, horse tack, new locations and even brand new horse breeds.

You can train your horse in daily races to get them ready for the Championships, but to win there you need a high level horse and good gear to boost up your stats, and remember it takes practice to get used to all the courses and their shortcuts.

There is a couple of chat options in-game. Say , Friend, Global, Group and Club.

Say is pretty much only those near you can see.

The others are pretty obvious.

This game is enjoyable for all ages, I'm 19 and love this game for my pastime and to get away from the stress college puts onto me. Plus I don't have a real horse of my own and this lets me live my dream without all the costs the real thing has.

The only downside is you do have to pay to fully enjoy the game, but it is playable for free.

Star Stable is not going to be a game for everyone, but if you like horses and want to explore a 3D world instead of just clicking webpages they are calling a 'game' give this a a try. Just check if your computer can handle it or it will lag or not run at all.

SSO really is an enjoyable game, maybe a bit childish but I am looking at this from an adults point of view and this game is not targeted for my age group to begin with, I'm in that time of my life everyone goes through where these kind of things are childish.

But I love it none the less, I often just pop on for a minute then look up to see hours have passed. 5 stars

May 13, 2015
Almost to level 16!
by: Anonymous

I am so excited to almost be level 16! I am on the Raspberry Valley Server if you want to be my friend on SSO :3 My SSO name is Rosemary, but I go by Rose ;) I would love to get to know you guys. comment here, if I am not online at the time i will definitely write back!

May 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I play Sara Diamondheart. I use to be on the server Wind Star, but I moved to Night Star. i'm wanting to move back, but it's full. So right now I'm on Night Star. I'm on level 14.

Apr 28, 2015
by: CHEYbeelove

I'm edging to level 16, if you want to be my friend, I am on night Star, Am in the Army and My SSO name in Rosalie Eagleknight!!! If i am offline, message me and i will shoot you a message back :)

Apr 19, 2015
The girl that loves HORSES the most. And star stable.
by: jane right

I love love love horses. They are my fave animals. And playing star stable makes me feel relaxed. And when I'm all pumped up, and crazy, I play star stable. But right it won't go as fast as its supposed to go. Sometimes it makes me really sad when I can't play. Its still installing right now! And hopefully it finishes soon or I'm going to be really sad for a long time:( Well, this is for all the horse lovers, and if you are reading this just this second and you don't have one, GET ONE! :) Thanks for reading my comment. Hope you enjoyed. And if you want to add my one snapchat comment here And that's it. Thanks!

Apr 15, 2015
by: Nora Silentstorm

this game is so amazing plz add meh XD:P

Apr 07, 2015
Failed Payment
by: Anonymous

I love this game a lot! But I have tried 4 times to get star rider with a visa but it keeps failing! I don't know what to do because my mom doesn't have a different credit card. I have contacted customer support but it's been 3 days and they haven't responded. Please help!

Apr 06, 2015
Star stable
by: Ellie Lightningmountain

I'm near level 15 :D

Mar 28, 2015
by: Tove Lightninghaven

The whole part about Moorland being destroyed and over-run by G.E.D. is true, but the whole game isn't just on that. G.E.D. goes everywhere. and it's not just about saving farms/stables/cities such as Moorland. There are many other amazing adventures in StarStable as well. -not giving any spoiler alerts xD-

Mar 24, 2015
by: annabelle

i would love to play but can you do me a little favor? no email please my dad and mom are always busy they can't do it.

Mar 20, 2015
by: Sasha Winterhaven

I love this game! I've been playing it a lot and it's awesome! I'm actually playing it right now.

Mar 18, 2015
by: Ellie LightningMountain

Hello, I love this game so much. Everyday I play it, my user is Ellie Lightning mountain. I am near level 14:P And BTW YOU CAN'T GIVE PEOPLE HORSES!

Mar 16, 2015
by: tar

please give me a free horse. help

Mar 15, 2015
best game
by: Emily


Mar 14, 2015
Jacqueline Deercamp
by: Anonymous


Mar 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

There are no words it is just amazing game try it you have to. I was looking online to see If there was this really good game that i would fall in love with and then i found this game i searched it up on youtube and i was like :O i need this game so i downloaded it and it was just like I expected it to be AMAZING. You get to play up to level 4 then you can explore the rest of the game you still get to play but you can't do quest you get star rider. star rider is when you are like VIP you can jump and go to different places and do some more quest there are also different horses you can buy with star coins. btw, the coins are the blue coins in your inventory. You need a email or gmail to get it Yes you have to download it but its really really worth IT. you can also talk to ppl on the game real ppl also be safe about it. you have to confirm your email again to talk tho on the top right corner of your screen. You are also anonymous so you can be safe they are updates in the game once in a while and you can feed your horse everyday to make it happy you can participate in races and complete a certain amount of quest everyday. when you race your horses level goes up which makes your horse go faster and like the same when you do quest your person or player goes up as well which makes your horse go faster as well. I'm brooklyn that's my name on star stable I hope this inspired you to try this game its just amazing, friend me on star stable if you wish i have a youtube channel if you want to see more of star stable. I'm a star rider on this game you can buy it when you sign in it is the first thing that pops up :P and probably thinking why would ppl waste their money on this game try it and you will find out ;P. see you on the trails star stable would say.

Mar 03, 2015
Payment Fail
by: Anonymous

Well, i can help yesh peeps! When the payment fails means that you type something wrong. Just try again :) You can see yesh bank account/phone account to see if they took money from you (They don't do dat but just for the case)! Hope it helps! My payment failed 8 times but on the 8 it accept :D Btw the VISA card don't work with them. Use the Paypal part if u have only VISA card :3 (Sorry for killing yesh language cause i'm brazilian :D)

Mar 01, 2015
Star Stable
by: Nikki Brown

This game is amazing i love it! If you need friends add me! Scarlett Puppyrock you love the game as much as everyone else!

Feb 27, 2015
love it
by: Anonymous

i love star stable! best game ever in my opinion.

Feb 17, 2015

I LOVE THIS GAME! IT IS AMAZING! You guys have to try this, once you make it so that you are a star rider, you get to jump and complete quests. It's not like those other games, you get to control the horse with your key board! you can also get off of your horse. You can buy more horses and ride them and take them out from your stable when ever you want to! The updates are amazing, for a limited time only, you have to check the star stable news! You guys have to get star coins, they cost only a little bit of money... But!! They always commonly have double star coins weekends, and you can double your star coins and get the double amount of star coins! Also, Yes this works with the lifetime star rider too!

Feb 14, 2015
Best download ever
by: Emily Jacobs

love this game you should try it, but sometimes it glitches but still great game and once you reach level 4 it's not free anymore.

Feb 09, 2015
How I feel bout SSO
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I love star stables BUT for one thing when you fall off a small cliff of whatever, it causes your horse to "jump" up in the air and it doesn't let you control your horse for so long. That really annoys me. Yes they do have good graphics and I love that. I do have to say that the boards beside the stables should give your player points but it does give you money. Not a lot the money builds up if you don't spend it like I do, Don't ask. Haha. And today: 2/9/15 the sight was down for me but my friend was able to get on her sso account. That's messed up! I can't explain how fun it is other than those things I pointed it out. I do play another horse game called Horseland. My name on there would be: ||Reflection|| She's Country
Now, the Reflection part will always stay the same. She's country part may change. Depends on how old this will be once someone like you read this. :P Done blabbering here. Ciya

Feb 08, 2015
Best game ever!
by: Anonymous

It is the best game ever! If u haven't already tried it out u should look into trying it, it is so cool I play it every day!

Feb 08, 2015
by: Best horse lover ever

Hi, i have just started this game on 8/2/15 and it 7s great. By the way in real life me and my bff saved two gypsycvanner horses and started coming to see them weekly. My point is please do the same don't stay on star stables all of the time go out on an adventure in the woods or somewhere and see if there is any horses/ponies/donkeys you can rescue. So please understand my point. You don't know how much the horse/pony/donkey would thank you if they could talk.

Feb 05, 2015
Best thing I ever downloaded
by: Lovisa Sweetheart

I love Star Stable. I love it so much I play it every single day. Yes, I may be addicted but once I went an entire month without it and my heart was pounding everyday though I was fine. I'm not a Star Rider on it but if I love it so much without it if I were a Star Rider it would be so amazing even more. If you can buy me a Lifetime or some other membership leave comment here.

Feb 04, 2015
Hope this helps!
by: Nicole Wolfmoutain (sso name)

So i been playing for 3 years, and i'm level 20, And i hope this helps if you have any probs:
My game froze, What can i do to fix it without restarting my laptop/desktop? Press the start key on your keyboard, this will bring you to your main screen and it will show to ask you if you want to save it, you don't have to, and just cancel everything, then just get on the game again! :)
I want to upgrade my acc but it won't let me because of payment, Well i'm not to clear on that but here are some tips: Mail star stable, if they don't respond look for some of the comments or questions people ask on the site it self and if that doesn't help it might be your card, if your card is fine and works on other sites then i don't really know sorry! <3
Those are the main big things that go wrong with people when they are on, hope it helps!

Jan 30, 2015
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (did i say i love it)
by: Rose Ponydawn

Hey I am level 15 and I have 7 horses. BEST GAME EVER! It is also the best and biggest horse game this is a true fact it has over 8,000 players.

Jan 28, 2015
by: Klaudia Rainstorm

OMG this game i have been playing it for a year now i think and its awesome i would say its the best horse game ever made. i did have some trouble when i got star coins but i sent sso a letter and they cleared it right up and pretty much all i have to say other than this is the best game i have ever played. if you want to friend me comment here and i'm on the cupcake server :)

Jan 27, 2015
by: Jessica

an amazing game great graphics but annoying that you have to become a star rider to play on from free play other than that EPIC!

Jan 25, 2015
payment failure
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with the payment failure. I have sent SS two emails, one a week ago, but no response. My daughter keeps begging me to upgrade her. Can someone please help!

Jan 20, 2015
Star Stable
by: Katarina Silentpaw

It works fine on my laptop. It sometimes freezes but I click Ctr-Alt-Del and open Task Manager and close the game and then play it again. It starts from the same place you froze at. Hope that helps! Add me if you want. My name on SS is Katarina Silentpaw. Thank you.

Jan 19, 2015
Payment Failure???
by: Mia Orangepaw

So I've been playing star stables for almost a week now and I've decided it's a good enough game for me to want to buy a membership...well, every time my grandma and I try to pay for a 3 month, it tells us payment failed. We put everything in correctly and there is definitely enough money. We sent S.S. support an email but it's been almost 3 business days and they still haven't replied. Did we do something wrong? Please help if you can :)

Jan 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Whenever I log off of star stables then log back on I have to redownload it! I cant wait hours everyday just to play the game and I don't know why it wont permenantly download to my laptop! what do I do?!?!?!?

Jan 17, 2015
by: crystal eveningbaker

sometimes when i play the game, it freezes and then i have to turn my computer off fully. i really like this game.does this happen to everyone? also i am a level 11 with 2 horses so add me if u want

Jan 13, 2015
Help needed
by: .

Ok, so I REALLY want to play this game but I have a Chromebook laptop and I am NOT ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD FROM THE INTERNET! and I do not know how I can play
(I do NOT have a windows or mac pc)

Please help (Not on star stable though!)


Jan 10, 2015
help PLEASE!!!!!
by: HorseCrazyGirl

Hey y'all! :D I'm Lauren on Star Stable!
I'm CRAZY 'bout horses! I tried becoming a lifetime star rider but, its NEVER working.... D':
if any of y'all wanna help me I'd LOVE that so, if you can help me please comment here I'm Lauren on SSO (Star Stable Online)


Jan 10, 2015
Star Stable
by: I LOVE STAR STABLE!!!!!!! :D

I LOVE Star Stable! Its AWESOME! There's only ONE problem ONLY FREE TIL' LEVEL 4 then you got to become a Star Rider for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or lifetime! :( I can't become a Star Rider 'cause you pay REAL money.... D:
BUT, for y'all who thinks I'm making it sound like its not a good game its REALLY AWESOME!

Jan 07, 2015
i love it
by: cowgirl

i love SSO i play it everyday i also always take care of them. I LOVE THIS GAME ROCKS

PS cowgirl

From Sydney at

Any tips you want to share!?

Jan 06, 2015
it not doing the stuff on my compter
by: alessiastarpony

It is not happening on my computer.. i have Windows 7 and I live in Texas.

Comment from

Can you be more specific? Are you having trouble downloading it or signing in? It's not our game but there are girls on here who may be able to give you a suggestion.

Jan 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

One day I saw the first beautiful horse and her name was Genger. She rode so good but one day she fell because it was raining and it was my first time riding her and I did not know a lot of stuff about horses.

Love, London


Dec 30, 2014
Why isn't it working
by: Anonymous

Why won't Star Stable work every time i click it it says ''The server at the moment is unavailable. Please come back later'' so i can't play it's really annoying.

Dec 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

Star stable is the beeeeeest!!!!!! i luv it.

Dec 29, 2014
Game is down
by: Anonymous

Today which is December 29th star stable seems to be down. Whenever I try to click the play now button or log on it says "your server is currently unavailable" I hope I am not the only one experiencing this. But, otherwise Star stable is awesome!

Reply from Sydney at

I wonder if it is because everyone who is off for the holidays is trying to play!

Dec 29, 2014
by: Lily Catstar

I love the game. But sometimes when you hit the "Play Now" button, it says: "Your server is currently unavailable". That's what's happening for me now. Also the "Switch Server" button hardly ever works. My server, which is Wind Star one of the North American servers, is down.

Dec 28, 2014
this game is just... AMAZING!
by: Ruby Waterfall

omg... just omg the first day I started playing this game I fell in love with it (lol that sounds weird) this is the best horse game in the history of games, I tried playing my horse club but there were some issues (not with my laptop the game, but only for me!?) So i found an ad for this game ''star stable'' and liked it SO much!!! I'm now level 16 have 10 horses including the fjord, Frisian, the white Andalusian and the brown with a black mane Andalusian a jorvik pony, my starter horse the white horse from silverglade equestrian center (you know the starter horse looking one) an arabian a tinker horse and a north Swedish horse!This game is amazing!!!!!!!!
Feel free to friend me on star stable i'm Ruby Waterfall

Dec 27, 2014
want to be a star rider...
by: Anonymous

Id like to be star rider but my parents wont give me to get full acces to very sad because of that..i cant calim my code like to be star rider only because of friesian sport like him very much...


Dec 27, 2014
by: Katie (Elsa Starpaw)

I've been playing Star Stable for about a year now, and I love it! But about 6 months ago, I tried to log on to my windows computer and a white screen comes up and says, "We're sorry, this page is unreachable at this time." or "This page can not be accessed at this time.". I've tried reaching the website by going on Google, typing star stable in the search bar, and reaching it that way, but the same thing happens. (the white screen) I've tried restarting my computer and uninstalling the game, but nothing works. So I was very excited to receive my new Samsung Chromebook Laptop for Christmas, assuming I would be able to play Star Stable on it, but I now know that Star Stable on it. I emailed SSO HQ a few days ago but they've yet to respond.
Please, help? -Katie (Elsa Starpaw) (username) :)

Dec 27, 2014
payment failure
by: Anonymous

After filling out all the info areas it come back payment failed. Why?

I know the card works. any help will be appreciated.

Dec 26, 2014
Help - Dino Valley Quest
by: Anonymous

For the Dino Valley quest "Water, Water everywhere. Literally everywhere" I can't find the water source. Can anyone help me?

Dec 25, 2014
by: Montana

i need help! i just created my account, and it wont let me chat! it says i need to verify my email. i got the email from them, and when i click on the link it takes me back to the page where it tells you to resend. what should i do??? thanks!!!
Montana Wolfdawn (user name) :)

Dec 25, 2014
Help me please!
by: Ambi

I just got a chromebook and I really want to play star stables on it. can you help me download it?

Dec 22, 2014
by: Jade

I am on a mac and it says my internet connection is bad and it wont start up! I have restarted my laptop and redownloaded the game. I really want to play. Is any one else having these issues? maybe it is just their server?

Dec 22, 2014
STAR STABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Rose Ponydawn


Dec 21, 2014
Proxy error?
by: Ingrid


P.S buddy the name is Ingrid

Dec 19, 2014
by: Elaine

tren hesten din, den da får du høgre lvl

Reply from Sydney at

I put this through google translate and it said "tren your horse, it then you get higher lvl."

So I assume in English you're saying, "train your horse and you will get to a higher level." Is that right?

Where are you from Elaine? So glad you stopped by!

Dec 19, 2014
its not working
by: brasha

hello my name is brasha and star stables is not working for me and i really love this game please help me to work this out i really really love horses and i really love this game i can't live without it please help me i don't know what to do...

Reply from Sydney at

Can you be specific about the problem you're having? Maybe one of us can help you figure out what's going on. Also are you on a PC or Mac? Computer or tablet?

Dec 18, 2014
Love It But Why
by: Daisy

I love Star Stable but why did it have to not work? Come on Star Stable is my life say Daisy if you agree I know I do BTW have two more 1 is Juliette Eveningcake 2 is Lucy Lionlee Happy as can be (i love star stable) #lol swag

Dec 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

All those comments by me....was not me.. O.o Just saying -Ellen

Dec 15, 2014
by: lindsey

i think that this the best horse game in the whole world because you get to chat to friends and make new ones with different people. You get to see all the different kinds of horses and my favorite part was when it gets to christmas because its all snowy and white just like my horse. I just love the game so much its the best and i have a friend that's in my school name pepper and she plays on here too and she is my friend and we chat all the time on the game.

Dec 13, 2014
Wild Horse
by: Diana Pandason

I want to be a wild Horse how do i do that???😁

Dec 13, 2014
by: kate lowpaw

star stable is the best online horse game in the WORLD if you haven't tried it yet i recommend you do. you can have as many horses as you like and they come in some amazing colours! I LOVE STAR STABLE!

Dec 11, 2014
by: Zoe Starbridge


Dec 07, 2014
I love it
by: Anonymous

star stable is the best game in the world!

Dec 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I Love this game so much, great graphics, you can own as many horses as you want but the only thing is that you have to pay to get the full version. But it's totally worth it.

Dec 03, 2014
I can't get on
by: Laile skepie

Can y'all plz help me I can't get on my account and it is very fun so plz help me plz and I love this game and I wish I can play it now and have 100,999 star coins. XD

Dec 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

OMG OMG STAR STABLE IS SO AWESOME!!! but im very mad today because it does not let me play star stable:( i'm not a star rider yet so its very boring but i am saving up for a life time YAY:)

Nov 27, 2014
by: Star stableStella



Nov 26, 2014
by: Aurora Diamondland

I have a question! Is Christmas free star rider here for 2014? I luv and adore this game and without i can't LIVE!!! Thanks for supporting star stable and by the way there are hackers and stop anyone who downloads cheats or hack tools for other people and buy star rider not hack star stable!!!!

