Pony Friends 2

by Wai-Yen

Well... This game is excellent!

You get to do lots of things such as brush and give your pony a bath, go on a trail ride, enter a race, go show jumping, go see the vet, go to the pony market, go to pony club (at pony club you can go on quests, learn a trick and get some tips). You can also go to the shop, go to your house, go to the stables and visit the field, pet it, give it some food, check the pony diary and practice your tricks in the field.

There really are lots of things to do!

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Nov 24, 2015
by: No One

This game is the best one ever!

Mar 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

With all those different comments Idk what to think. can I have an answer, good or not?

Dec 27, 2013
by: Summer

I have this game for ds. I was wondering if it is the same on wii? Someone please tell me I really want to know.

Oct 25, 2012
by: Nikala


Aug 05, 2012
by: kizzy

well, i was wondering whether this game is long or short cause i want to get a horse game that isn't too short and i want to know how much it
is? please tell me! thanks!

from: kizzy

Jun 13, 2012
by: Tirion Davies

GREAT GAME!!! this is a great game, everyone in the world must like it so by it now!!! I AM HORSE CRAZY!!! so trust me that game is great!!!

Feb 20, 2012
I love horses
by: chadchad on ggg

I want a horse wii game that i can do grooming, feeding, riding, bathing, and taking care of a virtual horse. This game sounds perfect for that, and I already want this wii game for my b-day!

Feb 10, 2012
Pony friends2
by: Anonymous

This game doesn't have dressage or cross-country riding. I don't think it is very good.

Jan 06, 2012
Where do I buy?
by: Anonymous

I really want it for my birthday.Cause I am so going for horse riding lessons in February. I live in Singapore, so where can I get it?

Jan 01, 2012
i wanna get it
by: Anonymous

sounds awesum cuz i want a horse game where u can explore and stuff like that but probably the best thing is grooooooming. ii wannnnnnna geeeeet itttttttttt!

Dec 31, 2011
Best game EVER!
by: Anonymous

I luv horses so much and i am always looking for all kinds of horse games to play. So many aren't good enough! But then I got a wii this christmas and Pony Friends 2. It is by far the most amazing horse game I have ever played! So if you have some sense you will buy this and see what I'm ranting about! U luv it I promise! lol

Nov 17, 2011
Wild Horses
by: Anonymous

How do you catch a Wild Horses?

Nov 15, 2011
Pony Friends
by: Bethany

This game is brilliant with outstanding and cute graphics.
It has improved since the DS Pony Friends, and it is much more fun and there are more activities to do! You can either purchase one of the ponies already made or make your own.
With that pony you can ride it, enter it in races, care for it and accessorise it. Meet many people down in the town including the vet. You can teach your pony to perform fantastic tricks.

Where will you go for a ride? The forest? Or maybes a gallop down the beach?
While your at it, discover wild horses and befriend them. Take pictures with your camera and store them away to look back at them!
Increase your riding card by taking photos, discovering items and many more.

What will you and your pony discover?

Nov 09, 2011
Pony Friends 2
by: Anonymous

wow! I can't wait to get this, it sounds amazing for me... love love love !!!!

Aug 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Okay so I have a question out of all the wii games what would you say is the best one?

Jul 11, 2011
Where can I play?
by: Anonymous

Can you play this game in South Africa?

Jun 08, 2011
love it!!!
by: Mischa Horse

such a good game! would recommend it to anyone who loves horses as much as i do! would like to know what it is like to play on the wii though as i only have it on the Nintendo. i love how you can see the wild horses! my favorite wild horse is Caspian. i hope he comes to live at my stable!!!

May 18, 2011
Question? were can I buy this game?!
by: Angelica

I have a horse of my own but I also like horse video games and I have a Wii Console so all I need to know is were can I buy this game?!!!
I would really appreciate an answer. thx :)
I love horses! <3

Note from Sydney: You can click on the image on this page and buy it from Amazon...

Mar 27, 2011
by: Kourtney

And guess what... you can even catch wild horses now!

Mar 21, 2011
I Wonder
by: Lillyn

I have never played this game ever and I want to know what it is like. I would love to play it after all the great comments. I think you need to order it online but I can't trust like that so is this game for sale at Walmart or Game Stop or any other game places? I might feel embarrassed after I figure out that you don't buy it online. But anyway I wold LOVE to have this game and call it mine. So if I can bye this game at a game place please answer me before I search the U.S for this game. I am a HUGE horse fan so I am Sure this game is the right game for me!

Mar 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

i was wondering is this game fun? because i have never ever played it and everyone is saying that it is a great game...

Dec 28, 2010
best game ever
by: unsa

this game is amazing, the scenery is so beautiful and it makes me feel like I want to be there right now! It's the best game I've played in my whole life!

Dec 28, 2010
I love this game!
by: unsa

this is like the best game I've ever played

Sep 18, 2010
Loved it!
by: Anna

I love this game!! The scenery is amazing, and it's fun to ride and take care of your horse.

I have one question though. When you're done with the chores, do you have to wait for the next day before you can get new ones?

Aug 04, 2010

I am truly in love with horses.....and i love this game.

May 18, 2010
Money is a Yes
by: Kristen

Yes, you do have to earn and spend money on the game (not real money). At the beginning, you have 200 coins or whatever to buy or customize your dream pony. After that, you can buy tack, accessories, and much more. Earning money you can do by doing quests, chores, or buy earning reqards for who knows what. Hope that answers your question.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm thinking about getting this game but I'm not sure of what to make of it since I have pony friends for my DS lite. The one question that I want to ask is: does it include earning and spending money? But it sounds like a REALLY awesome game.

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