Poway, California, USA (Southern California, North County)

by Danielle
(San Diego, California, USA )

Most stables in the area offer trail rides.
But you can trail your horse up to "Blue Sky Nature Reserve" and just ride for a miles and Miles. All over town, up to Lake Poway, and all around it, thoroughout the Blue Sky reserve(which is a really nice shady trail with a nice wide path, good for canter or galloping), up to Lake Romona, and around it, then all over town which adds up to 30-60 miles of trails.

You can ride along the Pomerado trail, which is sort of hard to find, but much more difficult. It's all rocky and big, steep hills. Fun but you gotta watch it or you'll run into catus or off a cliff. You can get to the Rodeo/Show ground from that trail.
WARNING: This is a undeveloped part of Poway, behind a Hospital, there are a lot of COUGARS and WILDCATS that have migrated up here to find food after recent wildfires. There have been sightings, no attacks to date. But BEWARE. There are a lot of big rocks, caverns, and brush for cats to hide it! RATTLESNAKES are also common here. It's facing West, so it gets a lot of sun, and it's quite dry and brushy. Watch where you are going. DO NOT try to pass a snake, as you will more than likely find more or end up on a cliff. Turn around and try another day!
THERE IS NO CELL PHONE SERVICE ALONG THE POMERADO TRAIL. This is a trail best ridden with two or more riders.

You can also take the "Old Stage Coach" trail. That's a good 30+ mile trail. It's got one optional jump, about 18 inches, then one you cannot go around, but it's only about 2ft. My horse that's NEVER jumped before did fine with, first time. It's a wood pole but up to stop Cars and ATVs. It's got a creek you cross(hardly ever much water in it) wide trail, very open for most of it, then the second half has good shade. Does ride along roads.
WARNING: The Old Stage Coach Trail is in an undisturbed part of Poway Valley. It's got a water source, and rarely sees visitors! WILDCATS, COYOTES, AND RATTLESNAKES do live and strive here. Down at the creek is where you need to be most aware. There have been a couple sightings or Cougars there. No attacks to date, but beware. There's not a lot of food, due to recent wildfires.
THERE IS NO CELL PHONE SERVICE ALONG THE LAKE ROMONA TRAIL. (very little, if any, at the top of the dam, but it's closer than runnin back into Blue Sky for service) This is a trail best suited for multiple riders.

(Pomerado's about 20 miles, then about 5-10 miles to PVRA, Blue Sky's about 10miles, Lake Romona is about 30miles, then add Blue sky's, Lake Poway's about 10-20 miles. You can trailer up to Lake Poway directly or go through Blue Sky, which is more fun.)

There is NO water for you horse along the Lake Romona ride, make sure you take water bottles with you! And it's a lot of up hill. So make sure your horse is up to it. It's a good two hours.

Lake Poway has hoses and a horse waterer for use. They are at the very far end of the parking lot. End of the trail. This one has a fairly thin path. At some points 6ft across, whereas some are as little as 3ft. It's got a drop on the side, but it's a fairly easy ride. Beware of the BOATS! There don't have big boats or anything, just paddle boats and small motor boats, but you'll come up over a hill, and you'll be right next to the water(but like 20ft up) and THERE'S A BOAT! My horse did NOT like that, but it was still a good ride.
WARNING: Lake Poway is DIRECTLY NEXT TO A NATURE RESERVE. It's in the middle of undisturbed hills. THERE ARE WILDCATS, COYOTES, RATTLESNAKES, AND BUNNIES. Other animals may be there as well, for the water. There's a lot of open land, so there probably won't bother you, but beware of the Cougars. They have been spotted. They tend to be quite wary of horses, but keep a sharp eye.
LAKE POWAY DOES HAVE CELL PHONE SERVICE IN MOST OF THE TRAIL. It's an okay trail to ride alone. There are a lot of witnesses or people that can help you if you need it.

Blue Sky has one spot with water for horses in it. You have to go along to trail, then take a right turn onto the Lake Poway headed trail and then you'll happen upon a small building(which is a bathroom that is useable), go down the hill, and to the right is a little camp ground. Head towards the middle passed the picnic tables, and there are wood boxes with rocks in them(close to Oak Trees) with water spickets above them. Turn the faucet and let it fill a bit and your horse can drink.
WARNING: Blue Sky is a NATURE HABITAT. There are wildcats and coyotes and rattlesnakes here. There are a lot of walkers with dogs, all day long, so there typically won't bother you(I've never seen a wildcat there, and I ride there ever week, actually, I've never seen any of the above) BUT THE SIGNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON. They live there, you're a visitor, becareful and they'll leave you alone.
BLUE SKY DOES HAVE CELL PHONE SERVICE FOR MOST OF THE TRAIL. This is an okay trail to take by yourself. There are a lot of witnesses or people that can help if you need it.

Lake Hodges between Escondido, Poway and Del Mar, is also a nice trail. It's much longer, as the lake is much bigger. I'd suggest parking somewhere in Poway and hacking over to it. There are special horse crossings for the roads and no designated parking zone for the Lake. This trail is on the thinner side, between 3feet to 6feet. At some it may be thicker. It's a quiter ride than the others, due to the fact that there are almost no walkers or runners. THERE ARE BIG MOTOR BOATS that ride this lake. Water skiers, Wake Boarders, Jet Skiiers. You can ride from the Poway end of this, all the way down to Del Mar, and if you felt like it, could keep heading West and end up at the beach! Or go around it and walk along the Escondido side.
WARNING: This is a rarely disturbed area. It's very open with a small trail, make sure your horse can behave on it and beware of the WILDCATS, COYOTES, AND RATTLESNAKES. Raccoons, too, sometimes.

Come join us! =D It's a lot of fun here, and if you ride around town, you'll meet a lot of riders. Lake Poway and Blue Sky are also high traffic areas for other riders!
Look at my YouTube account( http://www.youtube.com/iceheart09 ) for videos of the trails. C:

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Feb 17, 2009
Sounds Awsome!!
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Wow! I like a chalgen! cool beans

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