Nov 24, 2014
by: Charlotte Silvergirl

I am not a star rider... D: its sooooooo boring without beiang a star rider. I hope there is a free star rider code or someting. PLEASE HELP ME!

Nov 22, 2014
can you help?
by: isabella fastweb

hey umm does anyone know how to rotate your camera on a mac WITHOUT a mouse?

Nov 22, 2014
by: Horselover

omg omg omg!!! i love this game! since my old laptop got a virus we got a new one. I was so happy until star stable wouldn't work. I would log in and everything would be installed and when I went to open the stables it just stayed in the same postion... :( im so upset cause I heard free star rider week is coming up... or has it passed? I dunno! NUUUU WHY STAR STABLE!

Nov 21, 2014
The best
by: Anonymous

I love star stable so so so much! It's so much fun and it's the best game ever. I can't wait for Dino land. Also my name is Naomi Cloudnight and Tigerknight. Also I can't chat.

Nov 21, 2014
Love it
by: Julia Misthill

I love this game it's awesome. I'm level 16 with 7 horses about to get my 8th. The newest horse (the Jorvik Swedish one) and Dino Valley is amazing!!!

I love the quests with the druids (All done with my training :) ) I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!!

Comment from Sydney at

That's great! We'd love to hear some of your best tips. :)

Nov 19, 2014
cant see my friends chat or her and her horse.
by: Anonymous

I was playing with my friend until suddenly I couldn't see her chat. Then I couldn't see her horse. I've emailed star stable but they haven't got back to me yet. I need a fix to this problem. (I'm not ignoring her and shes not ignoring me.)

Reply from Sydney at

I don't know why that's happening. Can any of our readers suggest a fix?

Nov 19, 2014
by: Crystal Lionsmith

This is the best horse game! I'm a lifetime star rider now and I have two horses!

Nov 13, 2014
best game ever
by: Anonymous

love this game so much! i have 3 horses now and am a stars rider!

Nov 11, 2014
i'm confused
by: jilk123

hi my star rider purchase says its pending what does that mean and what will happen?

Nov 11, 2014
by: Katarina Lightstar

I love this game, its so fun and addicting. I recommend this game to every single horse loving girl out there!

Nov 11, 2014
Star Stable Hotek
by: Amelia Fastbee

Hey, Star Stable lovers! I found an awesome blog that has great stuff about Star Stable. The owner is even doing Dinosaur Valley help when it comes out! Thank you and enjoy!

Nov 09, 2014
just amazng
by: Angelica Winterhurricane

when i first played star stable online I thought that it was rubbish and I hated it. a year on i'm still playing and now level 15 from lifetime star rider. i love EVERYTHING about it from weekly updates, to the different horses. i honestly can't wait for dino valley =^•^=

Nov 09, 2014
star rider codes
by: No one

that's all i know but you can type them in redeem codes in star stable. bithday 3 gives you 300 sc. star treat gives you a hoddie. if any more please comment.

Nov 09, 2014
redeem codes
by: Anonymous

i've been playing for at least 2 years and i try and do redeem codes' it wont work :(

Nov 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

does anyone know anymore redeem codes if you do comment me back plz!

Nov 05, 2014
by: Annabel love star stable


Oct 29, 2014
love this game
by: Anonymous

i love this game although can not play it much longer. a virus:( but i love it otherwise I can't be a star rider.. tear tear!

Oct 29, 2014
by: Martina Starbell

I been playing sso since it came out and its amazing :) does anyone know any other sc codes accept
the birthday one???

PLEASSEEE, If you do please comment here.
Also my server is Chocolate Cupcake and I own a club called Gold Hawks.

Oct 27, 2014
Star Rider
by: Olivia Snowstorm

Its fun but without the star rider it's boring like really boring. With the star rider its the best game ever. I don't have a star rider anymore. :'(

Oct 27, 2014
I need help!
by: Alba

I have been playing Star Stable for months. I am a lifetime star rider on level 13. I can't log in. Neither can my fiend, Catherine. it goes alright, until it finish loading. On the blue square where it say: Logging onto game server. it suddenly freeze and won't unfreeze. My horses, Jewelspirit and Braveheart are gonna be so sad. What can I do? It has been like this for a few days now. Please help me.

Oct 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

you use the bucket to fill water up and to give to your horses. if u go to morland get the bucket and fill it up in the well.

Oct 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

i have been on star stable for a long, long time and yesterday i got a pony called summer kiss and i have got a horse called dreampromise.

Oct 17, 2014
Starstable Best Horse Virtual World Ever!!!
by: Free Star Rider Week By: Alexis Dawnpie


Oct 11, 2014
by: holly

my sso account is locked, it will be unlocked.

Oct 06, 2014
Friend Me :D
by: Wild-Horses

Hey guys, if you're reading this then i should tell you that i have been playing Star Stable for about a year now and just saying best game on EARTH but i need to get more friends. so if you play star stable or are planning to then friend.....
Katarina Lightstar, yeah, i know what your thinking, yeah i wrote that comment below :D
so yeah, i recommend this game to EVERYONE!

Oct 05, 2014
i love star stable
by: Anonymous

I love star stable the adventures they are so fun and it gives you something to do. When you have nothing to do go on star stable and do adventures and play with friends. I really hate that some people don't like the game:(

Oct 04, 2014
love it<3
by: starstable girl

i love this game sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
i'm a star rider and im a level 15 so fun if you can download star star stables then do it hope you have fun!!!!!

Oct 04, 2014
Love The Game
by: Lily Catstar

I love this game sooo much and I would recommend it for any horse lovers. The graphics are amazing. The only bad part about it is that to get the full game you have to become a Star Rider which costs money. I've been playing it for almost a year.

Sep 28, 2014
by: Zoey Shadowstar

It works all the time and is very intestine and fun. I am just ten but I love this games and spend as much time as possible as I can on it GREAT app and so worth the wait.

Sep 27, 2014
sc code
by: Anonymous

new star stable code BIRTHDAY3 gives you 300 sc

Sep 15, 2014
Awsome game
by: Katarina Lightstar

I love this game I've been playing it for about a year and it's the best game on earth. it does go by real days like you have to take care of your horse everyday but other than that its worth playing. its totally safe and i mean TOTALLY, its really fun
i soo recommend it to all of the horsecrazy girl out there.

Sep 13, 2014
by: lola

it takes ages to load however it is fun.

Sep 12, 2014
by: Olivia

I got Star stable working but my mum won't let me buy the lifetime star rider for instance I have to watch my friend on star stable Danielle Eagleheart and Alyssa Mistberg ride off to Jorvik or silverglade or steves farm sooooo unfair..

Sep 08, 2014
Star Rider
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone, My name is Stephaine Goldstone and Olivia Snowstorm on sso (I have two accounts) and I have been a star rider on my Olivia account a few times, but for only about a month. Would there be anyone willing to share a star rider account? I would lovee to share a star rider account and help care for someones horses. I am not a hacker and I am trustworthy. I would love to talk to someone further about this. Comment here.
Thanks and I loveee star stable!!! <3

Sep 05, 2014
Not Working
by: Bethany HR

Ok i have been playing sso for just a month and then when i tried to enter sso it says Unable To connect to game server. i did everything to fix it some says to me i have to verify my connection but i didn't know how and some says the problem is in the computer and i have to login in another computer. i asked my brother to use his laptop but he said it will not work on Windows 7 and i tried to make him understand but he's still saying that sso blocked my account because it work with money and i didn't pay. please help..

Sep 04, 2014
this is not ok with me
by: ivy

hi, i'm ivy. I have been creating accounts for star stable but it seems that u have to install or download. my foster mom will not let me download any thing on her computer. star stable looks really fun. I love horses and all the good and fun games with horses u have to download, any tips?

Aug 17, 2014
free code
by: Isidora Eveningcamp

Hello everyone!! :)

free code is:
and 2 code.

3 code.


OK good luck! ;D

Aug 08, 2014
Star Stable is Awesome
by: Anastasia

I started playing starstable because i really like horses, and other games were really boring. This one is fun, has a great storyline, you can get your dream horses, seriously though, I love it. And if you are considering buying the star rider feature, go ahead and do it. It's totally worth it. But just a tip, when you buy a one month or three month they automatically upgrade. Later, you can buy lifetime and it will stop purchasing itself. Hope i helped with anything, and my characters name is Anastasia Birchforest. Bye!

Aug 01, 2014
advertisement everywhere
by: Anonymous

stop the advertisement!!! its everywhere… -.-

Jul 26, 2014
Chatting and star coins
by: HorsesForlife

First off before you can chat you have to verify your parents email and then you can talk so yea I hope this helped if not I will tell u more...

Jul 22, 2014
Free Codes!!!
by: Riley Eaglesmith

holy moly! I just got a PSN code and it was legit! I got it at

Jul 08, 2014
Guilty but good and creepy
by: Anonymous

fun game and you get to do everything star rider does but the video king of quests like james bad dream ARE SUPER CREEPY n.o (no offense) i do feel a bit guilty after buying star rider for 3 months so if you really enjoy the game start off with 1 month so just in case you feel like me.

Jun 30, 2014
best game ever!!!
by: Anonymous

I've been playing StarStable for about 2 years now, and its honestly the best ever!

It has wonderful graphics, and it is updated once a week, so you'll never get bored! And its multiplayer, so you can have clubs with friends.

Races,quests,and the horses are to die for!

I just can't say enough about it!!

Jun 27, 2014
by: JuJu

It takes an ETERNITY to download, But i can't wait to play it, it looks SUPER cool and fun.... If only it would finish downloading.... :/

Jun 24, 2014
star stable
by: Anonymous


Jun 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

you cannot know how to use the bucket that is pathetic.

Jun 08, 2014
by: Lucy

I love Star Stable but it takes forever to load!!!!!!!

Jun 07, 2014
ups and downs
by: Anonymous

i can't verify my email pls help. its a great game i really like it!
my user: sophia oak tree

Jun 01, 2014
by: serenity

i need help on a verification code and today's my birthday and it's not going well.

May 27, 2014
by: Cecilia Beelord

after the first couple of minutes, you think is rubbish. then after a while you enjoy it. but then when you complete the free game it gets boring again. I am making a series based on the saddle club just to keep me interested. they should lower the SR prices, or at least give out more free codes and free weekends. it would be so much better.
My user: Cecilia Beelord

May 27, 2014
i love my horse
by: martina

i love my horse so much and my horse name is lola.

May 26, 2014
by: Lilian SIlverhaven

I live this game! I play it every day. Better than any other horse game for iPhone or the computer, and now it's available on Mac!

May 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

i cannot sign into Star Stable i tried last night this morning i even uninstalled Firefox twice and restarted my computer. i tried it on internet explorer and it didn't work. IS star stable down?

May 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

mine loads to 100 But then keeps on loading and never gets to the game.

May 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hello, my name is Michael my daughter play this game for a year and a few times. I've given money to this game just under my supervision by bank transfer phone bill last week of huge income just €500 this game and do not understand why it is possible that a 9 year old can do it so easily just by sms. Last week I wrote a message to this game and I was told that within 48 hours you receive answers but no matter how it is possible to be able to so easily money for a simple game without parents to be informed about this. I have to go far to find an answer to solve this situation.

May 01, 2014
what to do?
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,

I have finished all the available quests but I have absolutely no idea what else I can do while I wait for the timed quests to be valid... does anybody have any suggestions for stuff I can do?

Thanks everyone!

Apr 23, 2014
Verifying my account
by: Anonymous

I am unable to verify my account on my email , i think i need it re sent but i don't know how to please help :o.

Apr 21, 2014
Love it
by: Caroline Darkweb

I love it! it's so great! I love love love it!

Mar 28, 2014
Redeem codes and extra stuff
by: Izabella Goldhurricane

Hi, well done on creating such an awesome web page. The redeem code is HAPPYPIXIE10

Please friend me
Izabella Goldhurricane :D

Mar 25, 2014
by: Iris sweetwood

My star stable is crashed... ?
Can you help me?

Mar 20, 2014
hi sydney :)
by: sabrina puppyheart

I can't play this game, something happened and now it won't work. but I can tell you what to do with the bucket :) so... when you have it in your inventory and your horse's bucket icon (in the top left corner) is yellow or red, ride to the nearest water well. then open your inventory and left click the bucket and drag it to the well. it should have a green outline around the icon. when it does, let go and your bucket will have water in it! :) then you can water your horse by (first getting off) and clicking and dragging the bucket to your horse. again, there has to be a green outline around it for it to work :) hope I helped

Mar 17, 2014
Anyone with Email Verification Trouble
by: Anonymous

So I was having the problem of not receiving the email verification code as well, and I looked EVERYWHERE to find a solution. I even emailed them twice. The one thing is they aren't very good about responding.. but if you have a gmail account look in the spam folder under "more" because I couldn't find the email for the longest time but it could still be there!

Mar 12, 2014
can't download on a chromebook
by: Brooke OakRoad

I use to play this game all the time pretty much everyday! Now since i have a chromebook i can't download it on it because it doesn't let me :( Now i miss out on everything and i can't see my friends on there anymore!! So if u know anything to download it on chromebook tell me please and thank you!!

Mar 09, 2014
Star stable
by: Anonymous

I don't know how to get the Verification Code can you please help me?

Mar 09, 2014
Cool game
by: Brownie wolf

The game is soooooo cool I love it but I can't become a star rider so it gets boring it says I have to pay dollars need help plz.

Mar 09, 2014
by: Brownie wolf

I want to be a star rider so I went to the star rider page and it said I have to pay dollars can someone help me?

Mar 07, 2014
Game server
by: Anonymous

I cant connect to game server just says "can't connect to game server". I can't contact Star Stable by email I think they just don't care.

Mar 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

how long does the Wednesday update take?

Mar 01, 2014
the game
by: lani

I think the game is great, but I've logged on a bunch and now it won't let me play. I am not a star rider or anything like that, but yeah I CAN NOT LOG IN. So please help.

Feb 28, 2014
by: sabrina puppyheart

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to say that star stable is really really REALLY fun! (when it works.) I have not been able to get on my account for probably six months now, and it's not my computer. But it is fun when you get to play. Although every game has it's ups and downs, some people that I have seen on there are mean and say substitutes for bad words. which is bad. but most players are very nice. another thing I don't like about it is that they try to get people to buy there overly expensive membership by not allowing players to buy cool clothes without saving up for a month. and that's if you are playing it every day for that month. I have given up on star stable because I'm not able to play it. but if it works for you, have fun! And be careful!

~Sabrina Puppy-heart (my user name)

Feb 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

Where do I find the bucket and the hoof pick to put in my inventory?

Feb 25, 2014
star stable

great game.

Feb 25, 2014
installation issue
by: Anonymous

I installed star stable but when we are clicking on the installation in the end its giving us en error. may be due to direct x. can somebody help

Feb 24, 2014
Star Stables Great!
by: Anonymous

I think the graphic are quite good compared to other online horse games and even when your not a star rider you can have lots of fun and with other games like club penguin you can literally do nothing soooo.... Yeah anyway my usernames Alicia Kittenwood if you want to friend me :3

Feb 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

can you plz help me on my account idk how to verify it????? what do you do?????? just saying i wanna talk so bad and wanna be a lifetime and talk and i hate when i make something that i really love (like my 2 account) my name is Scarlett Hawkbell level 12 and my horse is wild mist level 15 help me !!!!!! ♥

Feb 20, 2014
Verification code
by: Anonymous

OMG! I love my account and all but I want to chat and become a star rider and now I can't because they never sent me a verification code! Please help!

Feb 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

Do you have to cost money?

Feb 16, 2014
by: Renee Gladestar

Someone help me i have no redeem codes and happypixie10 won't work twice! please help i'm begging!

Feb 13, 2014
Love this game
by: Bella

I play this game everyday! It's the best horse game I've played!

There is a new game like this coming out soon, but better! Check it out and give them a like!

Feb 12, 2014
how to find starstable 3
by: alexis

How do you find starstable 3?

Feb 03, 2014
love it
by: leah

star stable is my fave game i have over 100 levels i finished. i can't play because i keep installing every time i need help to my google chrome to login my first user if you can help and help install and help get google chrome back ill play it every day thanks plz help


Feb 02, 2014
by: jw

this game rocks but something happened but i still like it.

Jan 31, 2014
Just a lil' something to say...
by: Aria :)

I absolutely love star stable! It's a great, free and adventurous game. I have been playing it for god knows how long! And to those who say their mother's are saying they're 'too old' to play SSO, they're silly. I am 12, I love horses ( I have 4 of my own in real life) and I'm staying safe on there, and my parents know that and so they support me. I'd talk to your parents about it if they disagree with your choices.

Anyway, (this may seem like a rant, but it's only the truth)...

I am NOT a star rider. (Just putting that out there)

I have used codes, such as HAPPYPIXIE10, and I was a free star rider for two days and do get some free days over the holidays etc. But honestly, Star Stable staff, why put prices so high? I know it's to keep the game running and all, but there are VERY FEW people who can afford those prices especially since most of the riders on Star Stable are of younger ages. I believe that if the prices were lower, you'd make more money and we'd probably have better updates... It is nearly impossible to earn starcoins, which makes it hard for us to level up and buy new horses; this really makes me unhappy as I get bored of the game often.

I'm trying to persuade my parents to get me a lifetime membership on SSO for my birthday, hopefully. I love doing quests, jumping and uncovering the secrets of Jorvik and also racing... But it's really hard to do.

I hope there will be improvements in the future, but for now, the game is alright overall.

Ivy Oakwood & Rosebelle (horse name) (SSO username - ADD ME!)

Jan 28, 2014
Are you brave enough...
by: Ivy Starwater

I have a club called Silent Mystery Girls. Secrets. Mysteries. Girls of the shadows. We are the Silent Mysterious Girls. If you are lucky enough you might come across us every once in a while, but you will NEVER see us again. When you join be ready for an adventure. But be careful where you poke your nose. Or it will be cut off. I don't have a lot of members even tho its soooo fun when some of us are on. Last week we did a club role, and a dance party. We even did a camping trip! We have a secret meeting place... We always where black and sometimes we have twin days. My club is really fun! I would really appreciate someone who can make videos on Youtube, and take pics. Thank you!

Jan 28, 2014
by: Ivy Starwater

Is there anyone who has just leveled to 10. I want a friend to hang with, and maybe do some quests with. My name is Ivy Starwater, I just leveled up to 10 and I want to have a quest buddy. I just got a grey Andalusian named Ember mystery. I would rather someone who doesn't have a riding club. I have a club called Silent Mystery Girls. I don't have a lot of members even tho its soooo fun when some of us are on. Last week we did a club role, and a dance party. We even did a camping trip! We have a secret meeting place... We always where black and sometimes we have twin days. My club is really fun!

