Saddle Up with Pippa Funnell

by Savannah

I absolutely love this game!

It is pretty easy but it has some tricky parts. You get to choose a horse from 14 different breeds, and choose your outfits and your hair (you are a girl named Estelle).

The storyline is: you have inherited a broken down horse farm with one horse. You train for competitions (jumping, dressage, and cross country) and if you win you can buy improvements for the farm or get more horses. You care for your horses by feeding, grooming, riding, and choosing where to stable them (stable or paddock) if you help people in town you get money (sometimes). There is a villain and he doesn't want you to have the horse farm. So he sabotages competitions and your farm.

Also, Estelle and Davvy (the stable hand) have kind of a romance thing going on but its not very good its all mushy and awful (not inappropriate just boring and weird). That is the only part I don't like.

But all in all, I definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves horses!

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Mar 19, 2016
So nostalgic
by: Anonymous

I used to play this game when I was younger, it does get hard at parts and I did find myself stuck often, but at the time it was very nice looking. The story is more complex than what you'd expect from every little girl's game, which I see as a plus; it was very enjoyable to build up your stud farm gradually and win more horses. I was so immersed in the character's lives and the town.

Recently I've wanted to return to the game, but I couldn't find my old copy, so I bought one off amazon. It doesn't work on my computer, no matter what I do. I have windows 10, of course I can't tell whether this is because it simply isn't compatible, or the game I bought was broken.

Apr 13, 2013
Oh whaaatever
by: maki

Guess I am the only one who doesn't think that Saddle Up with Pippa Funnel is anything like Gallop & Ride. I mean I cannot help it if I think they are different, I mean shat is the same? That you have to renovate it? Oh wow do that in a lot of games. In Gallop and Ride you have your farm and people come and stay and ride out on your horses. You can upgrade to accommodate more people and get more horses. You renovate buildings and train foals and there is massage therapy for horses. Don't forget riding out and competing as well.

Saddle Up with Pippa Funnell you start out with a farm you inherit from your uncle and have to bring it back around. You start with one horse. There is an evil man trying to buy out the far from you and you must do whatever you can to stop him. Along with winning competitions you can upgrade the farm in barns, trailers, new horses, etc. The game is like a huge mystery to solve and save the farm.

Please excuse me if I do not think those games are exactly the same.

Apr 05, 2013
Reply to "Duh"
by: Flicka&Fosta@Heartland14


I own Gallop&Ride and I've had it for quite a long time. I've read other reviews(here and else where)of people who own Saddle up with Pippa and Funnel, AND Gallop&Ride(some own BOTH), and they say that they're ALIKE.

And, the game that's EXACTLY the same as Gallop&Ride(in which I already know), is My Riding Stable 2.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Maki

Flicka&Fosta uhm no I own both those games and they are not similar at all. Saddle Up With Pippa Funnel you are inheriting a ranch and trying to save it and keep it around while building up with horses and training and competing. Gallop and Ride you have a riding center with horses and have foals to train and can give horses massage therapy. Not at all alike. There is in fact a game that is the exact same thing as Gallop and Ride With a different title i just cannot remember it at the moment but it is NOT this one.

Mar 27, 2013
Seems like the same thing as another game..........
by: Flicka&Fosta@Heartland14


Gallop&Ride(a Wii game)is EXACTLY the same thing, but you just can't compete in competitions, and you CAN rename your character(pick: boy or a girl), but the character's name starts out as Jenny.

Mar 20, 2013
by: di

Does anyone knows if this game will play on a windows8 laptop? Thanks

Feb 24, 2013
by: Mimi

I think that what you are talking about is the part where you need a competition saddle, you found a guy who used to make them, but he won't give you one. The answer is, you need to show him the ring that rose gave to you which belonged to Patricia. Go up to Harry, make sure you can see the little triangle thingy, press "I" on your keyboard, select the ring and click use, and Harry will talk.
I hope I helped,
Mimi = )

Jan 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I had gotten to a part where the girl, Estelle, was in a shop with an old man and I tried everything to get past it but nothing works. Could someone tell me how to get past it? I had been playing the game for years to get past that part, I know... sad. But if anyone knows, PLEASE Id love to know! Thanks!

Jan 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I have this game but can't play it on my computer anymore because of a bad hard drive, but I remember getting stuck at one part where the girl was talking to an older man and I had no idea how to get past it so I just stopped there. Anyone know how to move on from that part? Because I was stuck on it years ago and I'm sure I will be still...

Jan 18, 2012
Pointing out
by: Anonymous

I would like to point out that you cannot choose your horse from 15 breeds or anything about your person. At least I couldn't. You put in your own name, started as Estelle, and started with the one horse already on the farm, and got horses as the game went on, but the only thing you chose about them is the name, there isn't even a specified gender.

Dec 05, 2011
Great, but a little hard
by: Kelly

This is an awesome game, I haven't played it in a while though, so I can't really remember it. But I do remember that it was a little hard at one point when I played it so I got kind of stuck. :/

Aug 02, 2011
by: Kat

This is a great game!

Jun 23, 2011
Saddle up with Pippa Funnell
by: Anonymous

I own this game and have completed it many times. It has really great graphics and a really awesome plot! However after you have completed the game it gets a little boring because you know whats comming, but it takes a while to finish it.

Jun 13, 2011
good game
by: Anonymous

I completed this game and I think it is good. Graphic is good and the game is a little hard. there are some tricks in the game.

Apr 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

well I've never played but sounds good.

Feb 23, 2011
mmm not bad!
by: Anonymous

This game isn't too bad but it's not a favorite :/

Nov 29, 2009
Pippa Funnel
by: Sydney

Now you really make me want to try this game!!

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