fred...looks can deceive

fred...looks can deceive

this is Fred. He looks so sweet and innocent....looks can be deceptive!!!! You have been warned . . . .
We had a pony called Fred. He was a bit dim and spooked at a lot of silly things. He spooked when my lil sis was riding him and he cantered nearly half a mile up the lane, twice round a field, up a farm track. He stopped dead and my lil sis fell off and landed in a pile of leaves. he then went back down the lane (another half a mile) round the estate and along a road by the river bank (another half mile). He finally stopped outside the corner shop, where my mum was telling her friend how nice and well behaved he was!!!!!!

Can you imagine? "oh yes, Fred is a good pony, a little bit silly but very well behaved!" said Mum
"Oh my gosh!!! is that him?" said the friend.
"yes it is, oh no!" said mum as Fred came galloping towards them, stirrups flapping and riderless!

True story!

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Aug 07, 2008
Very Funny!
by: Windcall

This is a really funny story! I simply cannot believe that this happened in actual life. It seems so much like a movie scene to me. How old is Fred?

Mar 25, 2008
apples run away
by: mckenzie

that was a great story and I had somthing similar happen to my friend lindsey and me. We took my horse brownie up to his pausture and forgot apple so we went and got apple but we left brownie at his pausture. so when we were taking apple up we already had the saddle on her so my friend started to trot on apple then apple decided to run. with apple running lindsey fell of!!!!! apple ran around the corner and the saddle broke we drove to brownie`s pausture. of course apple was fine!

Jul 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

he's not scary it's not his fault that he got spooked.every pony get's spooked sometime's it doesen't them scary!!!!!

Nov 22, 2008
by: lucy

how is he scary i thought i better give you a star anyway.

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