Jan 27, 2014
same heer!
by: SelenaSkyDawn

I have been playing starstable 2 years... its a really good game. it was so good i got membership and i had twice the fun! I luv my new horse+pony i got now! I really recommend star stable to all of u! User: SelenaSkyDawn

Jan 26, 2014
Good game!
by: Karla Starnight

This game is A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Awesome!

I just want to put something out there though:

Star Stable download time takes a long time. My internet speed is good and it took 1-2 hours! Star Stable is big in MB too! I'm guessing over 400 MB now lolz.

Stop complaining about the download speed and please be patient.

I am a level 11 on game, and have been a Star Rider 3 times and counting. If you want Star Rider, enter this code during registration, or in My account once you are finished registering and installing Starstable:

Happypixie10 - 10 days of Star Rider for free

Also another code you can use for Star coins, a special currency in game.

Swapit100sc - 100 Star coins.

Hope you like the game! I am addicted to this game!

Jan 24, 2014
by: Kelly Mousestorm

I lost my boots that costs starcoins they turned into nothingness while I was wearing them.
and I was star rider and thins in the chest in home stable and they got locked up forever. :(
btw my name in star stable is Kelly Mousestorm!

Jan 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

My boots that were 12 star coins got turned into something titled horse. (while I was wearing them!)
:( I am really sad but the game is really well made and if u want to pay to Be a star rider its amazing.

Jan 22, 2014
Email verification answer for Violet Archwatcher
by: Chloe Bunnygirl

Violet Archwatcher, you click the bottom left side blue chatbox and try to type something simple like "hi" and if it says "you have not verified your email" then you click "verify my email" and type in whatever email the account is registered on (the email you log in with). and once your done typing it then click "send email verification code" and you should get an email that has a code linked to it that will take you to star stable and let you chat!!

Chloe Bunnygirl
P.s: If i am not on this site then you can find me at Fort Pinta a lot on star stable as Chloe Bunnygirl

Jan 22, 2014
by: Luna mistrock

it's the best game ever and i'm a star rider level 14 that's high for me gonna be level 15 1 day wow.

Jan 20, 2014
by: SpiritOfDoomnessEpictyMwhahaha

I hate how after a certain amount of time, you can only do about 2 things if your not a Star Rider. I think they actually abuse Non-Members on SSO. Sure, there's HAPPYPIXIE10(Redeem Code that can be used twice) But I just hate how Star Riders get 101% of everything and Non-Star Riders get 101-.

Jan 18, 2014
For the payment issues- HELP
by: Lauren Youngheart

Ok I was reading and people kept saying that their payment failed, well,
1. Check to see if your credit card is maxed or expired.
2. If it's not expired or maxed get a paypal account my family and I trust it 100% and all my payments go through.
3. Don't go to customer support because they have been busy with updates trying to make us happy so they are trying their best to answer whether its in 1 day or a month.

Jan 14, 2014
Star Stable
by: Anonymous

Star Stable is the best game ever, loads of fun, and the ability to ride where ever you want!!! Its soo fun, and there are great quests and fabulous races. Best Horse Game EVER!!!!

Jan 14, 2014
by: stargirl

HI! I need starcoins in starstable... can somebody tell Redeem codes? Plz:D

Jan 13, 2014
Customer Support Needs New Management
by: Anonymous

Okay so I posted here quite a while ago saying I had never gotten my e-mail verification.

"The game itself is fun I suppose, to a certain extent but once through the free part of the game I wanted to purchase star coins and become a star rider. However when I downloaded the game content and made my account I never received my email verification code. I contacted the admins about it and was assured I would receive an answer within 48 hours. I did not, so I contacted them again letting them know I was very interested in paying them for the subscription, all I needed from them was the verification code so I could buy my subscription. I was once again assured they would get back to me within 48 hours. A WEEK after my first email I sent them another telling them if they did not send my code it must mean they did not value me as a player of their game and did not want my money and to delete my account! I was so mad! So yeah it's a GREAT game if you're a Star Rider but they can't even be bothered to send me ONE email, so I concluded they just didn't care about me and stopped playing. Good game, not the best people running it."

I have finally heard back from them. It took them 31 days to respond... then two more to verify my code. As for the game being "new" it's been around since 2005, still that is no excuse for ignoring me for 31 days! I told them I no longer want to play, they won't be getting any money from me.

Jan 10, 2014
Verify email for chat
by: Violet Archwatcher

Chloe Bunnygirl, you said on step 2 that you click "send email" and type in your parents email", where do you press that button? Like, is it on Star Stable WHEN your online, or when your at the Star Stable page on one of the tabs, or on your email? Please HELP!!!!! This is really annoying me. I have been trying to verify my email for a while.... Please and thank you! :)

Jan 09, 2014
by: Horses Rule!!

Well, I do like it, but it is only available for Windows, and it says you can jump your horse, giving the newbies no idea that you have to pay to get to higher levels and to jump. Also, I am very very annoyed that you can only buy horses with Star Coins, which is very hard to get, unless there is a Star Rider weekend, which comes around during the holidays normally, but then you only get 100 Star Coins, and not even close to enough to buy a Friesian horse or a Arabian horse. I have recently quit playing, for I have finished the last level for 'non subs', and a sign keeps popping up saying 'I should get a membership to continue the fun'.

Jan 09, 2014
by: Jovana

Hi! Pls help!! Ok so.. i register on star stable and i went to my email but i didn't saw the code to verify my account! PLS HELP!!

Jan 08, 2014
Star stable.
by: Anonymous

I play star stable. when I do, it gives bugs to my computer. And you have to pay real live money in order to continue the game. unless you become a life time star rider, its sort of boring. I also have friends who've gotten bored of it. Also if you become a star rider, the quests NEVER END. EVER! That's what one of my friends told my when she became a star rider.

Jan 08, 2014
Just my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Reading through the comments I noticed someone saying they are 10 and their mum thinks they are too old to play now. Well, I am an adult and even I enjoy playing the game together with my 2 daughters. So I say, as long as you are enjoying the game, you are NOT too old for it.
It's sad to read that support is not doing their job right. The game is relatively new, so I have hopes they will get that sorted out. The last thing developers seem to think about is that they will need good support if they want to keep their players. Well that's just my 2 cents. Happy Gaming all!

Jan 07, 2014
by: andrea

thx for your help
and attention

Jan 06, 2014
by: Andrea Eagleforest

Hi it's me again. Just saying if you're not in a riding club just add me or give me your name and I could invite you in my club.

Club name: Gold Queens Legacy

Jan 05, 2014
How to gain levels faster
by: Andrea Eagleforest

To gain several more levels, go to the trainer in Fort Pinta. Anyone can add me if they want, but I might be logged out: Andrea Eagleforest
I have been a star rider for two days once
I will probably become a star rider tomorrow so I will get a pony yay.

Jan 04, 2014
Bucket and well
by: Sasha Mistvalley

You drag the bucket onto the well to fill the bucket, then when your horse is thirsty drag the bucket to your horse!

Sasha Mistvalley (Star Stable Online Name)

Jan 04, 2014
How to chat and email verification
by: Chloe Bunnygirl

1. To chat click the chat bar
2. If not verified then click send email and type in your or parents email
3. Check your email or have your parents email
4. click the link that says verify email
5. If it works your done, if it doesn't work first copy and paste in into your search bar then if THAT doesn't work go back to step one or call star stable help!!
6. Hope this helps!!!!!! Your done!!

P.s: On star stable I am Chloe Bunny girl and if you can go to Fort Pinta that's where i visit the most!!!!!

Jan 03, 2014
To: all people who need help with there horses health
by: Starstable lover

Well you could get some star coins and go to the vet and that makes your horse have a green smiley face, But the reason your horse doesn't have a green smiley face is that you need to go on everyday and feed your horse and groom etc. or else it will get bad health and just move slower that's all :)

Jan 03, 2014
by: Starstable lover

This game is awesome best graphics and everything and parents don't have to worry about the chat because it does this if anyone says anything rude or inappropriate: #######, Great game, its fun even if you play free or pay for a very cheap membership :D

Jan 02, 2014
Wild horse people
by: Chloe Bunnygirl

A better way to become a wild horse without a glitch is to go to your horse's info/character page by clicking the character info page and click the horse button, then you open your backpack and drag all the horse's equipment into your backpack (Ex: bridle, reins, saddle,leg warmers etc. etc. etc.)! Your horse will be wild!!!!! Easy!!

P.s: I might have wrote this before! Friend me!! Chloe Bunny girl

p.s: This just came out on my macbook air from school!!!!! So happy!! :D

Dec 31, 2013
Star Stable
by: Saga

I love this game! I started out as a free player and found it to be pretty easy to get started. Unfortunately to go on you do have to buy an upgrade or star rider account. I found it worth the money for all the things you can do in this game. Quests, Races, and the story line keep you busy. The variety of places to go and equipment to buy is also amazing. The graphics are some of the best I have seen. I recommend giving it a shot and if you can afford the Star Rider membership then go for it, and open the whole incredible world of Jorvik up.

Dec 31, 2013
love the game
by: Anonymous

Love this game, but i'm having trouble getting my Star Rider membership. i submitted my debit card info and it tells me "error contact customer support"... i've contacted them 4xs. and i know i have enough funds in the account because i just put 430.00 in there yesterday.

Dec 30, 2013
Payments Failed?!
by: Anonymous

For my birthday we tried to purchase a star stable membership twice but it failed both times. Can anyone help?

Dec 30, 2013
Cant jump or talk... why?
by: Willow Starland

First of all, this game has amazing graphics super fun to ride on. There is a lot of adventure and fun... But here comes the down side... WHY WON'T THEY SEND ME THE VERIFY EMAIL TO VERIFY IT!! I CAN'T TALK OR HELP ANYONE FOR EXAMPLE A GIRL LOST HER HORSE AND I WANTED TO HER IS WHAT YOU HAFT TO DO IS CALL ON YOUR PHONE TO BE PICKED UP, AND LOG OUT BUT I FREAKING COULDN'T!!!! Then I can't jump, I have no idea how and it kills me.

Dec 30, 2013
Help daughter make her horse happy again PLEASE...
by: Anonymous

How and where do I get the food my 8 year old daughter is crying because her horse is sad and she thinks he is going to died if she don't get the food she needs. Please help....

Dec 27, 2013
SSO is awesome
by: Crystal Seabell

I love star stable, so much that eventually I made my sister try it who fell love with it too. The problem she has now is that we're waiting on the verification email to help her chat in the game.
Does anyone know how long it usually takes? I am a level 15 on the game so I can't remember how long it took when I first got on.

P.S: You drag the bucket to the well using your mouse or your finger depending on which device you are playing the game on.

Dec 24, 2013
Lifetime fail??
by: Cadence Lionstone

Um so I have been trying to get a lifetime, and every time I try, it says "Failed" I have unlocked the account, and no one will help. If anyone knows, either comment here or message me on the UK server as Cadence Lionstone or AUS server Sofie Eaglestorm. Cheers.

Dec 24, 2013
Incompetent Staff
by: Nicole

The game itself is fun I suppose, to a certain extent but once through the free part of the game I wanted to purchase star coins and become a star rider. However when I downloaded the game content and made my account I never received my email verification code. I contacted the admins about it and was assured I would receive an answer within 48 hours. I did not, so I contacted them again letting them know I was very interested in paying them for the subscription, all I needed from them was the verification code so I could buy my subscription. I was one again assured they would get back to me within 48 hours. A WEEK after my first email I sent them another telling them if they did not send my code it must mean they did not value me as a player of their game and did not want my money and to delete my account! I was so mad! So yeah it's a GREAT game if you're a Star Rider but they can't even be bothered to send me ONE email, so I concluded that just didn't care about me and stopped playing. Good game, not the best people running it.

Dec 23, 2013
by: Sally Wintergirl

this is the most awesome game i have ever played so far. Its addicting so be careful :D

Dec 23, 2013
by: SOFIA YOUNFOREST on star stable

yeah you can just go to my account and at the bottom it says redeem code click it and write HAPPYPIXIE10 and you get membership for 10 days! have fun and enjoy:)

Dec 21, 2013
This is to someone who asked how to be a wild horse
by: sophia117

first you have to go on star stable and say on the page were the door is then go on start then computer then on local disk (C:) then on users then on public Then on StarStableOnline then on to Data then delete ALL the halter_riens then delete ALL the pants then after that close it down and enter star stable to get out of the wild glitch just log off and on again then ur rider will be back, Hope it helps all you guysS!!!!

Dec 21, 2013
Good game! :D
by: Sophia117


Star Stable is a very good game if your a Star Rider like i am, if ur a non star rider its very boring and there's minor things you can do on it like see all the island and jump. Its good how you get have 2 days free of star rider for the non star riders! The reason why i rated it a 4 is because of the limited things of being a non star rider and some of the glitches!
add me my name is sophia snowforce!

see you on star stable!

Dec 16, 2013
code swap
by: Anonymous

What magazines redeem the code are achieved? please help.

Dec 15, 2013
good but
by: rosemary goldrock

It's a great game but does Anyone know how to play starstable on your phone? :/ I've tried so hard too!

Dec 13, 2013
by: Sasha Silverborn

I really need help! I have finished everything that is possible in a non star rider. I have noticed that there are codes for a star rider. See I don't really want to be a star rider though. I would prefer to have some star coins. I just really want a pony and you can only buy them with Star coins. Please if anyone has a code or something to get some star coins please reply!!!!

Dec 12, 2013
Until y'all did the last update.
by: Katie

I am a life time star rider and I was loving the game until the last update. Cause since the up date I can't get on the game to do my quest or care for my horses. and that is so wrong you don't mind taking our money to be a life time rider to not fix the game right. I would really like so answers. Thank you, Katie.

Dec 11, 2013
star stable
by: Anonymous

guys I can't lie but I am in love with this game. I played this game usually but not anymore i'm too old i'm 10 but mum says i'm too old for playing it.

Dec 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I really love the game! It gets boring, since I am not a star rider, but I can't stop playing! I am trying to get a lifetime membership, but its too much >.<

Dec 09, 2013
by: cammie

well i'm new to star stable and have no friends what do I do if you're on please click on me bellasweethand.

Dec 09, 2013
redeem codes?
by: star stable LOVER

Does anyone know any redeem codes besides happypixie 10 i would really appreciate if you would share that with me thank you!

Dec 08, 2013
Add me!
by: Rainbowhoof

You can add me if you want. I'm Nicole Skydawn

Dec 01, 2013
by: Brooke westbear

Why do u have to be. Certain level to get an Andalusian horse?

Nov 28, 2013
by: Stephanie Silentnight

this game is completely awesome. i have become a lifetime rider and i do not regret it! i love this game. people who haven't tried it have never really found out what a great horse game is.. so TRY IT :D

Nov 26, 2013
by: Grace winterwatcher

plz someone tell me all the redeem codes for star stable i need them :(

Nov 26, 2013
Awesome game!
by: Gracie

I have played this game before and it has a great story and epic graphics! I want to rate it 5 stars :)

Nov 26, 2013
I am sad
by: Anonymous

My computer is saying that my browser is not supported. When I WAS on I had tons of fun! I love it! I wish I could go on.

Nov 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

I can't install this game :(

Nov 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

The jumping quest will be at the place where they sell friesians. If you are at the point of the game Justin Moorland will be there behind the pink van if he is not there keep on going with your quest. If he is he should have a yellow ! over his head. I hoped that helped you please friend me.

My name on Star Stable is:Caroline FriendNight

I was a Star Rider for free for 2 days. :)

Nov 23, 2013
Unable To Connect To Game Sever- Star Stable Support
by: Star Stable Support

All you have to do is check your connection with the internet and the game, if it keeps saying it can't connect then restart your computer or shut it down.


Sandra- Star Stable Support

Nov 17, 2013
sr members
by: willow hawkstar...

well, i just finished my sr membership (free)
it lasted 2 days which is totally unfair.
my internet loads it fast so if the internet takes a while to load then just refresh the internet...
i know a few ways to get free sr membership.....

1. easter... you get 5 days at easter
2. christmas... idk how long you get
3. 'forget' to log in syndrome...... stay off for a month and you might just get 10 days free sr membership..... (WARNING BELOW FOR THIS ONE!!!!)

this trick only works 3 times..... btw
if you want to add all my accounts you can... they are willow hawkstar, isabella moonheart and violet bluenight

Nov 16, 2013
Fresian girls
by: Emmy Lightingland

Hi my name is Emmy.I am the awesome girl that you will ever meet! I have only three horses and I hope you guys will have fun on star stable.Lets see I can not talk on star stable because i shared personal information on global. Also does anybody know Daisy Lion knight on star stable? If you do please comment on my post! Well that's it i hope you guys have a lot of freaking fun on star stable!!!

Nov 16, 2013
help plz
by: Anonymous

ok so I have 2 accounts and one has 200 star coins and I was wondering if I could transfer the coins to my other account so any answers?

Nov 15, 2013
omg people this game is awsome!!!!!!!
by: haley bluebaker

ok i'm commenting and hi ya ya ok things on the game are easy so it won't take a while to learn how to play. it is a good game!!!! it has great graphics!!! the stuff looks close to real stuff witch is awesome!!! if you guys want some friends my name is: Haley Bluebaker!! i'm awesome people really so add me as a friend if you want to!!! thanks guys. Have fun playing!!! Bye bye!!

Nov 14, 2013
Hey I know what to do with bucket and well!
by: Ivy Starwater

Hey Sydney, You take the empty bucket that's in your inventory and drag it to the well (make sure you're dismounted) Once you let go it fills you bucket. :)

Nov 13, 2013
Ellen I would like to be your friend
by: Ivy Starwater

I want to be your friend. I need some one to hang out with. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GAME!! But I need a friend to enjoy it. I'm a star rider level 9 almost 10 and I really want a friend. I wanted to ask DO YOU HAVE A RIDING CLUB! cause I have one and it's not doing well. Could you join? Thanks, want to hear from you.

Nov 13, 2013
by: Josephine Lowbridge

for a ten day membership put this pin into the redeem code section F5RGTB3S7A you're welcome (not accessible if you've been a star rider before I have tried and haven't succeeded :)

Nov 11, 2013
what you do with the bucket.
by: Answers

When you are done with some of the quests, you will find a bucket. With that bucket, you will be able to water your horse and put water in troughs while doing your daily chores. How to get water when you run out is, go by a town well, then open your inventory and drag the bucket to the well until it has a green outlining. You do the same thing to your horse once you get the water, and the same if you want to put the water in a trough.

Hope this helps!
~Sabrina Dolphinstar (in the game)

Nov 11, 2013
Local Star Stable player
by: Karin Mistdawn

I love Star Stable. I love seeing Silver River (My horse) after school everyday. The one thing I don't get is why they haven't sent me and email verification code yet, and I need it!

P.s: Friend me! I'm Karin Mistdawn with a horse name Silver River.

Nov 10, 2013
by: sdfgh

my account loaded first time when i played it but now it won't load at all is it the same for anyone else? can anyone help me.

Nov 09, 2013
star stables? well good
by: Luna

awesome game i love it! sooooooo cool! i love it when they put new horses on yay!!! if you want to be my friend on star stables please comment here lol!!!!

Nov 05, 2013
Star Stable
by: Victoria Moonfall

Star Stable is an awesome game throughout the world :)
On Star Stable you can chat with your online friends while helping the Keepers of Aideen discover Jorviks hidden mysteries.
Star Stable gives you the chance to have a online relationship with a horse. It is a slash between adventure and horse games.
I would highly recommend this game :)
-Tori xD

Nov 03, 2013
by: katieshorse

i am up to the last part on fixing the bridge its called cement-part 2 and i need to fill the bucket up with water but i can't can somebody plzzzzz help me! plz

Oct 27, 2013
TO CHAT U NEED TOO.......................


Oct 27, 2013
by: Anna Shadowgirl

I play Star stable my name is Anna shadowgirl every one like thinks I am a star rider I might become one and so who cares some people wish they could just ride they're horse and not do quests. So just have fun and be happy that u are playing it. And add me i'm anna shadowgirl

Oct 27, 2013
become a star rider
by: Nadia

If you become a star rider it's even better because a non star rider can't do any quests (only daily). Plus you only get access to frout pinta and Moreland but if you become a star rider you become part of the adventure. You discover new places buy horses get free star coins (100 every month). And more:)

Oct 16, 2013
by: april puppyrock

I need the code for starstable

Oct 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

when will it be available for MAC! i am SO MAD because i only have macs!

Oct 15, 2013
i love it <3
by: Celine Sleepygirl

But i have a problem where i can get redeem code?? plz help mee...

Oct 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

lame that they make so many to pay so much! and rubbish that free players can't jump!!

Oct 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

In the game, you have to give your star coins to go onto the next day to complete new quests. But I don't have enough star coins now i'm stuck with no quests! What do I do?

Oct 05, 2013
played an love
by: Horselover5000

I've played the game before and i like it so thank you for making the game.

Oct 05, 2013
How do you chat
by: Anonymous

Well ok i've tried to chat but it won't work and i don't know how to confirm my email. Hellllllllllp!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 05, 2013
by: ArcticCheetah27

Please anyone I need help I keep looking how to confirm your email address but i can't find it! DX Please help me and please give me needed information to confirm it and a website if you go to it Thank You!

P.s: My name an is

Miranda Rainwood

Please help! I really want to chat with my friends and my club

Oct 04, 2013
Star Rider Payment
by: Anonymous

What should i do? i paid to be a star rider by cell phone and the person who was replying to me was like wrong code or something and now i am not a star rider and i have not gotten my money back.

Oct 02, 2013
verify account
by: Anonymous

how do you verify your account? i can't find the email anywhere and it is really starting to annoy me.

Oct 01, 2013
by: Sabrina Dolphinstar

PLEASE HELP!!! I want to make a star stable video but how do you do it on a windows XP? can't figure it out please help.

Sep 29, 2013
The scammer
by: Violet Wolfbear of SSO The Truth Revealer

Star Stable is terrible. If they send you an offer that to good to be true like their "Get 15 days of star rider for only $1" Deal don't take it ,it's a scam. I recently bought it and it gave me 300 star coins then took them away not to long after it took my membership away. It happened to friends who also play that game. We ALL bought that deal we ALL were given star coins and we ALL had our membership AND our star coins taken from us. SSO has people under the impression that they don't take membership away from people. ITS A LIE!!!!!!!!!! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY THEY DON"T CARE IF YOU GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP TAKEN AWAY BEFORE TIME!!!!!!!!! Another way they try to be sneaky is you MUST remember to cancel out the membership ON YOUR OWN IF YOU DON'T THEY WILL CHARGE YOU AGAIN WITHOUT NOTICE!!! SSO claims to be user friendly it isn't, I reported a player for bulling and bulling is an automatic banned forever off the game that player is still on. SSO even tries to over charge people with their membership packages. I had bought the one month package and I was over charged $3.
My mom even emailed them and asked if there were "hidden fees" They have not replied to that yet but there must be if they took my membership,


Sep 27, 2013
by: DressageForLofe

This game I have been playing for a year and IT'S AMAZING! I totally recommend it! There's horses from ponies to Friesians (More to come!) and ALL disciplines (Not Saddle Seat :( Sorry)

Sep 27, 2013

Can anyone tell me how to verify my email on star stable so i can chat. please help!!!!!!
P.S: my name on star stable is bella diamondbell

Sep 25, 2013
by: stephanie silentnight

i started a while ago and within the first week I was a star rider! totally addictive! best game out there for horses.

Sep 24, 2013
Wild horse
by: Anonymous

Guys, really don't recommend being a wild horse. There's no point in it, sine you can't dismount, and if you do, Its hard to get back on. It can crash your game and it will. I found my game REALLY laggy after I became a wild horse. But the game is the BEST horse game that I know, and I hope this post helped.

Sep 24, 2013
Changing Emails!
by: Anonymous

Please help! Is there anyway of changing my email on Star Stables? Because my email is not actually valid and I would like to change it so is that possible? Thank you.

Sep 23, 2013
umm Help!
by: Natalie sisemore

how do you get free membership week?

Sep 17, 2013
by: andrea oaklee

OMG!!! i tried to verify my email!!! does any one know how i'm supposed to verify my email? and looking for a friend on star stable OH and just so you know i can't talk.

Sep 15, 2013
How to chat
by: Anonymous

You can chat by going to your email that you put as your email when you log in and then you have to confirm it on yahoo, gmail whatever you use.

Sep 13, 2013
love this game
by: gotta be horse crazy

hi if you see me on star stable then i am probably about level 11, 12 i love this game. my name is Gnes Eveningpaw this game is really fantastic you really should have a play on this game.

xoxo Agnes Eveningpaw xoxo

Sep 11, 2013
I can't install it
by: Anonymous

Ok so I went to star stable then I put my email and password I was happy then but when I click install I was pooped it had said I have to download Microsoft PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 10, 2013
by: alice

it's very good. I love it. the horse was very beautiful.

Sep 09, 2013
Redeem codes........
by: Lucy kitten stone

Hey does anybody know any redeem codes? PLZ HELP! and friend me not actual name- that is my star stable name......

Sep 08, 2013
This game is so fun!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a star rider on the game and i am addicted to it!! This game is so fun and trust me you need to play it!!!

Sep 03, 2013
by: eden oakfield

i still haven't figured out how to take pics on star stable pls help me on star stable. i don't get on here a lot so find me in golden :)
friend eden oakfield and pls tell me:)

Aug 30, 2013
where are the ponys?
by: daphne moutainland

please help me! when I went to fort pinta and went
in the castle I saw where the pony's were but when
I went to look for them I couldn't see where they
were! can someone please help me? oh and where are
those pony's! if you find them tell daphne mountainland ( my character ) bye p.s: I don't have chat i'm so sorry I couldn't verify the email please help with both of those ok? oh and my horse is white with a black or brown mane I might not be online so if i'm not please check tomorrow ok? I will be so pleased if you tell me if it's ok that I don't have chat and lead me to the pony's ok? deal?
I will be I fort pinta beside the tower ok? or in the fort pinta stables. check in both of those areas ok? if i'm not in either of them go by the castle and wait for me ok? anyone responding? bye

Aug 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

anyone know how to get pass the freaking bulldozer in star stable?? :( :( :( :( :(

Aug 27, 2013
I love horses!!!
by: Horselover12

I love star stable soooooooooooo much!!!! i'm horsecrazy!!

Aug 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

not really answering my question. :(

Aug 21, 2013
Star Stable
by: Kitten <3

I love star stable, though if you're not a star rider, it gets kinda boring after a while. The only problem I've had is that when I tried to buy the star coins, it said "payment failed" :(

Aug 19, 2013
Wild Horses Suck!!!
by: Bella Seadaughter

Well, being a wild horse (i learned) gets your game to stop working! I contacted Star Stable, and they said to, DELETE the StarStableOnline file, and then install it back. To do this, go to Files-Computer-(C:)file-Users-Public-StarStableOnline. She said to DELETE ALL OF THE CONTENTS ALSO. Hopefully it works for you people to fix your starstable that stopped working...

Aug 18, 2013
how do u get pets???
by: Chloe Bunnygirl

how much money are the pets??? I really need a pet I know where they are and that they cost star coins but I don't know how much!!! please if u know mail me on star stable how much!!!! my name on star stable is Chloe Bunny girl!!! thanks in

Aug 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

i really love the game but i cant afford a star rider account. is there someone who has an lifetime star rider account and don't play it anymore. and maybe hand it over to me? i love the game so much. but my parents don't have the money and me neither:(

Aug 18, 2013
star stable download it now!
by: starstablerocks2003

this got to be the best game ever! you can make your own horse and rider, ride with friends in a huge 3d world if you don't have it you better download it, it ROCKS!

Aug 14, 2013
Nichole Cloudstorm.
by: Chloe Darkwest

I love star stable but it gets SO boring afterwards, Because you have to pay for Star rider then you can proceed in the game. I wish you could just carry on with the game without paying for Star rider

A sad starstable rider :'(

Aug 12, 2013
Star Stable Problems >:c
by: Anony Mouse

I like the game, except a few.... Problems..:

1. You have to pay to jump, get higher than level 4, and finish it.

4.It's extremely slow(Especially at Moorland)


Aug 12, 2013
by: Anonymouse

I want to be a Star Rider >:c
There a Free Star Rider Week,I hear?c:
That's all for now
Bye bye c:

Aug 08, 2013
star stabel
by: cheyanne

When I first heard about star stables my cousin got me on it. It is the best game ever.

Aug 07, 2013
why does the loading take so long?
by: horse lover

dear star stable,
every time I try logging in and playing it it always have to load and it takes about 2 hours! its a bum you can't get a cheat for it either! but the game is good but I think its worth it don't you?

Aug 06, 2013
saddle bag
by: Anonymous

i have this old saddle bag that they gave me, but I don't know how to get rid of it because its already on my horse and I have tried everything to get it off!

Jul 31, 2013
Great MMO for all ages!
by: Anonymous

I played one of the original SS games and became obsessed with their style of gaming. Though the game features only female riders, boys and girls and kids and adults will love this game! The graphics are simple but detailed, allowing for good looks while having smooth performance (aka little lagging).
The only downside is that if you really want to be able to get greater inventory space, buy many different breeds of horses, or be part of the ever-unfolding story and more, you have to pay to be a Star Rider.
I, personally, am a lifetime Star Rider and the rewards are worth it!

Jul 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Is there any way to become a star rider without paying $70??? I don't have the money but because the game ends so quickly for regular players it's super boring.... Help?!

Jul 29, 2013
Star Stable
by: Anonymous

How can i be a free Star rider in Star Stable?

Jul 26, 2013
What most people say is wrong!
by: Annie Hayfield (Star Stable Expert)

So what have you herd lately?
So I have the answers to all your questions but i wont answer the sneaky ones like how to VIDEO STAR STABLE cause then its going to be over done!
1. How do I look after my horse?
You unsaddle it in the stables then fill your bucket at the well. Buy hay from the shop and you should already have the hoof pick, brush and the empty bucket.
2. How do I become a wild horse?
IT IS NOT JUST TAKING OFF YOUR TACK I MEAN REALLY ITS NOT WILD! So click play and wait till it has finished saying checking for updates then it will have that screen of the stable door which you click on but wait! GO INTO YOUR LOCAL DISK C THEN USER THEN PUBLIC THEN STAR STABLE DATA. Look up tops and delete 9 of them then look up pants and delete 9 of them. Then go back onto star stable and click the stable doors and it will play and then your wild!But take off your tack. Then when u log off and on again ur normal
Any more questions? On my website here!

Jul 25, 2013
Membership Totally Worth it.
by: Anonymous

I started playing star stable a while ago and eventually gave in and got a membership. Totally worth it! With it, the map expands A LOT and there are so many places to explore! As well as that, the plot line becomes more complicated and interesting as you go. It's not just about saving the stables, but a lot deeper when you get past the 'introduction' stage. Witches, kidnapping, ghosts, and secret organizations come into play. I would rate it five stars if the animation was just a LITTLE bit better and if you didn't have to pay for a membership. (But hey, who can blame them for making money where they have the opportunity?)

Jul 22, 2013
by: HorseLover

Anyone have an extra star rider I can use because I will never get one. so please.

Jul 21, 2013
not a star rider
by: Anonymous

i may not be a star rider but i love it anyway its cute!

Jul 21, 2013
nice but a bit lame!
by: chantell

Star Stable is really cool but i think that to be a star rider should be free and you are a star rider automatically when you start playing. I also think that you should be able to use your E-mail address twice in creating characters, be told how to commit your E-mail in the chat icon (and not even need to use it from the start) be allowed to go in all places and i would like to know where the indoor school is! Apart from all this star star stable is really cool!:)

Jul 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

How do u feed ur horse???

Jul 19, 2013
MY horse wont level!!!!
by: Brooklyn WolfKnight

OMG, So i was playing today and i realized my horse hasn't leveled or gotten more the 321 XP. Its been like that since i started playing and i didn't know what was wrong! Can some help me with my horse cause i'm really new to this game! My Name Is Brooklyn WolfKnight!

Jul 18, 2013
Jumping quest
by: April lion bear

First off no one make fun of the name that is my star stables name anyways I recently became a star rider but can't find the jumping quest. can someone plz tell me? it's tittle and who gives it 2 u thanks :)

Jul 17, 2013
cant verify
by: Anonymous

I love this game but I can't verify my email!! I want to be a member again but when I go into my email there is no verification email or in my spam!!! I have emailed and wrote to the support page but I have gotten nothing back in a week!!!! please help what should I do!!?!?!?!?!?

Jul 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I love star stables it is fun but the mission make it fun. i love doing mission i'm even a star rider hehe.

Jul 14, 2013
by: Horselover

So I was playing this and it finished loading.... GUESS WHAT?!?!?!??!? IT STARTED OVER!! I don't know why but.... this was so crazy!. People say this is worth the wait. I sure hope so.

Jul 13, 2013
answers and cool stuff
by: hawkborn

you drag the bucket to the well and it fills :P
I love that you can become a wild horse its really cool at least that's what I think, if you want to friend me my name is kailey thx :D

Jul 13, 2013
can i have my game on pleace
by: charlotte

is my star stable game working now?

Jul 12, 2013
by: Susan nightfall

what's the fastest horse breed?

Jul 12, 2013
How to
by: Anonymous

I need help I really want to make a group (not club) but I don't know how? please help! thanx xxx

Jul 12, 2013
I can't connect to the server
by: Paige Skybear

Please help me ;\
I played this game yesterday for the first day, no problems at all. But now suddenly I can't connect to the server and my connection was fine.. And this is really frustrating because this game is freaking awesome!! But please help me, please comment here.

Jul 10, 2013
Unable to connect to game server
by: Anonymous

So i started playing this game and it was super fun and today when i was playing, i lost my horse and so i went to the cellphone option to bring me back to moorland stables, but i didn't have my horse with me. So i quit the game and when i tried to go back on, it said it was unable to connect to the game server. But my connection and wifi was fine. So i made a WHOLE NEW account and got all excited but when i went to play it, it said unable to connect to game server AGAIN. Please help!

Jul 10, 2013
by: Sheila Kittenhurricane

I've been on SSO for a while and love the game! I'm a lifetime member and think the price is fair for lifetime! Pretty awesome! Now I'm level ten, almost level eleven, what level do I unlock Golden Hills Valley? o:

Jul 09, 2013
not true
by: Anonymous

I have a "wild horse" in star stable and it never crashes. My friend has one too and it is the same for her. It won't crash.

Jul 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

how do you chat? it says verify email every time I try, what does that mean?

Jul 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

You can only play on the game for 5 hrs witch is spread over 4 days before u have to buy a membership. And it took about a hour to download onto my computer.

Jul 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Go to your email, look for a message from star stable. It should have a link in it that is different from the normal S.S link. click on it. It will verify your account. If you don't get a mssg that says your verified then you clicked on the wrong link.

If you can't find the email there should be a link on the same page its asking you for a verification code that says resend code or something similar.

In the email there may also be something that says
Verification code:(bunch of random numbers and letters) right click, highlight those numbers and letters, and paste in the box on the other page asking for the verification codes.

Inside the email it'll say:

Welcome to Star Stable Online!

You need to verify your account to be able to chat in-game.

Click here to confirm the email and gain access to in-game chat.

Please do not reply to this mail.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Best regards,
Star Stable Support

Jul 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

to chat u have to verify ur code. u go onto the mail u used for ur account and it will have it already written in there. then u press verify code!

Jul 01, 2013
To ellen lowlund
by: Susan Nightfall

hi I got a question I am your friend on star stable and I wanted to ask you where are you gonna be tomorrow?

Jul 01, 2013
by: Susan nightfall

i just started play star stable so i don't really have a friend who i can spend time with me plz if u can i would be grateful:-)

Jun 30, 2013
by: Susan nightfall

hello i just started star stable yesterday and its amazing i really want friend who i can spend a lot of time with so please can you add me as a friend it's susan nightfall

Jun 29, 2013
i need help
by: shaylee reese

does anybody know what is the verification code
for star stable and know i am 11 years old this note
is made from a girl that's all.

Jun 29, 2013
June 2013
by: Julia

I want to be a star rider.

Jun 27, 2013
Star Stable, Im stuck
by: Alice Dein

Hi I was just wondering have you or could you help me with the Earth Stone quest because I just CAN'T Find it so could you please?!?! Help me
P.S: if you wanna send me feed back on Star Stable my name Is Kristina please send me a later ASAP Thx :D

Jun 27, 2013
payment and awesome
by: Madelyn YoungDaughter

I had the exact same problem most of you are having it keeps saying payment failed. well i tried idk how many times and it wouldn't work so what i did was give the money to my bro who had paypal and he put it in his account and then bought it with his paypal and TADA it worked so for me i had to use a paypal account and luckily we had one so. and a bunch of people are saying it's lame you have to pay. yes it does but the game is totally worth it and lifetime riders get more then just star riders so it is well worth the $70. I wish u all good luck!!

Jun 24, 2013
is my star stable
by: Anonymous

is it my star stable horse game working yet i am waiting.

Jun 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

i want to be a star rider but i can't. :(

Jun 22, 2013
Payment issues

Just like some of you have commented I have been having issues becoming a star rider I entered ALL the CORRECT info. But I was denied and they have not responded to my email. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Jun 21, 2013
Add to Mac computers
by: Anonymous

I would think you should add star stable I mean connect it so people could play on it the game is so awesome :)!

Jun 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

This game is amazing it is wonderful, my character is level 13 and my horse is 14 i'm a star rider and i have had an account for a year i think. star stable is the worlds best horse game well according to me it is.

Jun 17, 2013
by: star

what should i do when my server is offline please please help.

Jun 17, 2013
star stable horse game
by: charlotte

can i have my star stable game back on?

Jun 15, 2013
How to be a wild horse (no rider)
by: Zoey Mistfield

It's easy if you look on youtube (I did that) but the way you do it is... You go to computer then the public drive go onto Star Stable then users, then you delete the halters and reins then hands (I think coz I haven't done the wild horse glitch in a while :P) Add me as a friend Zoey :3

Jun 15, 2013
how to downlaod
by: Anonymous

please how do you download it to your pc
because i tried many times but they said to accept an installation question but i did not see it please help!! i really want to play this game.

Jun 13, 2013
Love It
by: Anonymous

I'm a teen and Star Stable is honestly pretty good. At one point it got boring because I never get the membership, but when they brought out new things, it got better.
Beware! When you first sign up, you get a little while with the membership, so sign up when you can play everyday. You don't want to waste Star Rider time!
I say give it a shot. If its not for you, fine. Even if you aren't a Star Rider (the membership) you can still ride around and do a quest every once in a while. You can still role play and join in on parties.
Seriously, join Star Sale. You won't regret it.

Jun 12, 2013
whats the code
by: Anonymous

all I want is free chat is that to much to ask? :( I real nice girl said hi and could not say it back and she got mad and ran off:( can someone please tell me?

Jun 12, 2013
Need Help Seeing Friend on SS
by: Anonymous

I have never been able to see a friend on star stables, whether she is next to me on a computer or at home on her computer. I am a star rider, she is not but I can see many many non star riders on the game. We try to meet somewhere and can not see each other at all. When I try to add her as a friend it says "the player logged out" and she hasn't logged out.

Help please!!!

Jun 11, 2013
I seen Way Better
by: Kitti Wolflund

it's OKAY but not the best mainly the star riders get to do way better stuff kinda lame how you have to wait a real day unless you have star coins. if you don't mind not doing much stuff and if you can wait its the game for you BTW if you wanna add me comment here i'm on most of the day.

Jun 09, 2013
your not the only one who can talk
by: Anonymous

one time when I tried to talk it said the same thing! I was so mad and then one day I understand it you go to yahoo and then you click star stables online then tip your email but then when I moved up a level I could not talk no offense but that that made me mad.

Jun 06, 2013
how do u jump?
by: emily skyforest

How do u jump i cannot jump. do u have a lesson or something? plz answer me. (this is about star stable)

Jun 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

When i click 'install' it says that i need 256 mb RAM how can i get that ??

May 30, 2013
Pony club
by: HoboPanda

I swear I have some disk versions of the game labeled by seasons. I got them from a pony book club but it ended a few years ago :(

May 30, 2013
Get's boring after a while
by: Anonymous

I really like this game but i am not a star rider so i can not access other content. I really wish i was a star rider but i don't want to pay money just for more content. I have finished all the free content and i am getting really bored now.

May 29, 2013
to fustrated!
by: Anonymous

Dear fustrated (lol),

it takes a few days to make your horse happier you have to feed it every day!! i would say it takes about 3 days to get up to the orange face then another 3 to get to the green one! hope this helps!! :)

May 27, 2013
How does this work?
by: Anonymous

How do you drive the horse without you on it?

May 26, 2013
can i have my game on pleace
by: charlotte

it's not working can i have it back on like it was before?

May 25, 2013
by: Lily Riverdaughter

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I just downloaded this game and it is AWESOME!!! I think all girls should play!!

May 24, 2013
How to be a wild horse
by: Violet riverheart

Here is the answer at last.....

What you need to do is open up files go to c disk
Then go to users
Go to public
Then to starstableonline
Then go to data
Then delete all files called halter_reins
Then delete files called pants
Open Internet open starstable
Then play this should work

My name is violet riverheart please friend me :3

May 24, 2013
by: VioletDarkrock

I love StarStable it's amazing! I love it so much I paid 64 dollars for life time star rider. everyone on there is nice and I mean everyone it's so fun and unlike other PC horse games you can do anything you want it's so so so good I play it 24/7.

May 22, 2013
Safe Download????
by: Horseland

Is it safe to download it?

May 20, 2013
a little help
by: Anonymous

Star stable is my FAVORITE game ever! i can't play it anymore because direct x is acting up my computer already had direct x installed any ideas of what 2 do?

May 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I really want to play star stable again but It will not let me connect to the server anymore. Does anyone know what is happening and if i can do anything to fix it...

May 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

THIS IS REALLY THE BEST GAME EVER STAR STABLE I LOVE IT PLAYED IT FOREVER (life time star rider) and icewarrior, firewarrior, gaara/wildwarrior and yamato/bravewarrior all say PLAY IT BEST GAME EVER!

May 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

where do i put the cheats i got plenty of cheats like to be a star rider for life time for free but i don't know where to write it please help ?????????????

May 19, 2013
HELP! problem downloading!
by: Anonymous

I really want to play this game, it looks so cool but when I'm downloading it, it goes up to 100% then it just stays at 100%.. I have left it on for about a half an hour to see if it just took longer maybe.. but I have tried it continuously by refreshing the page over and over, I am using Mozilla Firefox, my internet connection is fast and I don't know why this is happening :( please HELP me! Thanks so much.

May 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

with lifetime are you still able to do member quest?

May 17, 2013
by: Rex888

It refuses to load past 76% does it usually take this long to load, it's been like that for about half an hour now....HELP PLEEEAAAASE!

May 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

OK I LOVEEEEEEEEEE STAR STABLE ONLINE! (lol) the main aspect of the story is not actually the camp being destroyed (like every other horse game out there) but once you buy a membership the storyline heats up with dark magic and druids and spying and all this crazy awesome stuff! you have to be a member to get the full game but trust me it is worth EVERY PENNY! You get so much more out of it but seriously this is the best game in the world and I recommend it to everyone! It is also nice because the game is updated each week with new quest, clothes and equipment. You can also suit up your horse with western tack if it's more your style! There is also great multilayer races in the evenings that are really fun! :D I'm running out of characters so I'm gonna stop my rant now. STAR STABLE FOR THE WIN.

May 14, 2013
what is the function of stars in star stable
by: stella goldsar

guyzzz i collected 6 but i don't know their function plzz help me anyone?

May 13, 2013
im here to help!!
by: rebecca eastfield

ok guys most of you say it won't load or you cannot talk i have easy fixes for those of you who cannot load it just simply get Google chrome and make sure there is NOTHING and i mean NOTHING else tabbed or even on Google except star stable

for those of you who cannot talk you HAVE to and i mean HAVE to have a email that actually works to get verification code and for it to work

p.s: i am Rebecca if you EVER need help on the game just simply mail me and i will answer you

Rebecca and Fire heart

May 12, 2013
were the computer button
by: Anonymous

hi, do you know where the computer button if you do now plz tell me?

May 12, 2013
star rider
by: Melissa

"I'm boring"! I mean it looks like I've been waiting for ages to get that star rider thing!

May 10, 2013
by: Star

I was curious to see if you're allowed to create multiple accounts to play Star Stable or not? I read over TOS and didn't see anything about it, wanted to check and see. Thanks!

May 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I can't get on this game. It blocks me out.

May 08, 2013
can i have my game on pleace
by: charlotte

can i have my star stable back on please?

May 05, 2013
by: Myra Starweb

This game is amazing. Only complaint is not being a star rider, before I became one I was super bored, and like all games with memberships, it is totally unfair bc star riders get way more advantages. And waiting an entire day or paying for it to skip a day, quests annoy me. And right now, I have to keep doing my soul rider training until the sun circle likes me, or wait for the weekly quest updates, I have NO quests! I mean, other than that the site is great! I own my own club, have 3 horses and go to the disco with my friends every week! If you happen to see me, I am under Myra Starweb and my club is open, and if you want to join, at least one of us have to know you. Hope this helped, and hope to see y'all around!

May 04, 2013
How To Fill Your Bucket
by: Water Bucket Helper

You must find a well, which are in all of or near the stables, you must click and drag the bucket to the well. It will fill. I hope I helped =] its a great game, so give it a try!

May 04, 2013
star stable verification code
by: raivyn

what is a star stable verification code?

Apr 30, 2013
by: cece loves horses

I love this game is beast......i never thought i would a horse, but now i do.... On STAR STABLE! It's amazing and anyone who hasn't tried it hasn't lived!!!!!!!!!
<3 it!

Apr 30, 2013
this game is frustrating
by: Anonymous

Been playing this game for three hours, bought the star rider pass, and i'm still irritated. I cannot feed, water, or groom my horse he just gets sadder and sadder. Nothing anyone has said has helped or work. Can't use the well i don't have a bucket and can't find where to buy one. Bought food yet no matter where i go it says i can't feed the horse there. I play SL and WOW as well.

Apr 27, 2013
by: Anonymouse Horserider <3

Well, recently I started playing Star Stable. Like, today. And I cannot go past level 3. Why? I have enough XP and all, but I can't. What happened?

Apr 26, 2013
Installation problems!!!
by: Mandy Candleheart

Star Stable is an AWESOME game! I have only been playing it for two days, but I love it. But one of my computers won't install it. It says 100% but then it won't load!


P.S: Add me! My name is Mandy Candleheart.

Apr 23, 2013
by: HEELP ME!!

I want to download a program 2 star stable and it is a program what makes that i can see some codes to star stable so i can get 10 days free star rider 4 free but a can't find the correctly download plz. heeeeeelp meeee!! :D

Thanks. ;D :D

Apr 21, 2013
I loved this from the beginning.
by: Ella Wolfpaw(SSO)

This game is most enjoyable as a Star Rider, but it can be fun without it as well. As for the "wild horse" glitch, I do know how to perform it, but never use it since it crashed the game often.

Apr 19, 2013
How to become a star rider for free
by: Anonymous

Hello - I was just wondering if there is a code or something to become a STAR rider? I am only a non-star rider and I have done most quests so it can get PRETTY boring, that's why I want to know - otherwise I can pay but yeah.. how?

Apr 19, 2013
Love it!
by: Payton Whitney

It is an awesome game but the only problem is that I don't know how to feed and care for my horse. If u have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below. Thx.

Apr 17, 2013
Wild Horse
by: Anonymous
Everyone who wants to become a wild horse should check this link. This is an explaining on how to do it. It helped me a lot, hope it helps you too. :D
(btw the game wouldn't get crashed, at least it didn't happen to me)

Apr 16, 2013
Howrse is better.....
by: thewarrenranch

I tried Star Stables before I got started on Howrse. I couldn't get it to download, it wouldn't load, and I wasn't into how I didn't get to NAME my character and horse... I had to pick a combination of words and letters from their menu, while on Howrse I can name my horses the names I have picked out for them. I'm sure this game's alright for someone, but to me, Howrse is more fun. Plus, on Howrse, you have the option to BUY passes to give your horse special items, but you don't have to, to enjoy the game and have good horses, while on Star Stables..... It gets kinda boring on the free version. But I'm sure this game is fun for someone; one of the TOP players on Howrse, called trickhorses, switched to Star Stables and says it's great. Their player name is (on SS) Danielle Greenlee. But you never know.... Maybe I'll have to try SS again sometime and give it another chance... ;)

~~thewarrenranch <3

Apr 15, 2013
Advice on chat
by: maria

Please can someone tell me where to confirm my email address? I've been looking for a long time and never found it.

Apr 14, 2013
by: Chloe Duskstrom

Star stable is amazing so is the graphics :) Not being a star-rider is kinda boring but being a star rider is sooo worth it!! The quests are so exciting! you can also do show-jumping courses and cross-country tracks it's awesome! There is loads of space to explore and you can make a club and go on adventures with your friends :) There is nothing bad I would say bout SSO PLAY IT!!! :D

Apr 13, 2013
by: StarStable Fan

HOw do you confirm your email address on star stable!? I really need help here!!

Apr 13, 2013
I <3 star stable
by: Mia Skybrooke

I LOVE this game. The latest update allows you to have up to six horses. Everyone's really excited about this. I'm a lifetime member and I never get bored of Star Stable. I have two horses: Ashboy (Dusty black mustang) and SkyWarrior (Buckskin - dun morgan) two stunning stallions. I am going to get a pure black English thoroughbred soon. I've seen her in the shop.

If you're a horse lover like me I strongly suggest this game! I promise you'll love it. Add me if you join: Mia Skybrooke

Oh and once you become a star rider you also do quests for the druids to help them to stop G.E.D and Dark Core two very evil companies. You have to do some training with them and I really enjoyed it. It's a never ending game with updates added every Wednesday. Quests are added all the time so if you do finish the game, you don't have to wait for long until another update is added! (Sorry about the length of this post) :D

I hope to see you soon on Star Stable! <3

Apr 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

OMG everyone is complaining of problems once their in the game or that the game won't download but guess what, the website won't even open for me. I type in and try opening it through google but it just won't open :( please help me D:

Apr 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

this is a great game! there's only 2 slight problems. its for windows only (not mac) and it takes around 2 mins to start. i love it its so fun! I've been looking for a game where i can ride and have my own horse and I've finally found the one! there is a thing where you can get a payed membership that allows you to do more things but sometimes they let you have a free 2 day trial! how nice is that!!!

Apr 09, 2013
unhappy horse
by: Christine

I like the game but I always have an unhappy horse even when I do all the feeding, watering, brushing, treats. How do you make your horse happy? No one would talk to me on the game. I don't know why?

Apr 09, 2013
Best Game Ever!
by: Lilli Winterbell

This is the best horse game in the world! I recommend you try it, It is really worth it. Again, if you don't buy the Star Rider membership, the game does get boring, so you're best bet is to get the Lifetime Star Rider, which I currently have. It gives you a free deluxe dressage outfit and matching tack for your horse, and you get different complete outfits and tack in the mail each week. If you buy the Star Rider you also get 1200 free Star Coins to spend plus an extra 100 every Saturday morning. The game has an amazing and entertaining story line and sometimes it gets really epic. Best game ever, 5 star review!!! :) Add me I am Lilli Winterbell on Wildfire!

Apr 08, 2013
How to fill your water bucket up!!
by: Sophie Diamond Bridge

This is to help those who don't know how to fill their water bucket up. First you would have a empty bucket. Then at Moorland Stables there will be a well near this man building something and next to the man there should be a well and you get the empty water bucket and drag it on to the well then you should have three water buckets full!! Hope this helps!!

Apr 06, 2013
by: jayney

Hi, so does anyone know any cheats hints or anything like that cause i've finished all the quest as a free player and i do love the game but i'm so impossibly bored now, and i've gone a brought starcoins and that and now i cant even go to other places. i even contacted their feedback crew through email and they obviously just blanked my comment asking about jumping as a free playing and giving ideas. pretty rude tbh. anyway yeah anyone got any cheats?

Apr 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've done all the quests but they were really good. Can't wait until second horses :D

Apr 05, 2013
wild horses ( only a horse without rider)
by: Anonymous

you need to go to documents then go to something ending with c then go to users then starstableonline then data then delete all halter reins files then delete all pants files then you should a horse only without a rider.

Apr 05, 2013
by: LOL

To all u people some of u make me laugh u ask questions that have already been answered and u try things before u ask cause there are some lame questions out there.
Also if u want ur horse to be happy care for it every day it's face will get happy eventually.
My opinion is to use google chrome it's fast and awesome no problems with it and runs smoothly. I use a laptop and chrome is just the best u can download it from the Internet and it only takes a seconds.

Apr 04, 2013
by: giuliana

i love u star sable!

Apr 04, 2013
Pretty awful game.
by: Jazz

At first it seems pretty cool, but you only get to go up to quest 5. The entire game just revolves around star riders, really. You can't do much at all unless you're a star rider, and I have literally been picked on in-game because i'm not a star rider. It's ridiculous, I wouldn't suggest even signing up. It just isn't worth it, all you can do after quest five is just ride around (In about 1/4 of the map since that's all that's unlocked) and muck out the stables.

I wouldn't suggest trying this, there are far better games out there for free :/ It's pretty disappointing, since the game makers obviously didn't consider the fact that some of us can't afford to be star riders.

Apr 04, 2013
Star stable
by: Danielle

Hey,some people on here r right.Star stable is AWESOME! I agree. but seriously i becomes soooooo boring sometimes when u are not a star rider i mean its kinda unfair that star riders get the best things and we are stuck with the end of the game. So please if anyone is reading this and agrees then try and persuade starstable to do something about this! when they ask u for comments and stuff to do better mention this, i have tried but i need more people. So if u agree then please help me and say make it fair and if we have finished all the none star rider quests then we should be able to go on to the star rider ones! and we should be able to jump even if we aren't a star rider! and we should get star coins too!

i'm Danielle say hi to me if u see me around! :) Bye! xoxoxox

Apr 04, 2013
Love it
by: Zita lowstorm

I love star stable! i am star rider having fun and my rider is: Zita lowstorm And horse: Goldbeauty

Apr 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

this game is the best game i have ever played!!!!

Apr 03, 2013
by: Roxy hood

it won't let me chat:/ I did the email thing but when it comes to the verification code its not attached to my email and the one it gives me doesn't work?:/ also waiting each day is very annoying.

Apr 03, 2013
How to get no rider on starstable
by: Brooke Wolfheart

Hey! I know how to have no rider on your horse but still control it. It doesn't make it crash, because it never has for me. Except once, but it doesn't delete your game, all you have to do to get it back to moving, you just turn the computer off then on again by the button.

And as for having no rider, you go onto the little file image on your computer home-screen or in your programs list. There you go onto Local Disk, select Users. Then go to Public, StarStableOnline, and then click the top one under SSO. It says Data, there, scroll down until you reach the Pants files, highlight them all and delete them. But when you do this, make sure you are logged onto StarStable and make sure that you are on the page where you click on the doors to enter the world. If you have an update to install, wait until the update finishes or it won't work. So when you are on that page, do the above. Then click on the doors and wait until the server loads. Once on the server, press I, then C. Take the bridle and any other tack from your horse, then put it into your inventory. You will have no visible rider, even though she is still there. You cannot get off your horse when you are like this though, because you will be unable to move. You are now a Wild Horse in the world of StarStable and are able to create Wild Horse RP's. Don't worry though, when you quit the game then load it again, unless you follow my instructions again, you will have your rider back and will have recovered all the data you deleted.

Say hello to me on StarStable! Or add me! I'm Brooke WolfHeart and my horse is a dappled grey 3 year old stallion with a black mane and tail. His name is StormHunter. So if anyone is parading around as me, you will know they are not by the name of the horse.

Apr 02, 2013
Wild horse glitch
by: Ellie

To get the glitch, ( Don't worry! your person will change back when you log back on!)watch 'Cintiastar99's' video on youtube. it is very simple. friend me on starstable! my in-game name is 'Ellie Eaglestorm'.

Apr 01, 2013
by: PonyGirl

The game won't let me chat please tell me a code to chat plz plz plz and i'm only 10years old.

Apr 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

how do you confirm your email?

Mar 31, 2013
by: :P

jumping game??? where is it??

Mar 30, 2013
by: Mira Sweetwater (my game name)

HELP ME!! I love this game but I can not get my chat going I have no US money I only have Canadian and I want to be a member so bad.Please help if you can't find a way for me to pay in Canadian money please let me know about some other horse games sort of like this. :)
My name on StarStable is Mira Sweetwater and if you try talking to me just remember I can not get my chat to work thank you.

Mar 30, 2013
Will not work
by: Anonymous

I am on the free version of the game and it keeps locking up. I love this game but I am Canadian and I can not afford all that US dollars:( I can't start the chat I love this game if anyone knows a way I can get my chat started and get a membership with Canadian money please send me a message on the game my persons name is Mira Sweetwater. I love this game I will be really upset if I can not play because I do not have any US money please tell me :).

Mar 30, 2013
how do u stand on u'r horse?
by: Holly Puppukight

btw that's my star stable name.
This is a comment and a question.
how do u stand on u'r horse?
And u'r website could have a little more info too.

Mar 29, 2013
great game
by: Anonymous

I love this game! I, myself am not a star rider so it's kind of boring when I play, but my sister is and I watch her sometimes.

Mar 28, 2013
my favorite game
by: lucy

i love the game my horse is just like my horse Zanty.

Mar 28, 2013
Bad language
by: Anonymous

Has anyone been accused of using bad language when they did not use bad language?

Mar 27, 2013
Invalid Code
by: Anonymous

When I tried to verify my email address it said invalid code. What do I do?

Mar 27, 2013
how to
by: rider

how do you buy your horse i got the offer and i did not have enough plz help. how do i buy starmane? (my horse)

Mar 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

NEED HELP RIGHT NOW! when i go on it says the server is offline! when will it come back?:( i love it so much and want to go on it now!! thank you x

Mar 27, 2013
Help and opinions
by: Ellen lowlund

I think that starstable is an amazing game and I am so happy that I found this game. Personally I think that this game has really nice graphics and its really fun. If you really want to participate in the real adventure of star stable u must pay to be a star rider. In the beginning you will get to create your character and name her then you will choose your horse and its name then after your account is done u play. But after u log in the game, get out of the game but don't log out, go to my account and at the top right corner you will find confirm email, u put down your email then u go to your email and confirm it. If that doesn't work for any reason then you would have to put in the verification code. If u are successful then u can chat. Please add me as your Friend my name is Ellen Lowlund.

Mar 27, 2013
Server offline!
by: Anonymous

hey, i went to go on it this morning but it said 'Server is temporarily unavailable for the Wednesday update. Come back soon for new content!'.. do you know how long it will take until i can go back onto it? add me, kiera!:)

Mar 27, 2013
Wats your name
by: Ellen lowlund

Anonymous what is your name in the game so I can be friends with u on the game and help u out plz tell me.

Mar 24, 2013
no rider
by: Anonymous

If you know how to make a no rider to where nobody can see ur rider can you plz plz plz plz comment and tell me how my rider is Rebecca eastfield? PlZ PlZ.

Mar 24, 2013
by: :)

I am not going to lie but if your not a star rider it gets REALLY boring after a while.

Mar 24, 2013
star stable for mac
by: Anonymous

star stable is fun but it sucks that it isn't for mac because i always have to play it at my friends house.

Mar 24, 2013
by: Ellen lowlund

Anonymous way is your name in the game ?????????? Maybe I can help u aid anything on the game. Add me Ellen lowlund good buy.

Mar 23, 2013
Star rider
by: Ellen lowlund

When I got my star rider for life time it worked very well who ever is having trouble with it maybe there is something wrong with the payment info. Try it again or contact star stable on the phone. Bye

Mar 23, 2013
thankyou star stable
by: novice

thank you star stable i have now gotta beautiful mare, she is 3 and her name is applestat. if you see me say hello i am rebecca catland.

Mar 23, 2013
Wild horse
by: Ellen lowlund

Is it true that if u make a wild horse your game will eventually end up crashing because that's what I heard from the star stable team. And I'm too scared to make a wild horse invade it really does crash, so plz help me give me some advice. Thank u bye.

Mar 23, 2013
How to care for your horse
by: Ellen lowlund

When you want to feed water groom and do that hoof thing u take eg. the brush and u drag it to your horse and when the border of the brush turns green u let go and it automatically brushes your horse. Same with the other stuff except if u have no water u have to fill the bucket up from the well, and so u run to the well and click the bucket and drag it to the well and let go when the border if the bucket is green. And if u have no food u have to buy it from the shop that has the hoof sign, u must have at least 50 Jorvik shillings or 2 star coins and then u repeat the same process once u have the food in your inventory . Add me as your friend Ellen lowlund. Bye :)

Mar 23, 2013
by: lucy sea storm

dang i have tried everything i still can't talk!!

Mar 23, 2013
i need to chat on starstable but how?
by: Anonymous

plz make it work.

Mar 23, 2013
I'm looking for a BFF
by: Ellen lowlund

If Anyone has has requests in being my BFF plz tell me I really want one to spend my time with. I'm a fun person and I'm a star rider and I guarantee ill have a great time with me. Btw I'm in year seven and turning thirteen so yeah. Don't forget to answer plz. Add me Ellen lowlund bye.

Mar 23, 2013
Now I have a question lol
by: Ellen lowlund

Umm how do I take a
Video in the game and put it on you tube that's it. Bye and add me Ellen lowlund.

Mar 23, 2013
Ellen lowlund
by: Answering questions

If u wanna buy your horse then u have to be a star rider wen u become one Thomas moorland will then offer u to buy it again and again until u buy it so that's how it'll work. Add me Ellen lowlund bye.

Mar 23, 2013
Ellen lowlund
by: Answering questions

Btw the verification code is something u use if your email doesn't work for any reason which us unlikely to happen. And the verification code is that thing u put eg. umm when you put your comments on this very page they tell u to copy the word so u can move on. Add me Ellen lowlund bye.

Mar 23, 2013
Answering all the questions
by: Ellen lowlund

Ok everyone who has a question I'm answering it to chat u have to confirm your email and when you login at the top of the page some where it says confirm email now and you click on it. Now the other question u can only
Buy you horse if you are star rider. And
Last thing if any questions add me on friend as Ellen lowlund and i'll help you out. I hope I helped u with this info . Buy and don't forget to be my friend.:)

Mar 21, 2013
They ruined it
by: Symbi Jay

Star Stable is a re-release of one of the greatest, albeit buggiest, horse games of all time.

Star Stable originated back in 2005. It was a one-year release, four games, that was only available through the Pony Book Club. The original title was Starshine Legacy. Comic books were released as well; I only got one thanks to someone hijacking my mail.

My games were later stolen along with most of my games and various, various horse items.

Then, years later, Star Stable came along through the same group. Star stable completely ruined the series: they made it subscription-only, limited free play to almost nothing, and free users CANNOT jump. At all. The free play can be completed in a total of five hours spread over four days, even IF you explore. And the firefox plugin will crash your computer, guaranteed.

The world is beautiful but slow to load. However, I was quite impressed that my four year old laptop, the buggy Wayward Vagabond, had few issues running it. Also, multiplier was added. That wasn't so bad, I guess.

Mar 19, 2013
Payment Problems?
by: Bella SnowForest

Is anyone else having major problems becoming a star rider? Cuz I bought a 3 month membership today and it said payment failed even though all my info was correct and even after my aunt checked it over...

Mar 19, 2013
How to chat
by: Ashley Longstreet

Ok we'll I figured it out once but ugh I can't do it again OMG I need help with confirming email but ya so can anyone help me I need where do you confirm email and I need how do you get the request from stars stable people that to confirm email address my name on the game is.......

Person:Ashley Longstreet

Horse: star stone

P.s: I have 2 accounts my horse is black with a blond mane if anyone is willing to help me meet at fort pinta at the sign I will give a speech out saying come to fort pinta to talk a bout chatting! On saying people be watching
Thanks bye reminder my name is Ashlyn in real life!

Mar 14, 2013
How to become a Wild Horse!
by: StarRider

For all of you who have wandered how to become a wild horse, well here you go... To become a wild horse you log onto StarStable and select Play Now. BUT WAIT, do not enter the game YET. You then need to press the Windows button and select Computer. You then will select Public, Then StarStableOnline, Data, and type in the search box 'Pants'. All the pants will appear... now you select all of them and delete them. You can take off your Halter/Rein inside the game. Once finished, you can then exit out of that and push 'Play' on your StarStable screen. When you enter the game you will not be visible and none of the other riders CHARACTERS will be. Just horses will appear. Not everyone sees you as a wild horse, they have to do the glitch also to see you as one. But you will know if someone is a wild horse when you are not one yourself if all their tack is off. Next time you log off and shut the game down your stuff WILL come back and you will have a character next time you log on. Or you can just repeat the process and have a wild horse.

Mar 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

When you delete the files you become a wild horse, When you log out then back in, everything will be fine! ;)

Mar 13, 2013
by: pink15me

i'm having trouble, i can't play it at all i mean i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee his game but it won't let me play a lot. :(((((((((((((

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Ok, I love my mare so much and I would love to buy her. They offered me to buy her when I started playing, but I hit cancel because I didn't have enough money. Now I do, but I can't figure out how to buy her!! Please help!!! Oh, and this game is AMAZING!!!!!!! PLEASEE help!!!!!!!

Mar 12, 2013
horses best
by: Anonymous


Mar 12, 2013
by: raven

I play on Starstable my name on it is Kara pnybell.

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

there is a new update you can take off the rains sooo you can be a wild horse.

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I go on my page and I really wanted to chat to my friend but it says you have to confirm your email address. When I go to do it I can't because it says verification code and I don't know one. I typed in my email address but it didn't work. I'm really getting annoyed with this lame game now! I asked my sister (she told me this website) and she said she didn't have to do it. so I tried out trying to send a letter but again it said this function is unavailable you need to confirm your email address. It's really getting on my nerves!!! I asked my other sister (I spread it on to her) and she said she didn't have to do it either. Am I the only one who has to verify my email address or what? Its so unfair, and whenever I watch my sister (the one who told me about it) playing on it she is always boasting about how she can speak on it and I can't. I asked for her help a million times but she never gets the time to and if she does she says I can't do it and storms off crying. No offence but I'm the one that's supposed to be crying not her. All I want for Christmas is to talk on there. Nothing is ever good for me I wish I just had an adventurous life, like last week I went to Low Bank Ground, I want all my life to be like that week. PLEASE HELP ME TALK ON STAR STABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you. :-(

Mar 11, 2013
Wild and Email- bucket solution
by: Anonymous

I have 2 questions,

1. How do you become a wild horse
2. How do you verify the email because mine says invalid code.

I have noticed many people have complained about not being able to fill their bucket. Well you open your inventory, grab your bucket and drag it to the well. Let go and it will fill up

Mar 10, 2013
Owning a horse
by: Zelda west wood

Hi when you start after doing a few small quests you get an offer to buy horse, it costs 300 jorvik shillings and I didn't have enough so i did more quest keeping the window open and when I had enough i couldn't click okay. how can i buy my horse?!?!? help!

Mar 09, 2013
by: horse hero

if you want to know what to do with the water bucket you have to drag it to the well then let go of it and you should get 3 buckets of water, and there is no free membership you have to pay but if you payed for a mag then there could be a free membership code ..... hope this helped :-)

Mar 09, 2013
by: lily

i have tried to confirm my email to chat but it won't work and i would love to chat please help me to chat in star stable. i love star stable can you help me as soon as possible!

from lily

Mar 07, 2013
by: Cristina Bluebell

Star Stable is an excellent game and true, there are many glitches! But before you ever play the game once you become a member and are about to do it for the first time, the reason the load is so long is because it's downloading everything that's in the game. Therefore when you delete files for the 'no rider glitch' the next time you log on it will download it back!

Mar 07, 2013
This is tough -.-
by: Frustrated

Well.. I was playing SS one day.. and i cared for my horse 'cause his mood was low.. and when i groomed, fed, watered, and picked his hooves.. his mood was still very sad and red. Plz help me someone. Oh and I also went on a little walk with him.. but his mood is very VERY VERY VERY sad.

Mar 07, 2013
wild horse
by: Anonymous

if you become a wild horse you will get your stuff back when you log off. i do it all the time love it!

Mar 06, 2013
by: Dark born

Omg I luv star stable. if u want add Lorena darkdaughter my horses name darkborn I have five quests tomorrow. I'm a star rider and to confirm ur account to talk is u except it on any device than log out of star stable then log in there ta da!

Mar 06, 2013
Question: How do i chat?
by: Selena Bluesmith

Well to chat i know to need to put your verification code but i don't understand what to put there..... Neither do my parents so i'm asking if anyone can tell me what this code is. :( I really want to chat but i can't til someone tells me how. Can someone please help me?

Selena Bluesmith

Mar 06, 2013
Star Stable is, AWESOME!!!!!!
by: Olivia

I LOVE Star Stable!!! I thik that it is the best video game for girls in history!!! I LOVE THE PEEPS WHO MADE IT!!!!! It is AWESOME!!!!!! :D

Mar 05, 2013
Please help
by: Anonymous

I want to become a wild horse in the game, I know how but i'm afraid if I delete all the things I have to delete, I might not get them back! Will I?

Mar 05, 2013
Payment Issues
by: Anonymous

I bought a lifetime subscription to be a star rider on last week and it still says pending for payment status. I have the same problem as some of the other people here who commented and would like to know a solution to the problem.

Mar 05, 2013
Water Bucket
by: Anonymous

you can only fill your water bucket up once it's empty. :)

Mar 04, 2013
Cant verify!
by: Remi

I can't verify my email! I love ss but i can not talk! When i go to the page that you verify your email on,it already has a code in it, so i click the verify account button but it says invalid code! Please help me!!!!

Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

the game is fun, but they have terrible customer service. I paid for a one month membership, and they charged me twice, never gave me a single membership, and have failed to reply to support emails I have sent.

Mar 03, 2013
Filling Water Buckets.
by: TATER :3

Ok... To simply fill a water bucket, you click and Drag it onto the well, and the blue rim around it will light up green. Let go and it will fill up.


Mar 03, 2013
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Alexa CrazyDawn

I love star stable, it's my favorite game. i'm on so much my mom has started complaining XD!!!

Mar 03, 2013
by: Stefanie Catforest

I recommend it 100% I'm a level 13 my horse level 14 and there are really fun quests. Becoming a star rider is totally worth the money, and sometimes there is "free star rider week". I love it *****! Once you figure it out, but I had no trouble.

Mar 02, 2013
star rider
by: Anonymous

i love this game! if anyone knows a cheat to get free star rider PLEASE mail me my name on the game is maggie puppystar

Mar 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

The minute i started playing this game... I LOVED IT... people helped me out and i LOVE chatting with my new friends!!!!

Mar 02, 2013
star stable
by: deanna

i know how to fill the bucket and groom my horse but where is the lame jumping quest to learn jumping, it is so stressful.

Mar 02, 2013
How to fill up your water bucket
by: Anonymous

Okay so first you need to go to a well. Then you have to open up your inventory(on the map you will find a bag icon), You will probably find a bucket inside your inventory, So walk or ride up to the well and drag your bucket to the well until you see the bucket turn green(not complete green), there you go ^-^...Hoped I helped ;).

Mar 02, 2013
:( hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeelllllllllpppppppp
by: Horsescrazynow


Mar 01, 2013
by: holly poniepie

p.s: if u want to trail ride my name is holly ponypie and my horse is winterbelle!

Mar 01, 2013
by: me

i started to play it and loved it but after a while it started to come up with this "can not connect" thing is it just my computer or something to do with the game? because my connection was fine.

Mar 01, 2013
by: Clara Flowerstorm

i can't get my starstable game to work when i logged on today after school when it started it stayed and loaded i can't get it to work. plzzzzz help me ppppppppppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz!!

Mar 01, 2013
add me
by: isabelle turtlestorm

i'm isabelle turtle storm on there and for the new star riders can add me and i'll help them until they reach my level so add for any thing im always online. :D

Feb 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am lost and angry. How do I fill up my freaking water bucket with water?????

Feb 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Me(lisa highbridge) is now LEVEL TWELVE!!!!

Feb 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

The championship course is amazing but they deleted it so only level twelves and up can go i don't know how to contact customer support. can someone plz help me?

Feb 27, 2013
Star stable
by: Anonymous

Can someone please list all of the things that you get for signing up for free.

Feb 27, 2013
by: HELP

How do you take care of your horse? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT.

Feb 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this game is fun, but it takes ages to load! It first took 30mins - 1 hour to load something then it started again!?!?!? I hope there's not a problem with it but I heard form others that you have to be a star rider to learn to jump - that really sucks and is not realistic at all.

Feb 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

How can I be a wild horse???????

Feb 26, 2013
The Chat
by: Anonymous

The e-mail to verify your e-mail address might end up in your junk or spam folder. I deleted mine by accident and couldn't revive it so I contacted Star Stable about it. They verified my e-mail for me after hearing about my problem :)

Feb 26, 2013
Star Stable
by: Anonymous

Just started playing the game. So far I like it, but am still learning the basics like how to take care of the horse. Please add me: Katharina AppleGarden

Feb 25, 2013
Never Played
by: Me

I haven't played the game yet because I downloaded it last night and let me tell you, it took FOREVER! A lot of you are saying the long downloading time is worth it, I really hope so because my mom was really worried about it damaging the computer. Like I said, never played it, but I don't know why all of you want to get a star rider account for free. I mean sure, if the game is good enough I might want to be a star rider too but I think you should not be putting glitches into the game because your making other people not able to play it. Overall I'm excited to try Starstable and hope it's worth it.

P.S: I would tell you to send me mail when i get on but i don't remember my player's name, haha :D

Feb 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

So, I've just become a new member, where you supposed to get a verification email? If you were, I didn't get one! WHY!? Now I can't chat or send mail!

Feb 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

Where they supposed to send you an email for the chat and mail thing? Because if they did, I didn't get it.

I can't speak!

Feb 23, 2013
by: Kitty Rainburg

ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MOVE JUST YOUR HORSE AFTER YOU DELETE PANTS, HALTER, AND REINS????? PLEASE! i have already deleted pants, halter. and reins, and i can move around, but i want to know how to dismount my horse, and make my horse visibly move around by itself for everyone else to see. mail me
on my account: Kitty Rainburg
horse: Morning Belle

p.s: if anyone knows any cheats about becoming a star rider for free, mail me!!!

- A desperate girl

Feb 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

i like it but when u get there.. there's this chat thing so u can talk to other people and u have to verify your account.. and i'm not getting it and there is no resend button so if u wanna talk to people in the game DON'T GET IT.

Feb 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

there is one problem on star stable, lots of the players are mean and bully and someone threatened to kill me, and threaten to hack my account and i am a life time member and that is money so beware u r beta off not chatting!!

P.S: my character is Lisa Highbridge and my horse is level fourteen, i am level eleven.

Feb 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

i LUV star stable my character is lisa highbridge and my horse is level fourteen, i am level eleven. i recommend it big time!!!

Feb 21, 2013
by: Jessica 12

How would u be a wild horse on star stable without no human?

Feb 21, 2013
i love star stable
by: sammy

i bet this game is the number 1 game on earth, it is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21, 2013
Great Game!!!!!
by: Luna Swiftlord

I LOVE it! I'm a star rider, but I do have to warn you that the "free game" is only a free trial. To access the rest of Star Stable, you must purchase membership. My mom wasn't so sure about downloading the game, but it didn't harm her computer so its all good. If you play, I'm Luna Swiftlord. (It's not my real name^.^)

Feb 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

as a free-to become a Star River if I have 6 level of the horse is 12. but I can not normally level as jobs there for me no what to do?

Feb 18, 2013
by: Jess

This game is amazing! i love it!

Feb 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

this is the best game ever that i have played so far, it is simple and has a beautiful story line
and i love the graphics.

Feb 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

do not play

The game makers do not care about their english players at all

What do I mean? I paid $70 for a star rider... never got it

I bought it a month ago and mailed the support 20 times since then

How many replies did I get? 0

Not even my money back

Do not play unless you want to lose your *real* money.

Feb 17, 2013
by: Dakota Sweetvalley & Wintermagic

This game is the best ever! Getting a star membership is really worth the price! Everybody PLEASE play Starstable!

Feb 12, 2013
what is the cheat code for wild horse
by: vanda queenfeld

what is the wild horse cheat code? i know you need to be near the well in moorland or something i think.

Feb 12, 2013
Epic Game
by: Dextra QueenHeart

This is the best horse game ever! I have to say when you start out with horse colors, it's a difficult decision because you can't change them later, so I went with a full white mane and a white coat. I'm a member and tell me your name on star stable through mail so maybe we can meet on star stable.

Feb 12, 2013
making your horse happy

Anonymous you just care for it every day.

Feb 11, 2013
star stable!
by: person

this is the best game ever, it is half like alicia and half like horse isle 2. there is a few problems though, it takes hours to load only to find out it won't come on anyway! i don't know if it is only with me but it won't work. it worked slow the first time and wouldn't let me talk, then after that it won't go on at all!!! if u can get it working it is AMAZING BEST HORSE GAME!!! because this won't work for me, they should make an english version of alicia, fix star stables or make a horse isle 3 with 3d picture like star stable and alicia.

Feb 11, 2013
installation issues
by: Anonymous

Hey Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone who had problems with the game updating all the time managed to resolve the issue?

Got an upset friend at the moment who loves this game but as say as I am with computers nothing seems to be fixing this problem.

Feb 10, 2013
your thing to tralking
by: Anonymouus 2

if you are a star rider you can talk but if you know the code then use that.

p.s: i am vanda queenfeld.

Feb 10, 2013
Star Rider
by: Anonymous

how do you do a glitch to make urself a star rider for free? i'm athena applepaw on Star Stable, mail me plz.

Feb 10, 2013
how to be come a wild horse
by: isabella

how do you become a wild horse and you are not a member!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 09, 2013
by: gallop girl

i love ss but it won't let me chat and it says that I need to confirm my email!!! what's happening??

Feb 08, 2013
Zoe Stephens
by: Anonymous

i would love it if you told me the cheat to get free star rider. if you have a star stable account mail me my account name is margaret wintertree or jennifer starlee.

Feb 08, 2013
i love it
by: i love it

i love it!!

Feb 08, 2013
How do you go to sleep?!
by: ElkesGates

How do you go to sleep in starstable!...
I have completed all my tasks and they have a yellow clock on top of each person...
How do you go to sleep?!

Feb 07, 2013
free star rider
by: rosiepuppy

dear Zoe Stephens,
i would love it if you told me how to be a star rider for free plz? mail me on star stable my name is Margaret Wintertree.

Feb 06, 2013
by: fay401

how do you take care of your horse?

Feb 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

Well! You have to pay to jump and be above level 4. Total rip-off. Do not get.

Feb 05, 2013
@ Happy Horse
by: Anonymous

@Happy Horse To make your horse happy, you must feed, water, groom, and clean out the feet every time they are orange :)

Feb 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hey, I did not verify my email address so I can't talk! Does anyone know how to verify it? can anyone help????!!!!!

Feb 04, 2013
okay i can help you
by: Anonymous

all you have to do i care for it often. makes em happier, it's fun. i love the game! i'm a star member and i'm nine.

Feb 02, 2013
love it
by: Anonymous

i just started playing it but it is awesome. I love the horse color choices, i had to go back two times to decide on which one to get but all in all it is fun. I'm fixing to go play it now once you get the download you will see its all worth it.

Feb 02, 2013
is there a way to be star rider for free?
by: Zoe Stephens

i want to be star rider for free. is there a cheat to do it???

Feb 01, 2013
best game ever
by: Anonymous

I'm a level 9 on star stable. I have been looking for a good game like this but this is the only one I could find.

Feb 01, 2013
by: starstable rocks so bad

hi, i know two cheats it's one how to get your rider in the floor. how to get your rider in the floor is by getting off your horse then back on but at the same time call for pick up then you rider will be in the floor.

two if your a star rider then go to the picnic arena behind the moorlands smith building then go up to a flat arena then walk your horse to the end when you get close up it will bring your horse and rider on top of the mine.

Feb 01, 2013
something happend
by: Anonymous

something happened on starstable, i was at my mailbox and i can not talk on starstable but when i was there i can send a mail to my friend bora.

that's crazy do you thenck?

Jan 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

i did not verify my account so does anyone no how to resend the code?

Jan 29, 2013
Happy Horse
by: Anonymous

Hey, my horse has a red sad face up at the upper left hand corner. Does anyone know how I can make him happier? I've tried grooming and it doesn't work...

Jan 29, 2013
Help me!
by: ponycute7

when I finally got it to download, it said that it could not connect to the server... Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you fix it? I'm sure this is a great game!

Jan 29, 2013
Awesome game
by: Anonymous

I have played this game so much I love it. It is THE BEST horse game I have ever played. It is the perfect came for horse lovers. I would recommend it to any person who has a love for horses.

Jan 29, 2013
star stable
by: sparkiling glitter

this games is so so so cool and it's the best. if U are playing this game{star stable} add me as your friend my name is caitlin skywrite.

Jan 28, 2013
how to go to sleep for next day
by: Anonymous

i have no idea how to go to sleep, so i can start a next day. i talk to the girl but it doesn't know a place to sleep on the map or anything.

Jan 28, 2013
by: luv horses

Whenever I try to get on star stable it loads for like 30 mins and then it just turns black and I have to shut my computer down. It really sucks and it makes me sad.... I need help cause I love the game..... HELP!

Jan 27, 2013
Help me...
by: Anonymous

I have finally downloaded the game, but when I hit play it says that I can't connect to the server... does anyone else have the same problem? and if so, can you help me fix it? I bet star stable is an awesome game!!!

Jan 27, 2013
by: SS

do you know how to cheat on ss? i need money so badly :( please help

Jan 27, 2013
Vertification code
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been trying to vertify my E-mail when i click it do i just copy and paste when i do it says invalid code?? I need help bad ASAP

Jan 26, 2013
I hoped better
by: Anonymous

Nice graphic but horses are more like cartoons than real animals it's a pity. Really boring game, there's a couple of quest per day you can do and then there's nothing else. I suppose that if you want this game to really be fun you must pay real money and that amount for a lifetime subscription is way too much.

Jan 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

why isn't 6 star stable working?

Jan 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

why is star stable not working? it goes straight to runescape?

Jan 24, 2013
by: sweetheart

hi! this game is very interesting. thanks bye

Jan 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been playing this for a while now, I have to say BEST GAME EVER! I'm Emma Greenforest! Very fun chatting with friends, doing quest, being part of an awesome story! I love the disco to dancing in Fort Pinta! Woohoo! xD

Jan 24, 2013
CHild haters!
by: Anonymous

Really got into the game. Paid a lifetime membership..$69 plus change. The bought 3 500 coins at $13.99 over the next 3 weeks. Game now kicks out fatal errors, PXStudioruntimemmo.exe error, tried to contact email and face book and they don't answer. Contacted dell computers and they manually went into my computer and found NOTHING. They said it's the site error not mine. Emailed again... guess what no answer.
How could you do this to a kid or anyone for that matter.

Jan 21, 2013
Nice game
by: OneDirectionluver101

I love this game, but it's really dumb that u have to be a member to learn how to jump. plus it takes long to load, but overall its a pretty awesome game! I have been a rider for quite a while, and i love horse games, but this by far is the best!

Jan 21, 2013
Best game ever
by: Lulu

I am a Star Rider and I love it! Even not being one is really good, but now I can jump and go to more places. On Internet Explorer, I had trouble with it, but I do it on google chrome and it works!

Jan 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Why won't the game download to my laptop??:( I really wish it would download, I bet it is a really fun and awesome game!!

Jan 20, 2013
help me !!!!
by: Anonymous

how do u delete a account on here? i want to make a new but i only have one email, any ideas??

Jan 19, 2013
by: Mary

How do you get feed for your horse? i don't know where to find it? PLEASE HELP!!!

Jan 19, 2013
Star Stable
by: Anonymous

Hey! I love Star Stable, i have been on it for a year i'm level 14!!! And it's super fun, my name is Nikki Highpaw on it. please add if you need help, i will gladly give you advice.

Jan 18, 2013
Not loading anything??
by: Anonymous

Lately we renewed our Internet, and all it does when I hit play is roam around the game, showing that I have no level, not does my horse. I emailed the game and they said it was because my Internet is week, what?? I payed for a $56.50 + tax membership. I had to have my friend do it at her house because every time I said I clicked 'buy' it would either say 'pending' or 'failed' which drives me out of the roof. I didn't even know they included tax, so I had to pay my friend more money. I'm fed up with it. I should be getting new Internet SOON just for the game.

Jan 16, 2013
Your Answer
by: StarStablesBraniac

To enable chat you have to go into your e-mail and there will be a message from star stables, there will be link to click to confirm your email. when u have clicked it it will take you to the website, it will say thanks for confirming your e-mail and take you back to the home screen of the website. On the side of groups you usually have to email the leader of the the group of club. You will find a red postbox that is sparkling blue in moorland near the gates to where loretta is click it and then click new select who your messaging and subject then wright it then send.

Hope that helped if you want to ask me more find me on star stables user:
Heather McSmith
Horse: Summerdream

Jan 14, 2013
Best Online Horse Game Out There
by: Anonymous

This game is one of the best online games I have ever played. I play on, and have for awhile. The owners got lazy and don't do anything new to keep you entertained, so I started looking for something new, and that's when I saw an ad for Star Stable and decided to try it out. I'm glad I did, because it's one of my most favorite games now.
I plan on saving up to buy a star rider account, where you can do a whole lot more and go into more areas and buy more things. That's one of the downers of being a basic member. You can only get to level 6 with your player, your horse can only go up to level 12 and you you can't get certain things or go into certain areas. But hey, they have to earn money to keep the site running, don't they? :)
One of the many perks is that it's well kept up, and they are always working on new, fun things, and making sure that it runs smoothly.
There's daily tasks to keep you occupied, and you earn coins for it too.
There's so many more good things I could say, but I'll just say it beats out every other online horse game out there. 5 Stars for Star Stable!

Jan 13, 2013
its not working
by: charlotte

the game is not working, can you put it back on for me? can you put the game back on, this is charlotte from louth saying.

Jan 12, 2013
by: horse lover

how do you talk because when i try to it says to conform my email address, if you can tell me and help me.


Jan 09, 2013
Amazing, but doesn't work
by: Lucia Ponypaw

It's an amazing game, but when I lately tried to go on, when I press 'PLAY NOW' it just shows a pink screen and doesn't go on it at all! HELP!

Jan 09, 2013
Great game
by: Holly Moonweb

I have tried a lot of horse games and this is one of only 2 games I will pay for to do extra (the other being I only played it for 7 days and decided to become a star rider. Its got a lot of activities you can do, but they're not too difficult. Its easy enough to earn Jorvick money to progress in the game too!
Id say everyone should try this game that's a fan of horses!
I put my name as my username on the game, so feel free to add me as a friend and message me.

Jan 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

can any of you tell me how to get chat on star stable? Because when ever i try to type something into the chat bar it says you have to confirm your email address but i don't know how! So can any of you please tell me what to do. Also i need to know about clubs and groups cause i was invited into a bunch and i accepted them all but is there a way to know exactly where they are so you can meet up?

Jan 06, 2013
star stable is the best well.....
by: lily roberts

i played star stable it takes a long time to play but it's worth it oh and there is a girl that said you hate star stable because it gave her a virus and that is why she hated it. (Well i have a note to you... YOU PRESSED IT TOO MANY TIMES AND THAT'S WHY IT GAVE YOU A VIRUS!!) Anyways the game is great because it's like you know everyone in there like your sister or brother or mom and dad and so on... well that is if you are friends with them. I had my first friend when she send me a request then she invited me to a group then she said you are my first BFF out of the ordinary?!?!? when you first get on then and you are a star rider you get to be a wild horse with a herd i think! hope you like the game! :)

Jan 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

when i ride up to the well and drag my bucket to the well it does not refill. i'm worried my horse Angelstar (i call her Angel for short) will not get any water. plz help

Jan 04, 2013
by: Ellie snownight

Star stable is a amazing virtual horse game with a 3d feel. I would recommend being a star rider as it does get a bit boring after a while when your not one. I think you should be able to access the whole game and not wait a day to do quests. There are a few glitches and the graphics are not that great but apart from that it is an excellent game.

Jan 04, 2013
I want to play the game
by: Anonymous

when will the game be in Puerto Rico? i can't play :(

Jan 04, 2013
Star Coins! (Help)
by: Anonymous

Hello, this website is really cool, but I've got a question.. Does anyone know how to get free Star Coins? I need them to buy pets and more.. Or is there a quest where we can get a free pet??


Jan 03, 2013
how to chat
by: rosiepuppy

to chat you have to verify your e-mail.

Jan 03, 2013
Star rider jumping
by: Mia starstar

Just to let star riders know that you have to jump to do a special quest and I think you need to be at least level 7. Hope this helped to the people who weren't sure.

Jan 02, 2013
Payment FAILED?!!
by: Anonymous

My daughter takes english riding and jumping lessons and absolutely LOVES this game. HOWEVER, each time we try to purchase the payment fails. I know the information is entered correctly, because I have checked it. Was going to try PayPal, but I REFUSE to sign up for automatic one year payment renewals... Seems others are having this issue as well. They are losing money and making little girls sad at the same time. I've emailed support, but have not received any response. I hope they get it fixed soon. (I would have put only one star, but my daughter wouldn't let me!)

Jan 02, 2013
Payment FAILED?!!
by: Anonymous

My daughter takes english riding and jumping lessons and absolutely LOVES this game. HOWEVER, each time we try to purchase the payment fails. I know the information is entered correctly, because I have checked it. Was going to try PayPal, but I REFUSE to sign up for automatic one year payment renewals... Seems others are having this issue as well. They are losing money and making little girls sad at the same time. I've emailed support, but have not received any response. I hope they get it fixed soon. (I would have put only one star, but my daughter wouldn't let me!)

Dec 31, 2012
by: Lily

i love ss, i have no problems at all but for those who need help you have a facebook type emma blue field. she is the best and she know how to be a wild horse.

Dec 29, 2012
Tech Issues
by: Sylvie

I was on the game for only 4 days when BAM. A note comes up telling me i've finished all the free content. Ok, not a problem, i've got plenty of cash, i'll just subscribe and keep going. But When i tried to buy a subscription, it told me that it failed and i should contact customer support. I did, but they haven't responded still. What should i do? Just... wait?

Dec 27, 2012
I love the game!
by: Becca

This game is the best! I have been playing this for 6 months. I am a star rider and I love being one! If you are not a star rider then it is still fun! If you need help then ask me or leave a comment.

Dec 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm a star rider for a month, i wanted to try it and for me it's worth it, paying the money, i'll think about continuing with 3/6 months. i love this game, i'm called Linn Wolfpaw and i personally think the graphics are great. if you are thinking about a starr ider, i'll say it's worth it. if the free space and part of the game is fun for you, then it's worth it! But i would try a month or so before you get it longer. Play it! It's addicting and SO fun! See ya there ;)

Dec 27, 2012
New Website
by: Free

Hey I'll be a mod or admin on wildhorsez :D

Dec 27, 2012
It is the best game ever!!
by: Anonymous

It is the best game ever!! I have played it and I have a membership but without the membership it is fun. But with the membership it is so cool! You can learn how to jump, you can get stuff for your horse like western saddles, english saddles, or other stuff! You can also get stuff for your self. Like shirts or pants, hats, and more. I love the game you can explore and you can get star coins every week!

Dec 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

how do i download the game to my laptop?

Dec 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

So I made my account but after it's done loading and gets ready to pull up the screen goes black and it won't load. I have no clue what it's doing so i don't know what to do. I have had to try three times over the past two hours to play it but it won't work!!!!! Please help me!!!!!!!

Dec 26, 2012
Help please
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have heard people have been having problems when buying a star rider membership from star stable. I was just wondering If I decided to buy the life time membership and a problem occurred while purchasing it, what should I do? The Contact button and link do not work I have tried several times to ask something but It always says error on page whenever I tried to send the message, so what should I do?
Thank you

Dec 25, 2012
by: Anonymous is the newest coolest website ever, don't look at it and say no way ho say just check it out and help spread the word. i need 7 more mods so if you join you can be a mod or even an admin!

Dec 24, 2012
water bucket
by: Anonymous

If you ride up to the well and open the inventory, you can click and drag the bucket to the well. That will refill the bucket. And as for the loading problem, i got nothing!

Dec 24, 2012
by: Channel_Soul

This time it's a wonderful game and I love my horse Midnight Soul anyway yesterday I had Star-Rider but today none!

Dec 23, 2012
this won't work
by: imena

star stable won't work for me, i'm a member for the weekend and it won't let me jump. this is getting me mad i just want to throw my computer and forget about that game.

Dec 22, 2012
Experienced Player
by: Britney Mcknight

I have played this game for a few months now and I have meet some really great friends. So far until the next update i'm the highest level. I'm a star rider on star stable and i LOVE IT! the only thing I don't care for about the game is they have problems with updates and servers a lot. The support tends to help but they are slow at responding. Other than that i love the game. I saw a few complaints about the chat and all the #'s. well that is because of a filter on the chat that prevent people from using bad language naming, where they live, Bullying etc. Hope this helps or makes you want to play the game. If you want to friend me on the game my characters name is Britney McKnight and i'm online almost everyday. Unless i'm having game issues like i am today.


Dec 22, 2012
star rider
by: Emily Skyfield

Emily SKyfield is my name on it, i am a star rider on lvl 13. if you are thinking of been a star rider then it's worth the money!

Dec 22, 2012
by: charlotte

it is soo cool but i really want to learn how to jump. i am a star rider can someone tell me how?

Dec 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

How do you remove the saddle i like cant!...?

Dec 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

i tried to download and it says "Installing Star Stable and DirectX
100%" and it is still loading.

Dec 20, 2012
answer to question!
by: fairywings100

you go to your inventory and find food and you drag it to your horse when the sides turn green,(the bag icon to the side where the map is!) :) and to anybody: i'm a star rider and add me if you want! =^_^= my name is keila HighKnight!!

Dec 20, 2012
star stable least
by: littlebit

s s is the worst it gave my computer a virus thanks a lot s s.

Dec 20, 2012
please help!
by: Kate Fast Brooke

hi i have tried to feed and groom my horse but it just won't work? i bought hay and dragged it to my horses mouth bu nothing happens? do i need a water bucket or something if so please tell me where i can get it from?


Dec 19, 2012
How to feed and more things
by: Hanna

Go there you buy things and there you buy saddles. And drag the hay to the horse when its green so can you drop. Star stable is so fun i like the game :)

Dec 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

explain how to groom my horse please??

Dec 16, 2012
Help me please
by: Anonymous

I can't figure out how you groom, hoof pick, feed and water your horse?

Dec 16, 2012
free chat
by: anounamous

Do you know how to get free chat on star stable? i keep trying to figure it out. so can you comment and help me.

Dec 16, 2012
how to groom a horse
by: Anonymous

to feed and groom the horse click the brush drag it on to the horses chest and let go of the click then you have done.

Dec 16, 2012
it's good
by: horsey

star stable is really good, it takes a l o n g time to download and all that but it's worth it. there are different parts of the land and you have too do sort on things to get to each part, there are loads of different villages and stables and the first one you get to is moorland stables, it's where you learn to gallop and mount and dismount. you are not allowed to leave the gates of moorland stables until you learn how to do that and get permission that only takes a few minutes and all though once you do this you can go by something use your money wisely.

Dec 16, 2012
by: MewmewGirl

The game is really awesome!

There's more role play in this game without combat than most games that claim to be "RPGs".

What time does the new day start for quests tho? Wish I knew :D

Dec 15, 2012
feeding and groming
by: Anonymous

i try to feed and water my horse but i can not for some reason !!!!!x(

Dec 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Help i can't seem to figure out how to feed and groom my horse.

Dec 12, 2012
love it
by: Anonymous

i love star stable. everyone should play it.

Dec 11, 2012
runtime error
by: Anonymous

has anyone had the issue of the game not even starting? I have uninstalled/re installed several times and talked to support, who are useless...


The program is showing an error unable to run startup file after it does the updates and goes to the purple cat screen. Has anyone been able to "fix" this. Want to play but no luck since the error is fatal.

Any help in fixing the issue would be wonderful.

Dec 11, 2012
Wrote to tech support
by: Anonymous

I just keep hovering around the land after I enter the game It just keeps replaying it and I don't know how to make it not hover around. I wrote to tech support for help, no response. And I don't see any one really answering any requests for help here either.

Dec 10, 2012
how to chat?
by: Anonymous

where/how do you confirm you're email address?

Dec 10, 2012
Super fun
by: Anonymous

I have been on start stable for about a day and so far I think it is great. the graphics are quite good and the gameplay is super fun. all in all a really great game. :D

Dec 09, 2012
to get it to work...
by: Anonymous

Try Firefox or google chrome it didn't work for me first time on internet explorer but now it works. i am on google chrome try this it helps...

Dec 08, 2012
by: sophie

omg i love this game! well i did i tried downloading it but it wouldn't let me so i kept trying on both my parents computer. i am so annoyed it would let me before with my friends but now i just do not know.

Dec 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I wanted to play this game but idk how to install it!!! i press install and made my account but it just gives me a message saying to play the game accept the question on installation on the bottom/top of your browser window but there's nothing there!!!! i have tried looking for it and looking it up and downloading all these things to try and get it to work which might harm my computer cus i wanted to play so bad but nothing will work!!!! please help!!!

Dec 08, 2012
by: none of your beeswax

i am on this all day and can't stop lol but i hate the number signs everytime i put something that is awesome it puts this########### blah blah blah ya and so but i'm now a lifetime star rider and i enjoy it, and i love the chats but i wish that we could say what we wanted instead of having these crappy signs #####. ugh i would totally recommend it, it's the only thing i play now other than howrse and some other games, and it can be frustrating because i wish you could go WHEREVER YOU WANTED when your a star rider really ticks me off blah ya i totally recommend if you're a totally horse crazy girl.

Dec 08, 2012
by: Rosiepuppy

I love it! I have beaten the free version 5 times so if anyone knows how to get to a star rider for free would you mind telling me?

Dec 08, 2012
Er, how long does it take to pend?
by: Mille Gladerock

My dad bought membership, and it failed several times. I checked the payment history and it said the payment is pending. I have seen many complaints, and I'm wondering nervously.. how long does it take to pend?

Dec 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

the game is amazing and it is so much fun. great graphics and everything.... but the wait is so long! and sometimes it will randomly log me out and it is soooooooo annoying. i love the game but the wait is long........ i am on level 6 and would say it is worth...... mainly if you are a star rider...... just like i said.... LOVE THE GAME BUT HATE THE WAIT.

Nov 27, 2012
Worth Playing...But....
by: Bri

I have been a big fan of Star Stable ever since a friend recommended it to me about 10 months ago. I have been playing it since, and than on my first account, discovered, the Star Rider status. Although this game is great, and the tasks are fun, I wondered if it was really worth playing. A couple people told me that it is, because it adds things like jumping, and unlimited quests as far as I know, but, other than that, things you barely care about. In my opinion, make accounts, have fun and play. If you are a real gamer like me, you will reach the maximum level in a day. Which, although it stinks, can still be fun if you're under 10. I'm 14. Anyway, I will see if I can get myself back into Star Stable, but I don't know if it will be worth paying money for. We'll see. I like this site as well, but I think that a lot of people are mainly looking for things where you can chat and meet others, instead of just caring for a horse. Just a tip!

Nov 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Really Fun!

Nov 25, 2012
Love But Sad
by: Shiann


Nov 25, 2012
my view of star stable
by: Daniella Silverbridge

Hi. I'm a massive fan of star stable. I advise you get this game as i have played it everyday since i got it and i now am level eleven.Star stable is an amazing multiplayer game. I have made a very special friend and i am very proud of this game.I couldn't ask for a better game :) thank you world of horsecraft for making this game.I enjoy it thoroughly and is the main highlight of my life!

Nov 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

If you are having trouble getting the game to start, try playing the game on Mozilla Firefox. I had problems with internet explorer, but when I played it using Firefox it worked just fine. If you do not have Firefox already installed, here is the link:

Nov 18, 2012
by: Rosemary

I Try to download it but it would not work. i signed in and do all those stuff then click play now! then it said to install, i press it then It got to 100% but it still loading! i don't know what to do. i done it 1000000000000000000000 times! HELP OR AVIDENT PLZ I WANT TO SEE THIS FUN GAME YOU'RE TELLING ME!!!!

Nov 18, 2012
Pending Problem
by: Anonymous

I tried to buy a one month membership but It says pending. What does that mean? It's taking ages!

Nov 17, 2012
Cant log in
by: Anonymous

what the hell happened with this game? it looks great but Anyway what i do, i cant get in?

Nov 14, 2012
Payment Issues
by: Holly

I'm trying to make a payment to the star rider from my mobile and it just keeps saying processing and still has not sent me a code!

Nov 14, 2012
Should I?
by: Olivia

Would you recommend me trying it?

Nov 12, 2012
Technical Payment Issues
by: Anonymous

Unbelievable, we have been trying to buy a 3x month membership to the game and it will not link through to the visa option so we tried to pay by paypal and after selecting a 3x month membership and selecting paypal it reverted to a 12x month agreement!! so we cannot process the payment as we do not want to pay for 12x months!, in addition we have tried many times to email them about the issue but the contact us link does not process properly once you have filled out your query.It appears that there are many people who are having technical issues with this game. It is a shame that some people have gone to so much effort to get it so far but they have not ensured it works properly on the IT side. Note to gaming company" You should ensure that your contact us page works at the very least!

Nov 11, 2012
star stable
by: Anonymous

i can't get it to install. what do i do now?

Nov 11, 2012
Membership Trouble!!!!
by: Anonymous

I am getting really mad! My mom said I could get one of those lifetime memberships, (2012 weekend) and now it says pending on two out of the 10 things I sent with the Mastercard. I've e-mail bunches of e-mails to Star Stable.. but I still haven't received my membership!! Anybody else know how to solve this, or had it happened to them? All of the info is correct!! I checked numerous times!! [[US PAYMENT]]
Please Please PLEASE!!! Help me!! I'll do anything to know! :(

Nov 11, 2012
Some Information for those who asked
by: Anonymous

As for grooming and feeding your horse, you have to do some quests, until you go back to Justin Moorland, he will then give you a brush, Hoof Pick and bucket, you fill the bucket up at the well, for hay you can go to any of the stores, and buy hay for your horse, as for jumping you have to finish enough quests to get access to silverglade, there is where you are taught how to jump.

Nov 10, 2012
by: emma

it keeps saying unable to connect to game sever. what do i do?

Nov 09, 2012
AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS!!
by: Sara, The horse LOVER!!!!!

I go on StarStable ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!! My playername is Sasha SeaBell, add me!

Nov 06, 2012
by: star stable is awesome

I love this game so much it is really cheap to pay for membership. but i want more games like this, does anyone know anymore horse role play games?

Nov 05, 2012
how do you groom and feed
by: Anonymous

how do you groom, feed etc your horse on star stable, I was finally after months able to get on the game, but can't for the life of me find out where you go to take your horse to care for it. does anyone know?

Nov 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but I have no idea how i learn to jump and I have star rider O.o???? xx

Nov 03, 2012
How to Jump?
by: Anonymous

I am A star rider but what's the special quest to do to get to jump? x plzzzz help me x

Nov 02, 2012
by: ILovePonies

I can't open it in the web browser. it's killing me and I only have played it once. HELP ME!

Nov 02, 2012
horse games
by: kate

i love this horse game it is fun and you can explore the world and talk to people. you can mack your own horse and person. You can buy tack and clothes, it is a fun game. i hope you enjoy it!

Oct 30, 2012
by: SenoSesa

I can't connect the server!
What can I do??

Oct 27, 2012
sooo cooollll
by: amber

this game is so cool LOVE IT!

Oct 26, 2012
how do i ride without a rider?
by: lily

Hi, i always see videos and they are riding without a rider and reins and a saddle.i want to learn so if anybody know how plz plz plz plz tell me :D

Oct 25, 2012
Please Help!
by: Cj

I downloaded Star Stable and everything right...
the only problem is, it won't let me play it! I just keep hovering around the land or whatever. It just keeps replaying it and I don't know how to make it not hover around. Can anyone help?
Thanks so much!

Oct 22, 2012
by: horses rule

awesome! love this game, get it. one question do you have to get the membership to jump? besides that there is nothing wrong with it.

Oct 22, 2012
by: tove

this is a really awesome game. don't let anyone tell you it's bad OK, so there is the fact of being a star rider which you have to pay for but you will want to pay for this game. it's awesome, it's fun you, can have friends you can even race with them plus you have quest which sadly end after you complete them but on the upside they have discos every Friday and Sunday. you can customize your horse and rider, you can mount dis mount and you also will need to take care of your horse but like i said this is a really really really awesome horse game, i would try it if i were you.

Oct 21, 2012
how do i play?
by: Anonymous

how do i play? want to but it won't let me!!!
do u like horses add me if u do!!

Oct 19, 2012
People having trouble downloading
by: Anonymous

If you can't download the game (error occurs) try downloading directx again by following the pages link. After I had gotten a new laptop I tried to download the game on my new asus but the game kept coming back with an error. Once I had downloaded directx again I was able to download and play.

Oct 18, 2012
ya horses
by: Crazygirl

well, i like this games because i love horses if only i lived in the country i want a horse so bad, i pretty much like all horse games. my favorites horse games are the virtual horses me and my little sister have virtual horses, my horses name is Starburst and my little sister virtual horse is named Rosey.

Oct 17, 2012
how do I take care of my horse?
by: Anonymous

I can't brush, feed water or use the pick on my horse. it says I need to be in the stable place but I am in the stable place and it won't let me. =(

Oct 14, 2012
I can't go past the updates at the start
by: Kerry

I try to get past it, and i get to about 98% but it then says ERROR and it says contact us, and it's getting really annoying! What's the problem here? I am so confused. It was fine yesterday! I've just joined as well

Oct 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

how am i suppose to start the game? i clicked play it goes to the screen showing all the trees the land.. etc. but i waited quite awhile it still stayed at the same screen i cant get in. How??

Oct 02, 2012
by: Sarah

this game is the best game ever! every week on Wednesdays they have updates and if u want u can send a message to them saying ur problems, what they need to improve, and things you think they should add. i'm a star rider and i'm loving it! the graphics i think are the best i have ever seen! just to let you know, this game started in Sweden. it finally came out for more countries when summer started in 2012. so if there are any problems that might be why and because they speak in a different language that means it might take a while to reply. being a star rider actually doesn't cost much if u add it all up for a year. i got the yearly membership because i did the math and thought it was the best price. if u look at other games i would say it isn't worth it but this one is. also if you check out the star rider info u can see what things u can do by being one. if u are a horse lover this is a MUST TRY GAME! i know the game takes a long time to download but that's because this online world is HUGE. in my opinion this might as well be the best online horse game u will ever find. now try it and see what u think. :D

Oct 01, 2012
I can't download this game
by: blaze

I have actually tried for more than 2 months to download this game, and it won't work, i just bought this computer in May of 2012,(only 4 months old), It has all the Specs to play this game, but nothing I have tried will work, I have used all browsers to try, different email accounts ETC and nothing, All I get is the checking for updates spinner, then it goes back to the home page saying "UNKNOWN ERROR" and that is it, can anyone give me a reason why this is happening? Thanks Bunches!!

Sep 07, 2012
My only problems with this game
by: Talesse

1: You have to pay to jump with your horse and go other places besides the Moorland Stable and Fort Pinta

2: You can't free name your horse you have to go trough this scroll thing, if you don't like those names, too bad you have to have one.

Otherwise it a very very good game.

Sep 05, 2012
ummmm.... too long
by: Anonymous

I just started to play star stable, it's installed and is now checking for updates, but why is it taking sooooo long to load? like an hr so far. I hope it doesn't do this every time I log on or I will delete it!

Sep 03, 2012
it don't work..
by: ELL...

it's a very nice game, i pay it 2 days, in the 3rd day i wanna play it and now is it every time like: Unable to connect the server. what can i do?

Aug 31, 2012
by: SaffyBlue

OMG!!!!! I ADORE this game. It's the first game a payed for, because it's REALLY worth paying!!!!!!! And playing of course ;) I had no problems downloading it, and it works brilliantly. I found the perfect horse game at last!

Aug 30, 2012
by: shelby

where do you push play at??

Aug 28, 2012
whats your dog name
by: Mariam


Aug 27, 2012
mac ):
by: Ellyn

Sadly i have a mac and cannot play this game, so i guess i will wait until a mac version is open.

Aug 23, 2012
dear website
by: crazy animal fan

please add games for mac as you know christmas is coming up and i would like to know great mac games since you can not use pc games on mac, so thank you if you do add it. i really appreciate it, i know it will change your website a little but i would really like if you did.

crazy animal fan

Aug 20, 2012
Star Member
by: Anonymous

i've been on this game 1 week and the free version is good, but i managed to get star membership and it's great! you can jump, tack and decorate your horse with more pretty things and gain access to many places, including the indoor arena! Seriously the jumping half of the indoor area is great!

plus it's not that expensive to buy! however it does pay monthly, as i discovered when i bought it. you can also cancel subscription whenever you want!

star coins are special coins that buy anything, loads cheaper than your average coins.

Aug 19, 2012
by: jana

I love the game so much. the game is the best game ever.

Aug 19, 2012
Hey, I know of another game.
by: Alyxandrea

Hey, I know of another game. It's link is You don't have to download it. And I know of another called I also know of another web-site, kind of like your's. It tell's horse-game's. Here's the link if you want to add some from their
Happy, horse riding, everybody!

Aug 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm having a hard time downloading it, but are there wild horses on there?

Aug 12, 2012
PC Too...
by: Lili Etch

I have a game kinda like this only it's for PC and a disc. I can't download things to my mom and dad's computer so i can't play this or the PC one because My computer broke down. It's a season game, and i have the winter riders but If my computer still worked, then i would play this one all the time.

Aug 12, 2012
Help for Sydney
by: I <3 Star Stable

Hey Sydney,

I have been on Star Stable for awhile now, and here is some help. For the bucket at the well: You need to FIND a bucket somewhere else if you need your horse to drink water. Find Justin Moorland; he is in the courtyard behind the well. If you do the quest he has for you, you will see that there is a brush, some hay, water buckets, and a hoof pick behind him. To get your horse to drink the water, just take it from your inventory and drag it onto your horse. When it turns green, click it and your horse will drink water.
So, in other words, the well is useless. :)

Aug 11, 2012
Love this game!
by: Anonymous

I really like Star Stable. And as for you, Sydney... I have the same problem with the incredibly long waiting time! I have no idea what to do.

Aug 10, 2012
Luv IT
by: ArabianLover

I love this game and it works great on my laptop! I wish I was a member. For the bucket, go to the inventory and drag your bucket out and place it over the brown bucket on the ground. Hope this helped!

Aug 08, 2012
What do I do with the bucket?
by: Sydney from

Does anyone know what I am supposed to do with the bucket at the well? I can't figure it out...!

Also I have found this game loads very slowly. Once it does, it's great but it can take a LONG time...(and I have a fast internet connection).

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